Loyal Hearts

“And he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, but not with a loyal heart.”  2 Chronicles 25:2

I was a people pleaser, with a heart that desperately sought approval, always trying to do the “right” things according to the person I was with.

Thank You, Lord, for changing me into a people person, who can love others because of Your great love, whether I can “do right in their sight”  and please them or not.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Change of Heart

praying teen
source: sewc.org

It’s tricky business
trying to please

all the while
your heart’s deceived

not really meaning
what you say

oh, but for Jesus
He makes a way!



  1. “It’s tricky business
    trying to please”

    If in pleasing others I fail to please God, then I’m not pleased.

    God told me some years ago, “Don’t seek the approval of man.” Those 6 words are among the most liberating I’ve heard. Thank you, Debbie for the encouraging message.


  2. Debbie,

    One of the harder areas for most Christians is coming to an understanding that to be faithful followers of Christ we will, at times, be put in a positiion where we will have to choose to please God over man. As difficult as it may be to put Christ ahead of our loved ones, friends or acquaintances, we can rest asssured knowing that we will be blessed and the Lord is pleased with being put first in our lives. After all, He deserves no less than first place in all our decision making.

    Lord bless you Debbie!

  3. Love this! I too was a people pleaser…so much so I lost who I was!! I did not know who I was until I knew what was expected of me…Wonderful peace and joy knowing I only seek to meet God’s expectations and only fearing Him. Blessings Deb!

  4. I’m still there a lot of the time. Thanks for the words and encouragement

  5. “…I was a people pleaser, with a heart that desperately sought approval…”

    Like all little children, I started out as new-born babe trying to please everyone, especially those who were more mature and in authority over me. Then, like you wrote:

    “…oh, but for Jesus
    He makes a way…”

    Actually, in my case, Jesus came with sticks of dynamite, and blasted me out of my people pleasing ways. It was painful, but quick…and, to be honest, quick is better.

  6. Hi Sis Deb–great word and great simple poem!! It is hard to get rid of the habit of trying to please others! Still struggling, here–but a little progress is better than none! When I take a moment, and listen to what God wants–things definitely go better. God bless you Big today–love and prayers for everyone here, sis Caddo

  7. I still battle those tendencies. I am so glad that the Lord has strengthened you in this area. It encourages me to keep praying…to keep pressing in.


  8. I love what He told you. He knew the path He was leading you on and what it would take. I think you could be our mentor about that! God bless you as you please Him today!

  9. Pastor Rob, it is hard. Of course we love our family and friends and we like to do things that please them! I really liked the way you put it because you show us that it is “at times” . . .and that’s comforting to know that we are not always going to be in that hard spot, but sometimes, yes. God bless you as you keep putting Him first!

  10. Tom, your comment reminded me of that part too . . .of just not knowing who we are or what we want or think after awhile. Scary! Thank you for sharing about only seeking to meet His expectations and only fearing Him! God bless you!

  11. God bless you, Ted, as you seek Him and what boundaries He wants in your life! 🙂 We have to get along with others, right?

  12. Oh . .dynamite does sound painful, but quick! I noticed that He blasted you out of people pleasing . . .not that He blasted people out of your life. 🙂 Larry . . .He gave me Aubrey! haha! I cannot do too much for anyone and still be able to take care of her. That pretty much stopped me. Once, the pastor’s wife called to see if I would help clean their house, like a one time thing . . .and I had just brought Aub home to school. ooops. I said that NO word. haha! But tried to find her someone else!
    God bless you as you seek Him and enjoy the people He puts in your life!

  13. That is so important Sis . . thank you! Just taking a moment to listen to Him, to what would please Him. Often, it works out good for everyone else too! I think without knowing Him as my Savior, I set up others around me as “gods”. Doing good and blessing others is not the same as worshiping them. I think that’s what I had done, worshiping them.
    God bless you Big, and thank you for the love and prayers!
    love you too!

  14. It is a weak spot for me, wonderful woman of the Word, but He is faithful. I think we all have a little bit different experiences with it. I have some people in my life that I could never please and it is not a healthy thing to even try. I had to resort to discovering what pleased Him , and rest in that . .or go crazy!
    God bless you! love and prayers! Hope your summer is going good!

  15. Oh Sis, I did it too–set up little gods, not really knowing; and you’re so right that doing good and blessing others is Not the same as worshiping. Just fun when He blesses us, to pass it on!!

  16. God has been healing me in this area Deb! Thanks for this poem.

  17. He is really good at that . . at everything, come to think of it! 🙂 God bless you, Pastor J, as He delights in you today!

  18. i try too hard to please others, and i don’t know why, if they don’t want to be pleased, there is nothing i can do to change this, i need to work on this

  19. Dear angel Terry . .I think we all do! You just want your loved ones to be happy. We’ll give it all to God together, how about that? I have those that don’t want to be pleased too! A loosing battle!
    love and prayers for that roof to get done!

  20. This reminds me of a line a dear friend of mine quotes often. As long as your vertical relationship (with God) is aligned well you cannot have peaceful horizontal relationships (with people around you). I like people pleaser v/s people person gives you a lot to think about. Thanks fro sharing Deb you got my head thinking deeply! Oh must I add, I am enjoying it over a bowl of fruits 🙂 Thanks and God bless you abundantly with love, joy and utmost peace. hugs!

  21. Trying to please others is indeed a tricky business: pleasing one equals offending another! Most people want to be popular or at least well liked by their peers – especially teens! – and it is difficult to go against the tide. Sadly, many compromise and lose the joy of close fellowship with the Lord.

    On the other hand, of course, when we strive to please God, He undertakes for us in so many ways. We might not exactly be popular with our family and friends, but He will always show us the way to heal any breach without compromise.

    What an amazing God!

  22. Oh Sis – I’m not surprised that we fall on the same end of the spectrum here. The greatest challenge for me has been to not be a people please among believers.
    Sadly, too often, I let their opinions and theology direct my steps, rather than turning to the One Who already finds me fully pleasing.
    Crazy, but sadly true.
    Seeking to please Him, with you.

  23. I love that quote, Ritas! Thank you for sharing and for being here. It’s been good to see you posting again, sweet girl! Enjoy your fruit! God bless you and keep you as you seek Him and His good will each day! love and prayers!

  24. Mentor Angela . . .I just love your comment. So much understanding in it of how He works when we strive to please Him, that it won’t mean that we are always hurting others or making them angry. . .just that we won’t always be able to do what they think we should do. Only He gets to tell us that! It reminds me of seek first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you.
    God bless you and your life that pleases Him and blesses us!

  25. Oh gracious one, I so understand. I think sometimes He has taken me out of people’s lives, because of just this. So I can concentrate on just pleasing Him until I understand the difference between that and pleasing others, between being a people pleaser and a people person. God bless you as you please Him so beautifully each day. You bless me and inspire me!

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