Yes Men

“Then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, four hundred men, and said to them, “Shall we go to war against Ramoth Gilead, or shall I refrain?’  And they said, ‘Go up, for God will deliver it into the king’s hand.'”  2 Chronicles 18:5

It might seem nice to have everyone agree with us.

Lord, we pray for genuine loving-kind supportive people in our lives, who aren’t afraid to tell us when we’re wrong.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Soft Ears

Though a thousand say ‘yes’
but You say ‘no’

may I take heed
and not go

so my ears stay soft
when the truth is hard

not seeking tickles
but to know Your heart.

elephant ear
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  1. Ooooh, Sis Deb–this is one for pondering. Excellent word, delivered so perfectly simple and nice! Praying to listen well to HIS Heart. God bless you, dear one! love, sis Caddo

  2. I really like this one!

  3. Great stuff. Can relate to the ‘seeking tickles’ thing. Knowing His heart is so much more important, as you say. It’s not easy to follow His will sometimes, but so much more rewarding than going our own human way.

  4. Lord, please give me a discerning spirit, an ear to hear what thus saith the Lord. Because I am one of Your sheep, please help me to know your voice, and the stranger never follow! Wonderful message, Encouraging Debbie! God bless you today!


  5. Bullseye! May we all pray this prayer for ourselves and actually mean it.

  6. Your poem should always be the prayer of our heart. I am thinking about these words:

    “Lord, we pray for genuine loving-kind supportive people in our lives, who aren’t afraid to tell us when we’re wrong.”

    That is a rare thing. It seems like people are either quick to criticize, but are not loving and kind,or they will be loving and kind but reluctant to criticize, even when criticism is needed.

    Then when it comes to receiving criticism it just goes against our nature…we hate it…even when it is warranted.

    It’s all about the heart, isn’t it? I am thankful that the Lord shows us the condition of our hearts and mends them if we ask Him to do that.


  7. Yes, it is one for pondering. I write stuff and then still have to ponder it! 🙂 God bless you as you listen to HIM each day. love you!

  8. God bless you, Bird, as you have to deal with a lot of people who aren’t worried about disagreeing with you!!! haha! You, dear one, may need just a few more yes men in your life!

  9. Ali . . .I kind of like the soft stuff, the feel good stuff. But that isn’t what I always need to hear. Not if I want to grow closer to Him . ..and I do! God bless you and your heart for His heart!

  10. From your lips to God’s ear!!

  11. Dear praising Paulette . . .praying with you to hear what He has to say. I love the comfort you bring to us, that we know His voice . .we are His. God bless you as you listen for Him today! Loved the worship time today! Thank you!

  12. I know I like to have people to agree with me. It’s no fun for someone to rain on our parade all the time! But if I’m way off base, I do pray that I will be open to hearing that I am, so I can get back on track. God bless you as you pray today!

  13. What a beautiful comment, wonderful woman of the Word! I have to say that I am one that finds it hard to tell someone I think they are wrong! And ya . .it’s no fun to hear I’m wrong either . .. although because I am so often, I have gotten kind of used to hearing it. haha! Once I even wrote on the calendar .. “I was right today” . A rare thing around here. 🙂
    God bless you, and your heart that just wants what He wants, and He always wants to mend us and love us.
    love and prayers!

  14. Lovely poem Debbie…embracing the Lord in His answers. Regardless of the ‘tickles’ of this world. Your expressions of God’s heart are always a blessing.

    May I always see the love in every answer that He gives me.

  15. Can’t add anything to that one, Deb.
    You’ve nailed it!
    Praise the Lord for YOUR listening ear as He directs your thoughts.

  16. Amen! Staying tuned into to God’s truth can be a tricky at times! Great Post, Deb.
    God Bless You!

  17. What a beautiful prayer, Tahlitha . . to always see the love in His answers! 🙂 God bless you as you embrace Him today!

  18. God bless you, mentor Angela and thank you for your always praise of Jesus and encouragement for us! You are a blessing! love and prayers!

  19. Praying to stay close to Him , so I recognize His voice more and more each day! God bless you Lady D, and all you hear (and see) from Him today!

  20. The most valued friends that I have are those who will speak the truth to me in a spirit of love and desire to improve me and the ministry. Lord bless you.

  21. Those are special friends, Pastor Rob. We do need to hear the truth . . even if it’s that we’re wrong or mistaken. God bless you and your ministry!

  22. Yes, so true it is also difficult to say ‘no’ when everyone arounds says or wants to say ‘yes’ – still praying and seeking for strength in these areas.

    Thanks Deb

  23. I’m praying with you, sweet vessel of His! God bless you and yours and all the yeses you say to Him! love and prayers!

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