Worshiping Now

“From the first day of the seventh month they began to offer burnt offerings to the LORD.  But the foundation of the temple of the LORD had not yet been laid.”  Ezra 3:6

I love how they didn’t wait to worship.

Oh Lord, may my external circumstances never keep me from worshiping You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

He Will Do

source: raleightrianglerelocation.com

We don’t have to wait
on anything external
a mood, or atmosphere
in order to praise You.

Just let our hearts be humble
and our minds focused
on the foundation for our worship
on Jesus . . . that will do.


  1. Perfect, Sis Deb–just Perfect!!! I so love this–as I just burst into thanksgiving and made-up praise songs, even if I’m hanging damp shirts up on the shower rod. It never occurs to me to get into a reverent position or external place–I just go! Thanking Him for every little miniscule thing that is So BIG to me–Jesus, our Source for Everything!! God bless you gals, as you fly through your work day with Jesus as Pilot!! Love you much, your Caddo sis

  2. I may be unusual, but my ‘best’ prayer times are in silence, when I am alone with my God and we commune together without any distractions. Corporate prayer meetings are vital, but I most value my own personal ‘quiet times’

  3. ‘That will do’ indeed – there is more than enough to worship when we simply focus on Him. What he’s done, what he will do, who he is and always will be…

  4. amen sister Debbie

  5. What a blessing it is to read of Godly men and women who loved to worship and adore the Lord. What a difference from today’s time where we see church membership dropping and churches replacing worship with entertainment.

    Great posting and poem. It was a special blessing to me this morning. Lord bless.

  6. “…Just let our hearts be humble
    and our minds focused
    on the foundation for our worship
    on Jesus . . . that will do…”

    This explains exactly what New Testament worship is supposed to be for us.

    Great poem.

  7. Such a great reminder today that worshipping is not something we do only when we feel like it. It is a choice, an act of will. 🙂

  8. I love how you just go to Him, just worship Him. It’s that beautiful joyful thankful heart of yours . .. a heart of worship. 🙂 Thank you for our prayers . .. I love Him flying us through! God bless you as He takes delight in your praises of Him today! love you!

  9. I really need those times too, Mentor Angela. I think I’m too easily distracted, so need to be alone with Him to hear Him. God bless you and your quiet times with Jesus! He loves you hugely! love and prayers!

  10. That will keep us worshiping forever, right there! 🙂 God bless you as you keep thinking of your Jesus today!

  11. God bless you, dear Desiray, as you worship and pray!

  12. I know someone who led praise and worship for quite some time. The kind of comments and emails people from the congregation would send to the pastor about her and / or the worship team made me soooo sad . .. and kind of sick. I just had no idea that kind of thing went on, that instead of worshiping, people were busy critiquing.
    God bless you as you worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.

  13. I love that, Mr. Larry . . .New Testament worship all about Jesus. God bless you as you stay focused on Him each day. He is your foundation and your strength.

  14. Thank you , Ted, for showing us that! What a great choice we get to make each day, when we worship Him. God bless you and yours!

  15. Oh wow….

    Thank you, Dearest Deb

    “Oh Lord, may my external circumstances never keep me from worshiping You.”
    The prayer of my heart, O Lord.

    Thanks for this lovely prayer and post, Dear Deb. I just left Sister Pat’s blog (http://pttyann.wordpress.com/2012/07/07/) where she spoke of our Father’s ability to deliver on His promises, and now I run into this here… Sometimes when the dreams seem long in becoming reality, the tendency is to give up. Thanks for the reminder to press in and worship, even if not one brick has been laid!!

    Thank you for sharing. I will worship now 🙂


  16. I loved this because they did not wait. I used to have a consistent prayer practice of beginning first thing and recently, I haven’t been as diligent. I miss it and look forward to getting it back.

  17. Your comment is really precious to me, Ann full of grace. Something about pressing in and worshiping even if not one brick has been laid. . .even if I see no evidence of what I am looking for taking place. 🙂 Thank you so much!!! God bless you as you worship Him now and always! You are such a blessing and a help!
    p.s love precious Pat and her post today! 🙂

  18. That’s what I loved too, Tammy! 🙂 I don’t want to wait until things are perfect or planned or prayers are answered. I think I really need to worship now. God bless you as you go to Him!

  19. ‘Lord, just as I am without pomp and circumstance, without pretense, or rehearsed phrases, I come to worship Thee! Wonderful, Encouraging Debbie! Love and prayers!


  20. God bless you, Praising Him Paulette, as you continue to gather us for worship each Wednesday. . .just as we are, wherever we are, we get to come. Love you and am so thankful for you!

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