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Hi and welcome to another special guest post this special week, from J of Jerusalem.  Praying for you all as we celebrate Jesus, who was and is and is to come.  Now, here’s J . . .

Shalom oo bracha…peace and blessing! 
Tomorrow is the day that the Passover lamb was, and is, sacrificed for the sins and ‘safe covering’ of a people.  As you know well, the blood applied to the doorpost saved the people who stayed in the house.  It is also observed this year as the day that The Pascal Lamb was sacrificed, His Blood shed for the sins and ‘safe covering’ of all who will come and abide.  What a time to take notice…to STOP…in the midst!
In Exodus 12 God commanded that the lamb, carefully chosen, be taken into the home of those he was to be sacrificed by, 4 days before the sacrifice.  I have thought about this a great deal.  It seems to me (with my western thinking) that perhaps the purpose of this was to ‘count the cost’…that during that time the family would grow attached to the lamb and feel sad for the cost of sin, but I do know that this is a western way of thinking. 
I posed that question to a (…hum…how do I explain this…It is acceptable in Judism for people (men) to commit themselves to study of torah (or other religous writings and teachings) and that is usually called a yeshuva student, although they may be 80 years old.  So I posed my question to a yeshuva student and asked him what the rabbis taught about the 4 days that the lamb was taken in the home before the sacrifice.  He didn’t know and began to speculate about ‘the number 4’ (!) I brought him back to the heart of the issue several times, until he was interested and began to focus a bit.  
The subject stayed in my thoughts and I am praying that it will stay in his as well, and perhaps even spread to conversation among the others.  May many ‘think on the cost of sin and freedom through The Blood of and seek The Sacrifice … The Pure Lamb Who paid the price for all of our wickeness and departing, and still leads the way through the sea away from the enemy…still able to drown all of the enemies barking at our heels, ready to engulf us and bring us again into slavery of sin!  
Tomorrow night we will be gathering at the home of friends, other Jewish (and some non Jewish) believers, around the Passover table, and we will read the ancient texts, eat the traditional foods, break the matzo together and sing the traditional songs in the midst of Jerusalem, in the midst of the people who were given the covenant of Avraham, which I read this morning as I read Gen 17 as part of my morning devotions…the covenant given as an “eternal covenant” (brit olam) – How BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL and PERFECT are His plans for all of those whom He chose, and who chose HIM back!  How ABLE He is to fulfill ALL of His plans and purposes! How above our ways are His ways and how … HOW…how… can we offer Him the worship that He is due!
May we stand in awe…may we bow as a body before the humble majesty of His glory! 
(this was written at work just now, so please forgive if it is disjointed…I was just overwhelmed with a desire to wish you all His blessing from Jerusalem)
ani b’derek
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  1. Thanks, Deb

    You are such a wonderful bridge 🙂

    Please convey our thanks to J. This is a thought-provoking piece… : “How BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL and PERFECT are His plans for all of those whom He chose, and who chose HIM back! How ABLE He is to fulfill ALL of His plans and purposes! How above our ways are His ways and how … HOW…how… can we offer Him the worship that He is due!”
    In light of all we know, can we ever offer Him the worship that is due? May He be pleased with our praise.

    I stand in awe of the Mighty God!


  2. Thank you so so much Ann for being here and reading and praying like you do. And praising Him always! You bless me so much and J too! You encourage her to keep writing. God bless you as you worship today. He loves you and so do I!

  3. Shalom oo bracha…peace and blessing! to you too!

    The Pure Passover Lamb… I have had nine little goatlings, still considered lambs until they are a year old… all born between Palm Sunday and Easter Monday 4Am
    To see them without blemish … to see their purity… their willingness to be all we ask them to be….or that we need them to be…

    I see Jesus, the Pure One, The Blessed Lamb of God suited to be our sacrifice… Once and for all… my heart is overwhelmed by this gracious God gift !

    His peace be with you

  4. Oh faithfilled fisherlady . . .your comment is so beautiful, like your poems and your posts. Thank you for blessing us. You have been forwarded to J in Jerusalem, blessing her there in that place!
    God bless you!

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