Our Fields

“But they themselves in the midst of that field, defended it, and killed the Philistines.  And the Lord saved them by a great deliverance.”  1 Chronicles 11:14

Each of us has a field.

Lord, we desire to stand in Your promises when attacked.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


Standing in this field
defended by Your Word

claiming all the promises
that we’ve ever heard

and we’re not going to leave
when the enemy says so

but only when we hear You say
that it’s time to go.



  1. Really, really good word, Sis Deb! God bless you this night and day–love, sis Caddo

  2. God bless you, Sis Caddo Delight as you stand in your field. Love and prayers for a great deliverance!

  3. that is so true we do have our lands…and we can win them no matter how big those giants maybe..again I want to thank you for your comments in the last two days

  4. “Awwwww”!! This is good Debbie,yes we shall stand!

    We’re not going to leave
    when the enemy says so

    but only when we hear You say
    that it’s time to go.

    Waiting and listening to our Father is what we’re about,I love this poem!
    Love you 😀

  5. Thanks Deb! All confidence, courage and assurance is from Him that we are in the field He desires and He will help us defend it and prosper it!! Blessings!

  6. Thinking of you out at the park, Desiray, in your field! God bless you as you stand and stay for Jesus! I love your can do spirit!

  7. So thankful for you, precious Pat! Loving how you stay put with Jesus and don’t give an inch, no ma’am! When I wrote this a little while back, the enemy was trying to flush me out of my field, the one of the few little jobs I can still do. Then God gave me this and I knew what was going on and I’m not leaving! haha!
    God bless you as you stand up with Jesus today! love and prayers!

  8. Amen to that, Tom! God bless you as you keep on keeping on with Jesus!

  9. “…Standing in this field
    defended by Your Word…”

    Like the three mighty men who stayed with David when they fought a whole army of Philistines, I don’t believe we can be defeated in spiritual battles with His Word arming us. Our defeats happen when we leave the battlefields too soon or never even step onto the battlefields in the first place.

    Great poem.

  10. Oh this is wonderful, wonderful, Larry! 🙂 Great point and help in understanding what is going on. You get to go have some grape nuts with peanut m&m’s tossed in. 😉
    God bless you as you stay in your field!

  11. “and we’re not going to leave
    when the enemy says so

    but only when we hear You say
    that it’s time to go.”

    So very true, Deb! Too often the enemy that is telling me to leave is ‘self’. That old saying about being my own worst enemy oftern rings true.

  12. Oh so true, Ted! I can be my own worse enemy too! I can convince myself of all kinds of things. So thankful that He speaks to us and assures us of where we belong.
    God bless you, Ted, as you stay today.
    p.s. I received the beautiful photo today . ..it will be an upcoming wedding shower gift! Thanks for what you do!

  13. Debbie, you are so very welcome. And thank YOU! Is it OK?

  14. Yes it is! I’m going to go frame shopping! 🙂

  15. Very well put.
    When God gives us a specific ‘field’ we should ‘stand’ and not be moved, no matter what happens.
    Sometimes, the Lord moves us to another ‘field’ and when He does, we shouldn’t question, but go and stand wherever He puts us.
    *HE* can move us – but no one else and nothing else (self included) should be allowed to interfere with His plans.

    See what I mean Deb? YOU put in a few words what it takes me ages to say, and you put it so plainly that my verbose offering is unnecessary.

    We serve an amazing God!

  16. I’m reminded of David with Goliath, Debbie. He picked up those stones (the creations of God!) and he ran towards Goliath … no second guessing, no will I or won’t I, no bowing to the loudlest voice in the group, no wimping out … nothing but victory. God’s looking for this kind of man & woman, the rest are useless to Him.

    Bless you


  17. Ah thank you Debbie but believe me before I had this can do spirit I was using for myself and now that I a child of God I use it for His work. Amazing how when the Lord gets a hold of a person’s heart they change.

  18. Oh I need your offering! We need to hear Mentor Angela clarify and define and state it in that wonderful way that your amazing God gave you to do! I have a “few words” field . .. you have a bigger one! 🙂 God bless you and where He has you standing today! love and prayers!

  19. Wow Roger, I love your comments too! You help me dig in and crouch down some in my field, getting ready for anything that gets thrown at me. Thank you and God bless you as you don’t second guess where He has you at today!

  20. What a blessing to be able to STAND on His promises! Truly there is no “surer” foundation! May you rest upon Him, always!!


  21. Thank you for your precious comments and prayers! I am blessed as you stand in His strength each day! love and prayers!

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