“These were the sons of Israel;  Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Joseph, Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad and Asher.”  2:1-2

Israel’s sons weren’t perfect but they were a continuance of his legacy and heritage.

Lord, we thank You for the next generation and pray for Your power, blessings and wisdom upon them. And here’s a simple poem . . .


There is a mighty
new generation

rising up
to take our place

please bless them, Lord
with all they need now

to carry on
in Your great name.



  1. how about adding this to the end?

    as for us, please give us strength to soldier on.

  2. So wonderful to have you back Deb! I have so missed stopping by at the end of my day. Love this entry – I really believe God wants us to think beyond our own lifetime and see generationally. He said in the last days it would be men and women, young and old. We are so much better together, and our lives are so much bigger than our own life span. Throughout scripture He often worked across generations. Always my prayer that I will give my kids a great platform to launch from and I am so grateful for the foundations generations before have laide for me. Hope you had a wonderful break xx

  3. Thank you, Deb

    Welcome back 🙂

    “Lord, we thank You for the next generation and pray for Your power, blessings and wisdom upon them.”

    “May all who come behind us find us faithful”


  4. Debbie,

    Passing the truth down to the future generations cannot be overestimated. One of the saddest things I see taking place today is a departure from the truth and service of the Lord by parents. As the parents no longer seem to be dedicated to the Lord, how can we expect children to see the need to serve Him as well?

    Thanks for a very important reminder of the importance of the generations yet to come.

    God bless.

  5. welcome back Deb how was your trip?

  6. A-men Deb as I look at my children I pray that the power God has given me would be doubled in them!

  7. a powerful prayer… thank you Debbie

  8. Oh how we need His strength to soldier on, Z! A great ending! God bless you as you pass on your faith!

  9. I could not help but think of generations as I started out in 1 Chronicles. 🙂 Sometimes it can shake me knowing that our lives are bigger than our own life span .. .and knowing the influence and affect that we can have on our children and others around us, be it good or bad. I want to pass on the good of Jesus!
    God bless you and your young ones, and the foundation you are faithfully laying for them to soar from. And thank you for the welcome back. I almost forgot how to blog. . . 🙂

  10. Oh what a perfect song, sweet Ann full of grace! Thank you! And God bless you this week as you live your life in such a way that others around you are left with Jesus.

  11. Rob . ..what a heart stirring comment. If we aren’t seen serving, how can we expect the next generation to serve? That really got to me. Especially when the world tells them (us) that they have the right to BE served, not TO serve. Thank you so much for adding to this and to my prayers! God bless you as you serve Him today, in faithfulness and truth.

  12. God bless you and thank you for the welcome back, dear Desiray! The time away was a learning experience. 🙂 There is always something to learn, if I’m willing to! haha! And I love your new gravatar picture . . .how beautiful you are!!!

  13. Oooo . . .I like that prayer, Pastor J! Going for that too now. God bless you and give you and yours double the blessings of His power and love today!

  14. So good to see you, dear faith filled fisher lady who passes on her love of Jesus with each chance she gets. 🙂 God bless you and all you do for others . . for Him!

  15. Thank you so much for this post. I forget to think in those terms. I have this tendency to see them merely as my babies,even though they are grown. 🙂


  16. “…There is a mighty
    new generation

    rising up
    to take our place…”

    As weak as my generation of Boomers has been, I pray the new generation arrives early on the scene and has a double anointing to make up for our lack.

  17. I do that too, sweet Theresa . I think it’s a momma thing. 🙂 God bless you as your babies grow and become all that He desires them to be! love and prayers!

  18. Larry, what a wonderful thing to say and pray, for the next generation. 🙂 I will keep praying for us too, yet . . .for the umph to finish the race well! You always inspire me and give me hope! God bless you!

  19. As we age, we see all the new technology and we marvel at the ingenuity, wondering at the possibilities of the future. We think it can’t go much further, but we know it will. It is mushrooming.

    As we age, we also see the lowering of morals, ethics and standards and we despair for the coming generations. We think it can’t get much worse, but we know it will UNLESS there is a spiritual awakening.

    This is why I believe the greatest ministry of the Church today should be directed towards our children and our youth. We need to train up a generation with a Biblical Worldview.

    We need to pray for our children. We have an amazing God who WANTS to reach the next generation and chooses to work through the prayers of His people. May we be faithful.

  20. Your heart for the children and the importance of that is so wonderful to hear. And it is fuel for our prayers. God bless you, Mentor Angela, as you pray and reach out to the next generation.

  21. Deb, part of my work in children’s ministry was to phone pastors to talk about a children’s ministry program. It was heartbreaking to hear so many pastors say “Oh we’re not interested in children (the word ‘children’ spoken with a sound of distaste) We are only interested in getting adults to Church”
    How it must have grieved the heart of the Saviour!

  22. Oh Angela . .. that is sad. I can feel how that grieves Him too.

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