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“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”  Philippians 4:8 NKJV

While people see our action, they don’t always know our thoughts . . .but God does.

Lord, thank You for transforming our thought life into a place that glorifies You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .



Thought Traffic

Thoughts keep coming
faster than I want them to
I need a traffic sign
to tell them what to do
a Holy Spirit policeman
to turn the bad around
and only let the good ones
travel on through town.


  1. Oh I SO SO Love this, Sis!! A Holy Spirit policeman–what a great idea! I will easily visualize this, the next time my thoughts take a wrong detour…hmm, what kind of uniform, d’you s’pose? God bless you for your heart and thoughts always turned toward Him–and your messages full of love and grace for us. love, sis Caddo

  2. Thank you Debbie – I so needed to read this verse tonight. So much that my brain and heart are processing at the moment and it is good to be reminded to check the focus of my thoughts.

    On a lighter note I was ‘helping’ the girls tidy their room the other night and was starting to get grumpy 🙂 Isabelle piped up “I love you Mum you’re the best Mum” Misha joined in “yeah you’re not bossy or screamy, you’re so wonderful!” Truthfully at that point in time I would have definitely said bossy and approaching screamy :)Their focus on the good, shifted my mood and perspective. Good to do it for ourselves by checking our thoughts, but also good to do it for others and focus on and speak into their strengths.

    As part of this we have to be careful to not judge everyone’s actions – we are often not privy to the motivations and decisions (or the bad day!) behind them. Let grace cover us all!

    Bless you for yet another wonderful day of encouragement xx

  3. God bless you, sweet Sis Delight, and all those thoughts you hand over to Him. 🙂 Giggling as you imagine the uniform . . let me know what you come up with! I need to catch up with you . . .hope the thought police don’t catch me speeding along to do that.
    love and prayers!

  4. Aimee, you bless me sooooo much! Those girls telling you how wonderful you are was precious. It does work, doesn’t it? (If I leave the sarcasm out of it. oops.) And to not judge others by their actions . . .I need that too, to still stay thinking about good things, instead of thinking bad of someone.
    God bless you and all the ways He is using you to help direct our thoughts for His good! love and prayers!

  5. Yes, you must observe posted speed limits–and yield right of way! (How do I know any of this? me, a non-driver???)

  6. Sorry, but I’m so cracking up over “screamy”!! Must be getting late. I can just hear those sweet little voices saying that! Oh, goodness!!

  7. Had to laugh at you saying if I leave the sarcasm out – my first thought was that they were being sarcastic but then I saw their little faces and they were being so genuine (very smart mind you because it worked!). Bless you Deb x

  8. I’ve had two tickets – both when I was 22 and new to Cedar Rapids. The first time I was driving my 1975 Firebird (insurance settlement after being in a head-on collision with a drunk driver when I was in college) too fast- 45 in a 35. I was just following the car in front of me. I had no idea what the speed limit was. The second was a few months later when I got lost and went the wrong way on a one way street – ONE BLOCK !
    Sometimes my thoughts race ahead like that, following others instead of being thoughtful. And sometimes I simply turn the wrong way on a one way street. In both cases, I’m so thankful that the Spirit pulls me over and turns me around.
    Thankful, too, for my perpetual ‘get out of jail free’ card! 😀
    Great reminder, my friend!

  9. amen wonderful amazing

  10. I love it.. Blessings.. Bro pat.

  11. If we actually took time to think on these things every day we would be able to stop all those negative thoughts that enter into our mind. ANd it will free up the clutter.

  12. I really identify with that poem…so many thoughts.


  13. “…and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind (Ephesians 4: 23)

    Our minds are our biggest battlegrounds. It’s where we wrestle with problems and walk away as winners or losers. If only we could really be renewed, then we’d be more than conquerors.

    Great poem.

  14. LORD I need You to direct my thoughts, my meditations to what You desire…Loved your traffic analogy….”You” turns allowed!! ha Now there is a book title or t-shirt for you, ha!

  15. When we think about God knowing our thoughts, it is a tow-edged sword. Sometimes when I have good intentions but things don’t work out like they should I am thankful He knows my heart. But other times, when my motives aren’t pure, it is not such a wonderful thing… ugh.

    My sinful flesh can ruin even the most wonderful truths about Him!

    Great posting. Lord bless.

  16. Gracious one . .. love your comment. It reminds me of how quick I get caught by Him when I’m thinking wrong. Can’t get by with nothin’, not even for one block. 🙂 But, that is a good thing! God bless you as He loves on you today! love and prayers!

  17. God bless you, Betty, as you think of Him today!

  18. God bless you, Bro Pat, and all the good thoughts He sends your way!

  19. Oh a big amen, dear Desiray! He helps us get better at recognizing them and not entertaining them. I loved that “It will free up the clutter”. What a blessing that is . . .who likes brain clutter? 🙂
    God bless you and your thoughts today!

  20. Amen! That was an awesome post! I’ve been struggling with thoughts I did not want to entertain this week. Words be Gone, in the name of Jesus! 🙂 Happy in Christ!
    God Bless You!

  21. I know . . .I want to shut them off sometimes! There has to be a switch, right? 🙂 God bless you, wonderful woman of the Word, and keep those good thoughts coming! love and prayers!

  22. Larry, that is one of the things that He addressed in me pretty quick. Love that verse and will be praying for renewing as well! God bless you . .. you’re a winner! 🙂

  23. Oh I like that too, Tom! YOU turns! Good one! God bless you as you meditate on Him and what He desires today!

  24. Rob , this was so real for me . .. the part where when He knows my thoughts even when things don’t go well. And then the ugh times. . .He knows those too. So thankful for His help with it all! God bless you as He leads you on!

  25. I do that too, sweet Lady D . . .rejecting them in His name. 🙂 We have to do something . . .they’ll over run us! God bless you as you keep the happy going, in Him!

  26. Deb your ‘simple poems’ are getting more and more complex.

    Our thoughts can run rampant at times (most times) and maybe that is why we are told to “bring them into captivity” and to “be renewed in the spirit of your mind”.

    We cannot DO what has not been a THOUGHT. We need to submit our minds to the One who can purify them and use them for HIS good.

    What an amazing God!

  27. Oh Mentor Angela . . .that’s so good . .. that our actions start out as thoughts. We need to get them into His purifier ASAP! 🙂 God bless you and yours, sweet lady, as He renews you and your thoughts each day! love and prayers!

  28. How faithful the Holy Spirit is in this .. if we are willing to listen – then over time our minds are transformed.

  29. Funny

  30. I love that transformation! 🙂 God bless you, dear Rachel, as you spend time with Him and let Him direct your thoughts!

  31. God bless you, sweet vessel of His, and your thoughts of Him! Glad I could tickle your funny bone! 🙂

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