High Places

“But the high places were not removed from Israel.  Nevertheless the heart of Asa was loyal all his days.”  2 Chronicles 15:17

Asa commanded Judah to seek the Lord (2 Chronicles 14:4) but he didn’t have control over all Israel.

Lord, we ask You to help us tear down any high places in our lives and trust You to help others with theirs.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Lifting Jesus                                        

At the end of our days
we won’t be judged
according to what others
said and did and such
but for what was in our hearts
how we lived our lives
keeping Jesus exalted
and lifted high.


  1. love it, just love it

  2. Jesus we lift you higher …
    Always a good admonition and from a heart of gratitude always an easy thing. He is so worthy!
    Asa was a name we chose should we have another son!
    thanks for posting this piece of truth…may He truly break down all our high places that do not exalt Him.

  3. “…But the high places were not removed from Israel…”

    There was one common characteristic in the few kings who removed the high places from Israel. This characteristic is still needed by us believers to do great things for Him today. The characteristic? Humility.

  4. Wonderful article.. Blessings.. Bro pat.

  5. Your photo makes me smile… very clever! ; )

    How wonderful and calming that those words are true. Smiling again…

  6. Great reminder to keep praying for a logging truck and forget about speckled eye! 😀

  7. I like what Larry Who said – humility. Those “high places” are sometimes hard to get rid of, but I’m trying! 🙂

  8. I will work to tear down my high places. Thanks Deb.

  9. Exalting the Lord Jesus, lifting Him higher, is our reason for living.

    Being largely a literal thinker, I once wondered how we could possibly lift Jesus higher, since He is the ultimate highest. In a sense, we CANNOT lift Him higher, but we certainly can and should lift Him higher in the way He is seen by others.

    People who see me should see Christ in a better light – what a challenge!
    People who listen to me should see Christ in a better light – what a challenge!

    Everything I say and do, every attitude I show, should ‘lift Jesus higher’ in the minds of those who observe me. That is my occupation as a Christian. I am an ambassador for Christ. I am His representative on earth. I am to exalt Him.

    What a challenge!
    What an amazing, empowering God!

  10. God bless you, Angel Terry! love and prayers!

  11. It is easy when our hearts are right toward Him! Thanks for showing us that, faith filled fisherlady! 🙂 How cool that you almost had an Asa . . .maybe a grandson with that name someday? 🙂 God bless you as you exalt Him today! So thankful for you!

  12. Thank you, Larry, for sharing about that humility factor. That gives me something more to think about and pray about. . .Your comments are good at that! 🙂
    God bless you as you keep grounded with Jesus!

  13. Thank you for reading and blessing, Bro Pat! God bless you and yours as you keep Him lifted high!

  14. thank you my friend

  15. I need photography lessons! haha! But, will just keep using whatever is around me in the mean time. 🙂 I love thinking about you smiling! God bless you, beloved one of His, and your heart that is true to Him. love and hugs!

  16. God bless you, gracious FF, and those prayers! Keeping my own high places torn down is enough work for me . . .and maybe it counts for exercise! love and prayers!

  17. Larry’s comment got to me too, Ben! Always the humility / pride thing, eh? God bless you as He gives you grace for the tearing down times!

  18. God bless you, dear Tammy! I’m praying we get some help with it all. 🙂

  19. I love how you think, mentor Angela . ..how can we lift Him higher than He already is? 🙂 As you have me thinking of that challenge, that He is lifted higher in the minds of those who observe me, by my words and actions and attitudes . .. oh am I ever challenged. But, that is a good thing! Because He is an amazing empowering God, and will help me! God bless you as you exalt your Lord today! Praying that your hubby is doing okay . . and you too!!!!

  20. Thank you, Dearest Deb

    “Lord, we ask You to help us tear down any high places in our lives and trust You to help others with theirs.”
    Yes, Lord. I so pray.

    “So, let Your name be lifted higher
    Be lifted higher
    Be lifted higher
    So, let Your name be lifted higher
    Be lifted higher
    Be lifted higher”


  21. Ann full of grace and song . . .thank you for blessing us tonight. I am listening and crying with this one. God bless you as you exalt Him and lift Him higher, always. Love you and am so blessed by you.

  22. I loved your line that said “we lived our lives keeping Jesus exalted
    and lifted high.” That perfectly expresses the desire for my life, as I’m sure it is for yours as well. What a blessing it would be to go home and be with our Lord knowing we had done all to bring honor and glory to Him.
    Your posting was a real blessing to me this morning!

  23. May Jesus be my all and only! Thanks Deb

  24. Thanks Deb. Yes, Myles is ‘doing OK’. The medication is holding but he still has a lot of trouble. Last night he had a ‘drop out’ just from the exertion of drying himself after a shower – but we know how to cope with it and after a while it was OK again.
    Thanks for your prayers.

  25. Angela . thank you for sharing about some of what life is like now. It will help me pray for you and Myles. You are such blessings . . treasures. I would want something different for you both .. something easier to handle. But to know that God is with you and how huge that is, I will thank Him today instead of whine about what you have to deal with. 🙂

  26. Pastor Rob, there was a time when I wasn’t ready, just didn’t feel like I was honoring Him enough. Each day gives us more opportunities and more peace about knowing Him and serving Him. Thank you for encouraging me! God bless you as you do all you can to glorify Jesus!

  27. Amen, Pastor J! God bless you as you lift Him today!

  28. We are, all of us Christians, the hands and face of Jesus on this earth. With the Holy Spirit helping (and sometimes prodding) us as we are filled with love, may we continue to show love to every person we meet, without prejudice. May we continue to pray for all to honor God’s wishes for us to live in peace. Thanks, Debbie, I really loved this work today. Love, Amy

  29. yay, I found another of your comments! 🙂 I really appreciate your love and ability to reach out to everyone, Amy. You have a special calling and gift from Him. God bless you as you live in peace and love! love you too!

  30. Thanks again Deb. His medication was changed again yesterday. Really things are not too bad. Our lifestyle has changed somewhat but that is OK. God is good – in fact, He is amazing!

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