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Hi and welcome to another look inside Israel! Today’s post is from a little while back , when J got an urgent call to join her grandson for Grandparent’s Sporting Day. I hope you enjoy and can pray for Israel and J. She is currently suffering from a herniated disc and needs our prayers!  God bless you! And now here’s J . . .

I received a stressed text message on my cell phone from our older daughter at 8:45 on Sunday morning “Ema (mama)!  Do you think that you could go to Noach’s school for Grandparent sport day…now?  It’s from 9:-11” This was hardly a subject for a text message, so I dialed her number. ‘Honey? OF COURSE I’ll go. What’s going on?’ I asked? After all… the school that he goes to is in the hills outside of Jerusalem…no 10 minute jog!  It serves many of the moshavim and kibbutzim in (the areas of the tribes of) Binyamin and Judea region.  Buses move from moshav to moshav, picking the children up in the morning and carrying them along the picturesque, narrow, winding road to the school, tucked away in an even more picturesque valley.  “Ein Harim” (spring in the mountains) school is made up of many old, small buildings (reminiscent of the earlier kibbutz barrack style building), each containing one or several classrooms or meeting places.  The school used to be just an agricultural school and is known and admired as  having been one of the best with roots all the way back to before the founding of the modern state of Israel.  My daughter explained that she had planned to go to participate with him, but her ride fell through and she was stuck on the moshav with the next bus leaving at 11:15. 
I jumped into the first cab that I found and barked ‘Beit Sefer Ein Harim, bavakashah’ (Ein Harim school please), the driver looked puzzled.  ‘It is after Ein Kerem’ (vineyard springs – the village that is the birth place of John Baptist) I told him.  He hemmed and hawed.  I jumped out and found another cab.  ‘Beit Sefer Ein Harim?’ I asked again…this time a bit concerned.  After the warm, friendly older driver asked me a few questions about where it was and who goes there, he said ‘Ah ha!  You mean the AGRICULTURAL school!’ Whew!  ‘Yes.  I told him, my ‘My Grandson is having a Grandparent sport day and I must get there!’ His face was FULL of understanding; grinning from ear to ear he began to explain some history to me while asking questions. ‘We run when it’s our Grandchildren…and we NEVER tell them how tired we are!’ he laughed.  ‘First of all, don’t ask for Ein Harim School.  No one will know what you mean.  Ask for Ein Carmit School (the old name meaning spring in the vineyard) or (c)hlichoot school – agricultural school and everyone will know where you mean.’ I committed that both to memory AND to paper.  I began to relax as we passed through Ein Kerem into the peaceful hills, listening to the information that he was sharing with me.  We were there sooner then I had expected and, passing through the guarded gate, I was very pleasantly surprised to be  charged only 40 shekels – expecting to pay at least 100!  I think he gave me a BIG break!
I quickly found the gym and Noach spotted me immediately!  ‘Saftalai (my Grandma)!  Where is Mama?’ he was worried.  My happy smile was met with discontent (our Grandson has some difficulties and one is that he does NOT take changes well!) ‘Mama is FINE but could not get a ride so I came, and ANYWAY…It’s GRANDPARENT’S day…’ mid word correction; ‘it is NOT!  It’s P-A-R-E-N-T-S day!’  I looked around.  I was DEFINITELY younger then the Grandmother in the wheel chair over there and…well… younger LOOKING anyway then maybe 2/3rds of the other beginning-to-creak-like-me  participants.  All of THEIR Grandkids looked happy… L  An old Israeli song started up and we were told to grab each other and follow the instructions…square dance style.  Now this was a CHALLENGE to my Hebrew, which is pretty fluent when it comes to medical offices, shuk-and-train street stuff, and kehila (fellowship) but I DIDN’T know the word for ‘swing your partner…patty-cake (or whatever it is in Hebrew) etc.  ‘Noach!  Tell me what to do!’ I asked.  ‘You better sit down, Saftalai… you might break!’ Was that a challenge or what?  Now…for those of you who don’t know me personally…I am neither ‘sports minded’ nor AT ALL competition oriented, but this was my ‘red line’!  ‘I will NOT sit down!  We will do JUST what the others are doing!’ and I grabbed his arm and swung him around, closely watching the others and already becoming aware of pain in my muscles as I swung him the wrong way.  Soon we formed a large circle and the dance became the traditional Israeli hora.  I was LOVING every minute of it!  Noach remained contrary.  As we moved on to other games (not quite ‘sport’!) I realized that these were the games played in Israel 60 years ago (many of which were also a big part of my life growing up in America, like jacks and jump rope).  The music was also from the beginning of the modern state of Israel and my contemporaries were singing along with great joy.  I deeply enjoyed watching them while humming to the music.  We made our own lite weight ball with tassels hanging down and threw them high into the air, mimicking fire works.  We moved from one game to another: darts, horse shoe toss, bowling and the like.  I sat on the floor AND got up…down and up.  I couldn’t let all of the other Grandparents out do me (were they thinking the same thing?)  I felt as if I were being allowed a rare window to step through … as if I were being allowed to participate with the roots of the re-born nation.  I recalled photographs that I had even seen as a child of the kibbutzim full of children, many of whom were orphans, either orphaned by World War 2 or from terror attacks here.  They lived in buildings similar to the school building that I was in…they wore identical shorts and shirts and funny pointed hats…and they worked and fought and prayed for the birthing of the nation that we are now part of…that nation born in a day… AND they played!  Yes, I am a ‘newcomer’ compared to them, but my roots and theirs are intertwined by the mysterious and wonderful Hand of God!  I prayed for the revelation of Yeshua to come to these, my people…AND to my seed…my precious Grandchildren, my Grandson, still disappointed that I wasn’t Mama… all partakers of a Great and Precious Promise yet to be fully displayed. 
It was over too soon and I walked a half mile out to the public bus stop on the country road.  I waited with a lovely young mother whose parents weren’t able to participate.  She rode into Jerusalem with me to visit with her own Grandmother and I thought of the blessing of their 4 generations inhabiting the hills of Judea (Judah) just as the prophets said. 
SURELY GOD IS GOOD TO US!  How amazing that no matter who or where we are we all have His Precious Promises for our life… our root and our seeds…within His purposes, and being His body, we are fitly joined together for those Purposes…AS we trust and obey …each of us a small piece!  I am overwhelmed with His Goodness… and THAT (His Goodness) in the midst of pain and suffering makes His path GLORIOUS! 
May each of us walk our part of that path faithfully today, seeing and acknowledging Him…  ALL for His glory!  MUCH love to you!  Your sis
ani b’derek
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  1. “Bow to your corner, bow to your own.
    Three hands up and ’round you go,
    Break it up with a dosey-doe.
    Chicken in the bread pan kickin’ out dough,
    Skip to ma Lou my darling.”

    I’m quite hip to square dancing, not. Good post.

  2. I got to laughing at J’s, “I will NOT sit down!” haha! Hey, you sound more hip than me! I remember having to do it in P.E., but don’t remember how I did it. God bless you, Larry, as you dance on through your day!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Deb-who-bridges

    Praying about that herniated disc. Have not experienced it, but I’ve seen a grown woman cry from the pain of it all…

    This post reminded me of the importance of being prepared. :- ) I couldn’t do square dancing if they paid me to. Good on J for stepping in and taking the lead. Noach will have many memories.

    This struck a cord with me: “How amazing that no matter who or where we are we all have His Precious Promises for our life… our root and our seeds…within His purposes, and being His body, we are fitly joined together for those Purposes…”
    Reminded me of Princess Rea’s post … May His purposes be fulfilled in our lives.


  4. Ann full of grace . . It does remind me of Princess Rea’s post! Thank you for making that connection! You are a bridger too! 🙂 God bless you and thank you for your prayers! So glad we don’t have to square dance now. God takes our hops and jumps for joy as dancing to Him! 🙂

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