When Families Falter

“So Jehoshabeath, the daughter of King Jehoram, the wife of Jehoiada the priest (for she was the sister of Ahaziah), hid him (Joash) from Athaliah (his grandma)  so that she did not kill him.”  2 Chronicles 22:11

“And he was hidden with them in the house of God for six years, while Athaliah reigned over the land.”  2 Chronicles 22:12

Sis Caddo mentioned that from her Bible reading time, she found  families were dysfunctional even way back when.

Lord, we pray for healing within our families today.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Pieced Together

Under constant pressure                                           
families crack
separating into
precious pieces
that feel broken
until He heals
giving a place
at His table.


  1. No matter how broken, HE can heal. He doesn’t just repair, but makes anew.
    What an amazing God!

  2. Families are under allot of pressure these days because the enemy wants to kill steal and destroy what God has created. And it’s our job to be praying and rebuking him..We can’t just sit around and allow the enemy to do as he pleases…

  3. Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun”. How true that is. The sins that exist today are, basically, the same sins and temptations that existed in the past. Families have been under attack since the beginning with Adam and Eve in the garden.

    It does seem as if the attacks against the family have continually increased as we progress in the last days. We all need to be on guard against the workings of Satan in our families and our personal lives as well.

    Lord bless you Debbie, thank you so much for your postings. They contain great reminders for all of us!

  4. very nice and so true, at least here

  5. Praise God for his great power working in us bringing about changes on the outside! “Hallelujah”! Yes the pot does boil over from pressure from time to time,but God is able to do above and beyond what we ask are hope for.I agree with you in prayer my sweet friend,wonderful poem!
    Love you 😀

  6. “…Lord, we pray for healing within our families today…”

    And Lord we pray for prayer to return to families, especially between the husband and wife.

  7. Oh this is wonderful, Sis Deb–very soothing to me, knowing that I have a welcome place at His Table where there will no longer be strife and hurtfulness. I join with the prayer that families will be healed today–(so interesting that this is the topic, when I was bringing it before the Lord again this weekend–hmmm). God bless you and your family, and all of our families here at “church”–love, sis Caddo

  8. Makes sense – our need for Jesus to heal us is nothing new hey? A timely word as I seek healing for brokenness in my own extended family. Blessings,

  9. Some broken things never get put back together here, but thank God He has already forgiven all there.
    One day, we will be the ‘family’ we were meant to be.
    Prayers for you and your family, sweet friend.

  10. I love that He makes anew! Yay Jesus! God bless you, dear mentor Angela, as He keeps and covers you today! love and prayers!

  11. No we can’t just sit around and say “oh well”. Praying with you against the enemy’s wiles and standing in the gap for our families. God bless you and yours, dear Desiray!

  12. God bless you as you stay and pray and care, sweet angel Terry!

  13. Love you, precious Pat! I smiled at “the pot boiling over from pressure” . ..oh for sure! so thankful that we have a God who can deal with it all, even when we feel broken and like we’re in the pressure cooker. God bless you as He delights in you and your love for Him and others today!

  14. Great insight and prayer, Larry Who! Praying that one with you. Prayer humbles us. I always need humbled. God bless you and your dear family!

  15. I love your heart so much , Sis Caddo . . .and that you know you are welcome at His table where there is no strife or pain. No matter what happens at our family tables. God bless you as He heals all that needs healed in your life, with love! Love and prayers and thanksgiving for you!

  16. Just can’t get away from our need for Jesus! I, too, am praying for healing for my own family and for extended family. God bless you and your deep abiding faith in what God can do!

  17. Thank you, gracious one, for sharing that . ..so we know that it’s okay when we are separated, but still precious, pieces. 🙂 He will gather us and make us all whole again. God bless you and your sweet family, as you love and nurture them today . . .from right where you are. love and prayers for a great night!

  18. This post is so full of Heavenly wisdom! Thank you for sharing it!

  19. A timely prayer! Families are falling apart quicker the further we push God from our country! We need Godly rehabilitation!
    God Bless You!

  20. Thank you for being here and blessing us! love and prayers, wonderful woman of the Word! 🙂

  21. Oh I love that . . .Godly rehabilitation. I’m in! God bless you, Lady D, and your precious family!

  22. So true . . . I hate seeing it happen! God bless you, Pastor Rob, as you strengthen us with His word and truth. That always always helps!!! (sorry, I found you in the spam! how rude! 🙂 )

  23. […] encouragement, families, grace, healing, poetry, prayer. The URI to … … Link: When Families Falter « Deb's Blog ← On Bended Knee | Catholic Lane Service Ranger 2.1 (1 Cd) Download Now | Real Essays […]

  24. Unbelievable…. Meeting in the clouds found me in her spam as well!!! I hope it doesnt continue to do this or I’ll have to complain. Thanks for letting me know!

  25. Wonderful to know He has a place for our families at the table. Thanks Deb

  26. Thank you Nail It To the Cross and God bless you and yours today!

  27. I love that too, Tom. He has a big table and peace enough for us all! God bless you and your family today!

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