When He Gives Rest

“Therefore he said to Judah, ‘Let us build these cities and make walls around them, and towers, gates and bars while the land is yet before us, because we have sought the LORD our God; we have sought Him and He has given us rest on every side.’  So they built and prospered.”  2 Chronicles 14:7

God’s rest meant Asa could build and prosper.

Lord, help me understand what You want me to do in the rest You give today. And here’s a simple poem . . .

A Seeking Rest                                                 

We may not all get
a physical vacation

we many not all be able
to have down time today

but we can relax
in what we’re doing

finding rest in seeking
Him always.


  1. I may be off track here, but what I saw was the word Him in italics–and my heart heard that I should seek Him, rather than be seeking “rest”–which I think I’ve had a tendency to do, previously. So, instead of praying “Lord, I need a break!”, I need to pray, “Lord, I need More of You”. Thank you, Sis Deb, for bringing us His Word–and lovely simple poems to rest our hearts. God bless you so much–love, sis Caddo

  2. I have to admit that there have been times when I ‘just haven’t felt like’ working on a project in the Lord’s work – but thanks to our amazing God, He gave me no rest until I sat down and tackled it.

    And guess what? The JOY of being used – of having the omnipotent, creator God actually work in and through me – was phenomenal! He gives rest. He gives joy – in abundance.

    What an amazing God!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Deb

    “Lord, help me understand what You want me to do in the rest You give today.”
    Amen, Lord. I’m listening.

    (Sometimes rest comes at a time when we least expect it … It’s good to recognize the moments when He wants us to go in another direction.)

    God bless you much,

  4. Sister Debbie I am learning more now than ever over the last several years when we don’t learn to rest in God life itself will make us rest…Great poem,

  5. “…finding rest in seeking
    Him always…”

    If God has put you on a shelf for a season (like hello, Larry), then one thing you had better learn: how to rest in Him. If you don’t, you will drive everyone around you batty (like hello, Larry). I speak as an expert of eighteen years (and still counting) on this.

    Learn how to rest in Him.

  6. this is a beautiful poem, and i took it personally for myself. i may not get time for myself but i can do what i need to with peace and smiles knowing i m pleasing god

  7. Dear Deb –
    Lovely poem!
    And, by the way, I think physical rest is underrated. It’s much harder to hear when we’re always doing.
    As we rest in Him, He takes care of the rest! 😀
    Your FF,

  8. Thanks Deb! His rest is true rest.

  9. Thank you, Encouraging Debbie. May I find “rest in seeking Him always.” Love and prayers!


  10. hi debbie i made the image for you below..you deserve it..


  11. Oh Sis Caddo Delight, I think that is exactly on track! We know that we need the physical rest . . .but even more , we need Him. There are always those times when “rest” is scarce, but He can give us a rest even in those times! God bless you and your lovely heart! love and prayers for you a great weekend!

  12. I loved this mentor Angela! Times when God gives no rest until we do what He is asking us to do. 😀 God bless you and all that He gives you in abundance!

  13. God bless you too, Ann full of Jesus grace and song, as He gives you rest and understanding about it today!

  14. Rest does seem to be one of the things we learn about the more we go on with Him. Life itself is not so restful . .. we need Jesus and His rest to keep us going! God bless you, dear Desiray!

  15. Oh Larry . . .I am smiling and listening at all the “like hello, Larry”‘s. I’m trying to learn . .. and not drive too many people batty while I do! God bless you and all that He has you doing while you rest in Him!

  16. Angel Terry . .. I thought of you too. As a caregiver myself, I know that “rest” has to look different for us. So I’m looking to Him for how to do this! I love your peace and smiles! God bless you as He smiles over you today!

  17. Love this, gracious FF! I tend to want to be a constant do-er. He has to sit on me sometimes so I will stay still enough long enough to listen. I love thinking about resting in Him while He takes care of the rest. Praying you can somehow get caught up on sleep! God bless you and the rest He gives you! love and prayers!

  18. God bless you, Tom, as you rest in Him!

  19. Praising Paulette . ..I am thinking you know something about this, and find ways to rest in Him, even while dealing with the pain. And that takes a special knowing, a special relationship with Jesus. God bless you and give you all you need as you seek Him today! love you and praying for you a good weekend!

  20. Thank you, Betty! That is so kind of you! I am away from home this weekend, taking care of someone else’s cute animals. 🙂 Hope to get more caught up when I get done! God bless you and keep you today!

  21. thank you Debbie. i am still praying that i will find rest for me and now i will also pray that you find it also

  22. Amen! Must seek and rest constantly! Great Post, Deb!
    God Bless You!

  23. I love your picture – am always a little jealous of my cats lazing in the sun. Was reflecting on this verse and was struck that God’s rest gave them a season of great fruitfulness. I know personally, when I am not striving, but simply resting in Him, that it is then that I accomplish things of value – problem is it is all to easy to get stuck striving 🙂

    Pray that you will know His rest in all that you do love and ‘muchly’ blessings xx

  24. God bless you as you seek and rest, Lady D! It sounds tiring, but it’s not! 🙂

  25. I love you “muchly” and your blessings and prayers too! I think you need to copyright that word. 🙂
    What you said made so much sense to me, about the striving . .. and when I don’t there is that fruitfulness that just comes out of being with Him. I want more of that! Thank you for helping me see things more clearly. You are so good at that.
    God bless as you rest in Him!

  26. My favorite time of day is praying before bedtime. Clearing my mind (after easing the day’s stressors on my body with yoga) by communing with the Spirit is the most refreshing, peaceful time.

    I always tell people who are spiritually frustrated because they can’t “find God” to sit in the quiet, relax their minds, think on God, and… let God catch up to them. In the “busyness” of the World, we don’t create time and opportunities enough to rest in the arms of God…. Amy

  27. It does seem foreign for us in general to “sit still”! It reminds me of a book I read once and gave as a gift to a neighbor. The author compared training her dog to her own walk with God. Those sit and stays take some work! God bless you as you rest in His arms!

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