A Filth Filter

“Then the children of Israel who had returned from the captivity ate together with all who had separated themselves from the filth of the nations of the land in order to seek the LORD God of Israel.”  Ezra 6:21

When I lived in “Me Land”, a lot of garbage began piling up.

Thank You, Lord, for making a way for us to be separated from the filth of our sins.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

A Must

source – standardtimespress.org

I must seek You
for You are life

and allow my sins
to be crucified with Christ

separating from the filth
of who I used to be

called into the light
of eternity.


  1. Debbie.

    I love your phrase “Me Land”… I’ve lived there too… wonder if we were heighbors? Anyhow, another great posting reminding us of a much overlooked blessing of God. How often do I forget to thank HIm for removing the filth form my account and the privilege of being able to go to HIm for continual “houskeeping”. What a wonderful bless it is!

    Thank you for your faithfulness…. your blog always reminds me of my blessings and responsibilities before Him. Lord bless you!

  2. Lovely poem Debbie and the photo matches the poem…have a great day today..

  3. Lovely and reassuring.

  4. “…separating from the filth
    of who I used to be…”

    Just when I think my heart is shiny and clean, the Lord opens up another room in my heart which is filled to the ceiling with more encumbrances and sin. My salvation is a done deal, but my sanctification is day to day project.

    Go gal and shine today.

  5. Oh Sis Deb–that’s a graphic picture, eh? I have to echo Larry’s thoughts: sanctification is a daily deal. I’d like to be able to put the vacuum cleaner to my forehead–suck all the dust/lint and crumbs out for good! God bless you today–ride ’em, cowgirls–much love, sis Caddo

  6. Loved this post, Deb. It is so true, we camp right in our own garbage — we all need to set that mind crap free with the help of Jesus!
    God Bless You!

  7. Oh wow, Deb…

    “Me Lamd” … Yep.. I know it well.

    “Thank You, Lord, for making a way for us to be separated from the filth of our sins. ”
    What a picture of deliverance! Thank you. Happy to be separated from the yesterdays.


  8. Pastor Rob, we might’ve been neighbors, but I never knew! I was too focused on ME! haha! Couldn’t see over my own garbage to wave to you. 🙂
    Thanking Him with you for not leaving us there, but making a way out. God bless you as you think on Him today with thankfulness!

  9. God bless you, dear Desiray, and your day with Him!

  10. I’m so glad that it came across that way, poet friend! I need to come read me some real poetry at your site. 🙂 God bless you!

  11. I love, love, love the way you put that, Larry! You are such a blessing to me and my short stuff. Recently, there were words on another blog . .a reader insisting Christians were sinless. THIS addresses that and explains how we can be saved from our sins, but yet continue to be sanctified.
    God bless you as you let Him do His work in you!

  12. Sis Caddo Delight . . I am laughing so hard. (and trying to be quiet at the same time!) Forget vacuuming the house any more . .I’ll be getting a head attachment and seeing what comes out! haha!
    God bless you and your pure heart for Him! Us cowgirls did good today! love you lots!

  13. Lady D, I love your comment too . ..set that mind crap free! Yes and amen! I’m so glad He knows what to do with it! God bless you as you camp out with Him!

  14. God bless you, dear Ann full of grace and song, as He separates you and gives you a heart of compassion for those yet trapped. I’ll be praying for you extra on Tuesdays now!

  15. As Larry said, I’m wondering if your friend might be confusing justification with sanctification?
    Maybe if we order in bulk, we can get a discount on Caddo’s head vac? 😉
    Your FF, who requires a lot of baths,

  16. Thank you, Dearest Deb.
    Greatly appreciated.

  17. Beautiful poems…and beautiful blog! God bless you, Debbie. I’m happy to have met another member of my family in Christ!

  18. That’s a good point, gracious FF, about maybe confusing justification with sanctification . . thank you for shedding more light! 🙂 I am laughing real hard again about ordering in bulk to get a discount on those head vacs! haha! Sis Caddo needs to get a patent on it quick!
    Love you and God bless you friend, all cleaned up in Jesus!

  19. Beautiful poem and praising Him with you that HE seperates us from our filfth!

  20. “Me Land” – a great expression for the “I / Me / My / Mine” of our previous life!

    I think it would an impossibility to express the ‘best’ thing about being A Christian, because one hinges on another. For example, I tend to think the ‘best’ thing must be having the abiding, active presence of the almighty triune God in our moment by moment experience – but then, that wouldn’t be possible had it not been for Christ paying the cost – nor would it be possible unless He was constantly working in me – and on and on: one thing hinging on another.

    However, YOU have hit on the one thing which no one can deny.

    “the filth of who I used to be” is gone!

    “called into the light of eternity” is who I am.

    God *C-H-A-N-G-E-D* me! ! ! (Can I shout it louder?)

    What an amazing God!

  21. So good to meet you too, Lyn and have you here! I’m blessed! God bless you and your writing for Him!

  22. He’s really good at that! God bless you Tom, as you trust Him with everything today!

  23. 😀 😀 I love the smile your comments put on my face! My cheeks hurt! haha! You go ahead and shout it out . . .God changes everything!!! And I can never praise Him enough for the changes He’s made in me. God bless you, mentor Angela , and thank you for reminding us of all He’s done for each of us. love and prayers!

  24. I am so grateful that He is about the work of separating me from my sins. Forgiven and sanctified growing constantly in righteousness! Only by His grace! 🙂

  25. Oh . . .that’s what the filter is made of, His grace! 🙂 God bless you, Pastor J, as He separates you for Himself!

  26. O what a great change, has been wrought in my life! All because of Jesus Christ! He cleaned me up from the inside out, separated me from my sins without a doubt! So glad, so glad! Thank you so much, encouraging Debbie!


  27. God bless you as you sing and praise Him for everything today, our worship leader Paulette! love and hugs and lots of joy!

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