“Should You Help The Wicked?”

“And Jehu the son of Hanini the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, ‘Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the LORD?’ ”  2 Chronicles 19:2

Jehoshaphat allied himself with Ahab, a God hater.

Lord, please give us discernment about those who truly hate You and those who are hurting and have lost their way.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


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In this world of tolerance
and political correctness

help us to seek You
for who You are

to love You more
than our causes

to glorify Your name
above all.



  1. ….In this world of tolerance
    and political correctness….

    When that becomes the message of one in the pulpit, there stands a God hater. When that message is embraced by one in the pew, there sits a God hater. Lots to pray for. Thanks again, Debbie.


  2. Thank you, Dearest Deb

    “Lord, please give us discernment about those who truly hate You and those who are hurting and have lost their way.”

    Not for me to decide.

    Not my will, but Yours be done O Lord…


  3. Debbie,

    When I read your posting these verses came to mind….

    1Cor 15:33-34 (KJV)
    33) Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.
    34) Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak [this] to your shame.

    You are so right… who we associate ourselves with will make lasting changes in our lives.

    Lord bless you!

  4. Love this Deb! Seeking Him for who He is…praying with you as we seek to acknowledge and praise Him!

  5. Great question…we are to love everyone and hate what God hates..helping them is witnessing to them because they need Jesus just as much as we do…

  6. Ann I love this song I have it on my ipod..thanks for placing this song because it says it all

  7. Writings such as this make me realize just how much further I have to go before I can really call myself a Christian.

  8. Deb, Your prayer for discernment is one I have no doubt pleases God. Peace, Linda

  9. “…to love You more
    than our causes…”

    On the one hand, we are to be passionate and bold for our causes and ministries, but on the other hand, we are to hold them lightly and be willing to lay them down at the Lord’s feet at any time. Most of us struggle with this (hello, Larry), but yet, this is the way of the cross, working in our lives.

  10. Lord, please give us discernment about those who truly hate You and those who are hurting and have lost their way….
    Yours is a prayer of a humble heart…I love it!

    God makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on both the good and the evil… He is no respecter of persons.
    We are in the world but not of it… do good unto all men, but ‘especially’ to the household of faith.

    Be not like the evil doer
    Be Love

  11. beautiful Ann !
    Also, your words, not for me to choose… Your will, not mine, Lord…

  12. Hi Sis Deb (sorry I’m so late to church)–there’s a lot in this one. I was most moved by the preface, the prayer for discernment, as that is what I deeply want. And I also want to steadfastly seek Him, glorify His name–rather than fixate on things I think are about Who He is, or the things I want to do, believing they are in His Name and for Him. I’m glad God knows my heart–because I now realize that it is sometimes quite deceptive, and that’s a confession I couldn’t have made prior to the last year and a quarter.

    I’m praying your day is abundantly blessed with God’s love and grace (sorry I was so consumed with tech crisis that I forgot today is Thursday!)–love you so much, dearest sister! sis Caddo Delight

  13. Holy-Spirit directed discernment…YES!

    We are supposed to do good to all, even while separating ourselves from ungodliness. It is a humanly impossible task, due to our limited perspective; and I’m reasonably certain I’ve fallen short many times.

    Yet, through Christ, we are assured that a believer can do the impossible!

    help us to seek You
    for who You are

    to love You more
    than our causes

    to glorify Your name
    above all.


  14. Thank you, Roger, for sharing this message with us. You are so right . . I need to pray without ceasing! God bless you as you love Him above all else today!

  15. I so loved the song and your comment, Ann full of Jesus grace. It’s how you got your name, words like this. God bless you as you give yourself away to Him . love and prayers!

  16. I really appreciated the verses, Pastor Rob . . .really good ones. And good for us to think about who we associate with and how we associate with them. God bless you and yours as you make choices for Him and His glory!

  17. God bless you, Tom, as you seek Him. Thank you for sharing your story on the cycle guy’s blog . . .praising Him all the more!

  18. Oh Desiray . .”helping them is witnessing to them”. I love that! That is a sure way to help anyone. God bless you as you continue to reach out and help all that will receive Him.

  19. Tammy, please remember this is just me doing some seeking and praying and posting about that. Nothing more. I’m in the Old Testament. I love it, but some chapters are more challenging to find ways to encourage from them. I’m thinking I kind of missed the mark here, as far as that! God bless you as He speaks to you what your heart needs to hear each day!

  20. Thank you Linda, for encouraging me to keep praying and seeking Him and asking for discernment! God bless you and yours . . it’s almost the weekend!

  21. I love your “hello Larry” comments. 🙂 Reading this . . .well, I don’t know how to do it. And I guess that’s the point, one of the many reasons we need Him. God bless you as He shows you what to be bold about today!

  22. Your comment was like one of your poems, sweet faith filled fisher lady! “Be Love” . . .loved that! And praying to be love too! God bless you as you do good today, to others . . all He sends you to!
    love and prayers!

  23. Sis Caddo Delight, what a wise and thoughtful comment. 🙂 You helped me realize that is where I get tripped up at, when I fixate on things that I think . . .instead of on Him and Who His Word says He is. Thank you for helping me see that! And thank you for your prayers! God bless you as you rejoice in Him and His goodness tonight!

  24. So thankful and rejoicing with you that we don’t have to do this on our own! We get His Holy Spirit help! God bless you, dear Heather, as you minister to others today, in Jesus name!

  25. Dearest Deb –
    I use a lot of quotes but I rarely quote scripture to make my point for fear of taking a portion out of context or misinterpreting it.
    I love the way you share scripture and reflect on a passage through your poetry, which is altogether different.

    However, tonight as I read through the comments here, I wonder if the Christian community isn’t in much greater danger of being too insular rather than too secular.
    It seems to me that we are called time and again to love for Him.
    I don’t think there’s anything PC about grace – but I do think it’s very JC.

    Proverbs 25:21 If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.

    Luke 6:27,28 But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

  26. Beautiful comment , gracious one . ..as always! 🙂 Thank you for adding here and balancing and gracing. Can there ever be too much grace? I think not!
    I can get nervous about what I do . . .just kind of winging it . ..if I think of it too much. Praying that He will show me if this isn’t a good idea!
    I think there is a difference between loving our enemies / doing good to those who hate us and siding with them . . . aligning ourselves with them. A difference between showing grace and showing approval.. Does that make sense? If someone hates God, we can still act in loving kind ways to them, but can we want to help
    them hate God?
    Rob Barkman ( up above ) had a really good post recently, about the 3 ways we respond to Jesus, either in faith, or curious, or mocking. The mocking would be like hating God and Rob shared that the best way to help someone like that would be with consistent holy living. I really was blessed by that!
    God bless you, sweet Debbie, as you work and think of Him tonight!
    love and prayers and hugs ( to keep away the bugs!)

  27. No friend, of course I don’t think we should help someone hate God.
    I do think we need to trod very carefully when thinking we know another’s heart or motive – as Ann said in her prayer and reflection.
    I’ve read so many “Christian” posts lately (not here,of course) that have been so chastising and almost hateful. I think I’m just having an allergic reaction! 😀
    Sorry if I overstepped. Not very grace-full of me.

  28. No overstepping on your ever graceful part! 🙂 You have a wonderful heart that is really careful about not judging. I love that. I was afraid that I didn’t handle this tough scripture very well. 😦 I loved Ann’s comment too. 🙂 love you!

  29. >> “love those who hate the LORD”
    Lord, help me to love, with Your love, those who hate You!

    While the choice of our close friends is among the most important choices we make (much more so for young people) and should be ones who will encourage and help us in our Christian walk and witness, we also have to show love to the unlovely and to the God-haters. The ONLY answer to the misery of these people is to know the Lord Jesus, and He chooses to make Himself known through His own children.

    YES! we need discernment. YES! we need to know His will and be fully prepared. YES! we need to be dependent on HIS direction and HIS strength, not our own. YES! we need to do ALL in His name and for HIS glory.

    When we His children show forth His light and love, HE will be axalted and will draw others to Himself.

    What a challenge!
    What a privilege!
    What an amazing God!

  30. I love your love of others, that is His love, mentor Angela. Yes, a challenge and a privilege and He seems to love those kind of things because they shout out His glory and faithfulness. God bless you as you keep doing all that He lays on your heart, in love! love and prayers and thank you for being here!

  31. The beauty of our Lord’s love is even he was spoken by many as one who hung with prostitutes, thieves, and murderers, people who were considered evil Do we not remember the woman about to be stoned and CHrist told her accusers that “Let those without sin, cast the first stone”. Or when questioned about whom he was around, He replied i have not come to heal the healthy but the sick, meaning those who chase after worldly things, those who we look down upon because we consider them sinners. The lord found many “Pearls” among sinners, Paul a murderer, Matthew a tax collector, Even among the Pharisees and sadducees there were some who turned to follow Christ and stop lifting up themselves. We know not a man or womans heart and we cannot judge, without first carefully looking into the mirror at ourselves. If we are to be lights to the world of darkness, you have to first go to the darkness to touch and deliver them with the living word of life! The theif on he cross at his ending moments found salvation with His last conversation for our Lord during His crucifixtion! We know not the mind of God, but we know that he does not want even those who do not follow to die. For there is a time and choice that will be made for each indiviudal, but we do not know the time and or place where God enters their life and saves them. The first shall be last and the last shall be first, for we will be surprised during those last times who will be save and who will not be. I remember in my old neighborhood that there was a drug dealer who did terrible things to some who he associated himself with. But he could never pass a hungry person, and helped the poor, he brought clothers for children in the neighborhood and even sponsored different sports teams, when elders did not have cash to pay medical bills he paid them. His heart went two ways, but in the end, Who knows what the master would say to Him, for he did many things for others! We look at outward appearances to make our judgments, and He looks at the heart! Would David, a murder and fornicator, who God said was a man after his own heart had survived the jugdment that we the created would have brought his way. We are imperfect tools only made pefect when the flesh is no more! For He sees our secrets in our hearts, racial animosity, snubbing the poor and homeless, do you think God looks at them and says they should have done better with their chances. We must strive not to become modern day pharisees and sadducees, the same who fear that they would lose their high places in the world. They chose money instead of the living Lord! So be careful in what you do and say, and how you view both the world and spiritual things. For the lord said all sins and that the person who says he doesn’t is a liar!


    You were born into this world for me
    And for all who live that would believe
    You appeared among all your creation
    So from our sin you might set us free

    Never have you ever charged a penny
    For the living words which you would speak
    Even though you appeared in the flesh like us
    You never coveted wealth or sinful greed

    Your hands reached out to all you met
    As many hearts in this world you sought to lead
    You never tried to profit from the poor and widows
    But freely much in their hearts you would leave

    You never chose to have much materially
    Though everything In this world is yours
    But humbly you came and lived among us
    Enriching us with the grace you kept in store

    Many always claim in you they believe
    But from others they seek to take away
    They want to be another’s lord and master
    Leaving many destroyed spirits along the way

    I only want to be Christ like in my dealings
    For in my life there will never be another way
    I want them to see what its like to live humbly
    With your true spirit teaching them every day

    Remember me my LORD, each day as I rise
    While by your sweet spirit I am truly led
    Permit me to always be humble like you
    And never please forsake me my daily bread.

    For my time is very fleet in this world’s life
    And before by your grace I am called away
    I want to help bring your light into this world
    So many might find life humbly following your way

    Have a blessed day, and at its end reflect on all you do with the lord to see if there is anything that you need to work on and change before the beginning of the new day! Remember two men went to the temple to pray, the first looked at the other thanking the Lord He was not like him, and the second said unto the Lord forgive me my many sins! Which went away with his prayers acknowedged by God!

  32. Thank you, dear Wendell, for such a thoughtful comment and beautiful poem! Your comment is better than my post! 🙂 God bless you and your humble heart for Jesus, that loves greatly with much grace. Thank you for stopping by and adding to this in such a great way!

  33. I believe Jesus died on the cross for”the world” and that God wants everyone in heaven. I believe all people can be redeemed. I think declaring someone “wicked” is beyond my authority. I am quite busy removing the sin from my own heart and actions.

    On the Path to Jericho

    Then on the path to Jericho,
    I’m plagued by uncertainty,

    “Is the man wearing a top coat
    my neighbor?” A girl nudges me,

    startles me with gentleness. We dance.
    And the way she tells the story:

    No one dances alone. “Include
    is a verb,” she explains.

    “Am I wearing the clothing of a liar?”
    I ask. Thankfully, she does not answer.

    first published in In the Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief, limited edition, FootHills Publishing, (June 2005), In the Arms of Words: Poems For Disaster Relief, Sherman Asher Publishing (October 2005) and later in Seriously Dangerous and Mansion of Memory.

    Try ignoring the title and replacing “my neighbor” (in line 2 ) with “truly wicked.” Temptations come from: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Are we really in the boxes we put one another in every day?

  34. Thank you for your thoughts and poem, dear Helen. Your heart for others is a testimony of His grace and love. God bless you as you stay out of boxes and help us stay out of them as well!

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