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Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel today, as J of Jerusalem shares what she sees and experiences there as a believer in Yeshua.  This is from a while back, April 18th.  Thank you and God bless you as you pray for Israel and for J and her family!  Now, here’s J . . .

The soulful, sorrowful refrains of the songs resound from each apartment television or radio, and they also waft to my ears on the unusually strong wind, as we live so near to Yad V’Shem, where the ceremony is taking place at this moment.  Once again…the ‘Yizkor’ (to Remember) ceremony…and the entire country participates.  How does one remember 6 million?  Looking into the faces of those Holocaust survivors who yet remain, it is easy to see that everyone must help them carry the memory: it is too heavy for them to bear alone.  Six brave, very elderly people, come forward one by one.  Some are accompanied by a Grandchild, or a soldier…one walks alone…slowly they come forward and are handed a torch – their shaking hands guided toward the pillar to be lit with an eternal flame.  As one sits, another rises and another ‘story’ is told…how this one was 4 when they were taken to Bergen Belsin…left alone as his entire family was killed…his story…he lights a torch and the next story of horror is told.  Six torches representing 6 million. 
Yom h’Shoar, (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is always an intensely emotional day, ushering in a week that yearly has defied my ability to describe it (as it is followed in 6 days by Memorial day for soldiers and victims of terror and then immediately by our Independence day).  I was thinking about how to write this letter as I traveled home from work this afternoon.  My bus turned at the walls to the Old City and I rang the bell to get off.  Moving quickly to catch my train which stops about a block away, I approached the back entrance to our ‘City Hall Plaza’ and I suddenly heard a song that has moved me exceedingly.  It is from the prayer ‘Shma Yisroel’ (HEAR, ISRAEL). My heart jumped and I speeded up, realizing that a live performance was taking place just then.  I came into view of a rehearsal for a memorial service to be held tomorrow morning and I bowed my head and prayed and wept as the song was sung.  I stood there alone watching in the big square in the center of Jerusalem and wondered again at the significance of it all…’Why, Lord? Why me?  Why am I allowed to witness such things?’  Please take a moment and listen to it?  The English translation is printed along with it: 
 But this day has arrested all of us with several added…dare I say… ‘signposts’?  The day was particularly hot.  Spring is like that here…One day hot and the next one cold.  Today began with a sha’arav (a heat wave coming off of the desert- incredibly dry, full of sand and a wind that seems to suck out the moisture).  This one caused the death of a young soldier in training in the south of the country.  Later in the day the wind picked up dramatically as the temperature began to drop (from 32celsius –about 90 farenheit. – to 16 celsius – about 62 farenheit.) There were preparations under way on Mt. Herzl for the Independence Day events to take place next week.  The wind buckled a structure killing one young soldier and severely injuring several others.  Everyone was stunned and shaken.  The day continues…and the sun goes down…and the mantle of grief falls again…the memorial day begins (as all Jewish ‘holidays’) at sundown. 
Ok…this is what I’m thinking:  Is this how the coming of The Lord will be?  A ‘regular’ day…a day then disrupted with too many intense events…too much begins to happen and I begin to wonder; ‘will they postpone the memorial day events?…Will they say ‘Let’s put it off until tomorrow’?  But they can’t…It continues…And I find myself wondering ‘how can I be ready to focus on the memorial’ and ‘what will that day be like when The Lord comes’.  Will it be a ‘busy day’?  A day full of turbulent events?  Will He find me ‘disrupted’ and unsettled…or will I be found of Him at peace?  Waiting and watching?  Surely the day won’t stop and allow me to compose myself…I must be prepared minute by minute.
So, as I go to bed now, I think of the Holocaust survivors, weak, aging, exhausted with carrying such a burden…and tomorrow the country joins together to carry the burden with them, to lift it a bit as one man…to bring comfort…and to do that – NOT with the luxury of having intensity stop for a moment – but to do that ‘in the midst’ of the turbulent world events. And I ask that my focus be fully on Him as I am required to go about daily events, both usual and unusual…and with confidence I can thank Him that He is well able and willing to set my feet in a balanced place though the earth trembles, because, even so Lord, You WILL glorify Your Great Name!
And now…if any of you can understand ANY of this, it is truly a miracle!  I send much love, your sis in Jerusalem 
ani b’derek
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  1. Israel may be a small nation, but the eyes of the world seem to be focused on it. Bible prophecy proclaims this truth for the last days.

  2. Thank you for sharing Deb

    As I contemplated the contents of the note and the implications, this song came to mind. Thought I’d share it instead of my rambling 🙂


  3. God bless you, Larry, as you keep your eyes and heart attuned to Him.

  4. Love you, Ann full of grace and song! And I love the song . . and also when you “ramble”. 🙂 Sending you off to Jerusalem!

  5. Today my husband told me that Israel is the geographical center of the world, so small yet so significant.

  6. I know what you mean. God bless you, sweet vessel of His, and how He leads you to pray for Israel. 🙂 Thank you for being here!

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