Inside Israel – Reaching Out, Part 2

Hi and welcome to another look inside Israel!  This is the second part from last weeks letter, where J had been sharing with us how God was healing her herniated disc.  God bless you and thank you for joining us in prayer for Israel and J!  Now, here’s our sis from Jerusalem . . .

As my bus passed through the shuk very early on Wed morning, I glanced out of the window just in time to see a soldier with his gun aimed at a package, beckoning for a second soldier to come over.  I saw the ‘red dot’ aimed into bag.  I have seen it in pictures, but not in ‘real life’ before.  I understand that the ‘red light’ is an ‘ammunition detection device’, although I don’t know how it works…sort of like a ‘sniffer dog in a gun’.  It was just a fleeting moment and my bus moved on.  My first thought (shows how jaded I have become!) was ‘Oh!  I’m thankful that we passed before the road was blocked off.’  Not very spiritual, but it got me thinking, and thankful.  There are virtually no reports of all of the ‘packages’ that have been defused over the past few years, but because we all know both soldiers and leaders, it is common knowledge that there have been A LOT!  Thankfully, our army has become extremely good at interception and prevention!  However, it is still not perfect: A dear friend blessed me with a ride home from work yesterday. ‘I’m afraid that we can’t stop and visit…we are going to the funeral.  It’s in Ashkelon.’  I had heard about it at while at work at 8:30.  First we heard that a terrorist had been killed in a clash on the Gaza border.  A half hour later it was released that an IDF soldier had also been killed in the battle.  A group with guns had been seen cutting through the security barrier fence separating Gaza from Israel and soldiers were dispatched to the area.  It was revealed that the intent of the group was to kidnap an Israeli as a ‘bargaining chip’ for Palestinian prisoners.  ‘We received a sms (text message) from our ___ (their son who is currently stationed there) at around 5:30 this morning saying “I am alright.  Don’t worry”, so we knew that something had happened.  The funeral is called for 1:30 and we want to be there.’  Israelis stand together even in situations that others might consider ‘rude’ to ‘intrude into someone’s privacy’.  This country has something unique (in my opinion and to my experience)…this intense sense of ‘family’…perhaps like His body is meant to be?  It was also exhibited clearly just before Shavuot when a family was driving up North and their brakes failed.  Seven of the eight members of the family were killed instantly…only a seven year old girl was thrown from the car to safety… and she alone was left, orphaned and bereft of siblings.  The country stopped and collectively held their breath…for one moment of silence…before pouring our prayers, and requests ‘We would like to adopt her…’ ‘Our home and hearts are open for her…’ ‘How can we help?’ Indeed, our Prime Minister stopped some high level talks to excuse himself and explain that we were all concerned about a little girl who had just tragically lost her entire family…he would need to be excused.  We were soon informed that her mother’s sister’s family had opened wide their doors.  We saw photos of her surrounded by her ‘new’ sisters and brothers and parents…an equally large family.  We already see photos of her smiling.  We continue to pray.” 
And as I close I want to let you know that our Prime Minister is giving TELEVISED TOURS of Israel and I understand that the first few are EXCELLENT.  I suspect that those of you who are interested in coming to Israel or have been would really benefit from watching these.  Currently this is the information that I have 
Back to resting.  God bless you!  Thank you for your prayers.  Love, a sis in Jerusalem



  1. This is one place I surely want to visit one day…and walk where Our Lord walked….

  2. i really enjoyed reading your blog today. you write so well and it is easy to follow. i have learned many things through your blogs.

  3. Next year Jerusalem.

  4. That would be a wonderful experience, wouldn’t it Desiray! God bless you and yours as you walk with Him this day, right here!

  5. I’m so glad that J’s letters bless you, Angel Terry . .they do me too! I forwarded your kind comment on to her! God bless you!

  6. It will happen . . . 🙂 Thanks for your faithful reading , Larry, and praying! God bless you!

  7. it is so nice to have Christian friends. i am ever thankful to WordPress for meeting you

  8. It’s been a really big blessing and privilege to meet you too, Terry. I don’t know a lot of other care givers doing what you do. Reading about your days helps me! love and prayers!

  9. Thanks for sharing, Bridging-Deb

    Our church plans yearly trips to Israel … I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to go. I hear one is never the same after visiting the Holy Land


  10. Ann, I’ve heard that too, about never being the same after visiting Israel. I sure hope you get to go some year!!! Thank you for being here, for caring and praying the way you do! God bless you, dear one!

  11. Beautiful photograph. Makes me nostalgic.

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