“When He Humbled Himself”

“When he humbled himself, the wrath of the LORD turned from him, so as not to destroy him completely; and things also went well in Judah.” 2 Chronicles 12:12

At the beginning  of the chapter, Rehoboam had established his kingdom, strengthened himself . . .and turned away from God.

Lord, please help me to stay humble when things are going good.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

As I Go                                                    

Humble, humble
as I go
let my thoughts, my words
my heart be slow
to rise above
where they should be
resting only in
Your humility.


  1. if the king was humble, the kingdom might not split.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Dearest Deb

    Humility is not always the first thing on my mind when “things are going good….”

    Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Christ example of humility that was set for us to follow is one of His greatest acts of love for us. What a wonderful thought that we now can respond to His love and humility by seeking to live a humble life as well. Lord bless!

  4. Humility.

    So necessary, yet so difficult to maintain when life is “easy”.

    Even when things get hard, sometimes the first response is “why me?”, as though I deserve better!!

    Really appreciate your prayer/poem, Debbie!

  5. “…Lord, please help me to stay humble…”

    This is a prayer the Lord loves to answer, but when we pray it, we better hold on to our seats because everything will be shaken in our lives. Until finally, like King Nebuchadnezzar, we understand that our God reigns, and we don’t.

  6. Oh Sis Deb, this is a wonderful “simple poem prayer”–yes, I eagerly and joyfully pray it to God, Who says that if we humble ourselves to Him, He will lift us up–not for our own glory, but for the privilege of shining His light and love. God bless you Big today, and always. love, sis Caddo

  7. When things are going good I think I’m Queen of the Universe. Let’s face it… everyone likes success. But when I look deeper and see my pride up close and shameful, it feels good to give God back His glory. It’s tough being human… Thanks for making me think (and be humble) today!

  8. I got to ask how have you been? I know we share on blogs but the other day you came on my mind and I am not sure as to why but The Lord had you on my mind…And so I am checking to see how you are doing sis…

  9. You’re right Z! He didn’t take a very humble approach right off the bat! God bless you and good to see you and get your input here!

  10. Ann full of grace and song . .. I realized that too, all of a sudden. I might be thankful, praising Him . .. but it’s a time when pride can sneak in too. God bless you during the good times and the rougher spots!

  11. I appreciate your comments so much, Pastor Rob! You have me thinking about how much a humble life blesses Him. . .and that we don’t always have to do “great things” . God bless you as you seek His humility today!

  12. Oh Heather . .that is true! Sometimes I can still not be very humble, even during the humbling times! So glad He is patient and keeps giving me opportunities to be humble and to learn it as a first response . . .a lifestyle. God bless you and great to have you here! Praying you and your family are wrapped in His love today!

  13. Larry, you remind me of what I so often do . .. pray those kind of prayers He loves without always understanding what it’s going to mean, how He will answer them. Maybe that’s a good thing though, so I go ahead and pray. The church I used to go to was doing a “radical” series. I inserted my own topic . . radical humility. God didn’t wait long at all to get some practical applications started. haha! Thank you for bringing this all back to me! I needed it!
    God bless you as He reigns in your life and your glad He does!

  14. Love you Sis Caddo Delight, and thank you for sharing about when we humble ourselves, He will lift us up! And that’s a beautiful thing! Not like when we lift our own selves up. And that we get that privilege of shining for Him when we stay humble . .so true! Okay, I’m going to use Larry’s line . ..great comment .. .take the rest of the day off! God bless you big today too! love and hugs!

  15. Linda, I just love your honesty and truthfulness and so does He! You described me . .. I get to feeling pretty darn good, like maybe I’m actually doing something right for a change, got things figured out. Then oops, my pride starts showing. So glad we can run to Him with it and give Him the glory. He always knows what to do with it! God bless you as you stay humble and beautiful before Him! love and prayers!

  16. Dear Desiray . ..you are so sweet and full of Him. Love you. I am doing fine. My daughter did have a seizure on Monday and I wonder if that is why He put me on your mind. God is so good and she didn’t get hurt during it and has recovered after it much better than usual! yay Jesus! And thank you for listening and responding to Him the way you do! God bless you as you go each day, in His name, with His word, to those who are in need of Him.

  17. God has chosen to do great things through His children. Since Christ returned to heaven, we are His hands, His feet, His mouth, His love, His light . . . we are His ambassadors and the only picture of Christ seen by the world.

    Now, that thought causes us some pride. Imagine being chosen to be the ambassador for Christ! However, that pride doesn’t hold up. We VERY quickly realise that this task is hopeless – in our own strength. It is no glory to us that HE does the work using our bodies as His instruments.

    Left to myself, I would be the worst ambassador imaginable! They would see nothing of Christ in me! Thankfully, we see those wonderful words again . . . “But God . . .” It is ALL HIS work. It is ALL His glory.

    I have NO reason to show other than the deepest humility. I am not at all worthy, but HE chose to use me.

    What an amazing God!

  18. “Whenever Thou humbleth me…Thou maketh me great…”

  19. Thank you for showing us how humility is our reasonable response considering all He is and all He does for us and through us! God bless you, mentor Angela, as you honor Him with a humble life today! love and prayers!

  20. That is really beautiful, cloudborne! Thank you and God bless you as you stay humble before Him! So grateful for your comment and for you reading this!

  21. Humbling ourselves before God is our physical act of praise of Him on High! Blessings in your humbleness!

  22. I love that Tom . .. that humility is worship of God. God bless you as you worship and praise Him today!

  23. This is so beautiful, Deb.

    let my thoughts, my words
    my heart be slow
    to rise above
    where they should be
    resting only in
    Your humility.

    That is my prayer, too.
    Thank you sweet friend.

    I was reading the sermons of Johannes Tauler and came across this quote I’m thinking of using for TMG. It seems to fit here. 😀

    “Because in the school of the Spirit man learns wisdom through humility, knowledge by forgetting, how to speak by silence, how to live by dying.” ~ Johannes Tauler

    much love to you and many Thursday prayers, already said,

  24. He that will exalt himself, shall be abased. But he that will humble himself shall be exalted. Sometimes a very difficult lesson to learn and retain, and it has to be learned again and again. Thank you, Encouraging Debbie! Love and prayers for you and yours.

    Paulette 🙂

  25. I love the quotes you find, gracious one! That one is packed full and covers so many bases. Wow! I am praying for you too and so thankful for your precious prayers that see us through, time and time again. So blessed by you! God bless you, Debbie, as you continue on your humble journey of grace with Him!
    love you!

  26. Praising Paulette . . I am really thankful for how you said it has to be learned again and again. And thankful that He keeps giving us lessons! God bless you , sweet one of His, and the humility and worship you show in your life that’s His! love and prayers for a good night of rest and peace!

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