Of Counselors and Companions

“Ahithophel was the king’s counselor, and Hushai the Archite was the king’s companion.”  1 Chronicles 27:32

So thankful for all of our counselors and companions!

Lord, we praise You and thank You for being our most Wonderful Counselor and Companion, who never leaves us nor forsakes us.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Through Human Lips

We have the Holy Spirit
Jesus inside of us

still He understands
our needs and weakness

and gives counselors and companions
that we might hear from mere lips

His desires and love for us
conveyed through humanness.


Photo credit: Cousin Brenda ❤

Picture of Julie Sellner, Aubrey’s counselor at Mended Hearts and Apache, a horse companion!


  1. Thankful for those counselors He provides!

  2. that is a wonderful poem! thank you for sharing

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for your continued support. My poem Everything came from listening to a Third Day track called Love Song and it just went from there. Hope you are well and God Bless, Mike.

  4. It is a miracle how the Lord our Great counselor can use fallen sinful human counselors to be such a blessing to us in times of need. Again, thank you for a great thought! Lord bless.

  5. Me too, Tom! What a blessing! God bless you and encourage you today!

  6. Terry, thank you for being here in the middle of all you’re going through. May your ever loving and constant Companion Jesus, carry you through your day! You are a precious witness of His! God bless you.

  7. Great to “see” you here Mike, and to learn more about that poem I loved so much! Can’t go wrong listening and being inspired by Third Day. 😀 God bless you, friend, and send you just the right companions for your journey with Him!

  8. It is a miracle and something I’m thankful for. Recently I had some questions and concerns and there they were, guiding me to Him and keeping me on track! 🙂 God bless you as He sends just what you need in each season and day!

  9. “…and gives counselors and companions
    that we might hear from mere lips…”

    Even though John 16:13 backs up these words, the idea that the Holy Spirit could communicate God’s words and thoughts through a person to mankind still divides Christianity in America today.

    Great poem.

  10. Thanks, Debbie for your counsel! 🙂

  11. I, too, am SO thankful for those He brings into our lives to offer companionship and counsel–such a blessing when we need “a word” or feel alone. Great “simple poem”, as always Sis–from Him to you, to us! And I love, love, love the beautiful picture of Julie! God bless you and everyone you touch today–much love, sis Caddo

  12. That was Awesome Deb!. Huge fan of MH after I read up on everything they do, what a mission. Glad they are there to bless you and Aub! God Bless-Jim

  13. Thank you, Larry for giving us the insights that you do, that keep us aware of what to be thankful for and what to pray for. God bless you as he uses you to speak to us!

  14. God bless you, Ted, and all the people you help and counsel today! We need you!

  15. I am thankful with you, Sis Caddo Delight and am so blessed that you are one of those companions He picked for me! 🙂 God bless you as He counsels you and accompanies you today! love and prayers!

  16. Julie is a wonder woman. And all the animals are just special like her! It’s a real blessing that He has given us! Thanks for being here for us too, Jim. God bless you!

  17. May we always be willing to be used by Him and to receive messages from Him – to be counsellors and to receive His counsel.
    We serve an amazing God!

  18. Oh Amen to that, sweet mentor Angela! Praying not to let pride stand in my way of receiving something from Him through whoever He chooses! God bless you as you serve as counselor and companion to many!

  19. and gives counselors and companions
    that we might hear from mere lips (isn’t that just something!)

    This is lovely.
    It does my heart good to see Julie and Apache and know how much they both minister to Aub!
    I tried to Google Mended Hearts, but there were so many. Could you tell me which one this is?
    love to you and Aub,

  20. Love you, gracious one . . .not only a gate keeper but also a counselor for many years! 🙂 Here’s the one that will take you to their site! http://www.mended-hearts.org
    At least, I hope that’s it!
    God bless you as you let Him use you to bless others each day!

  21. So thankful for the companions and counsellors He has sent me along the road! Loved the picture!

  22. Thanks, Debbie! Jesus is a Wonderful Counselor, indeed!


  23. I’m thankful for them all too, Pastor J! He is so good to us! Glad you liked the picture! It doesn’t show in this picture, but Apache has one blue eye and one brown one. 🙂

  24. He’s the absolute best! 🙂 God bless you, dear praising Paulette, as you go to Him each day, trusting His love and desires for you! love and prayers!

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