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Hi and thank you for coming by for a look inside Israel!  Today J of Jerusalem shares about the events leading up to Passover. God bless you and yours, as you read and pray for Israel and J!  Now, here’s J . . .


Passover preparations – 21.03.2012
I greet you in the precious Name of Yeshua h’meshiach, Jesus, the Messiah, Christ.  May He be blessed and glorified, and may you be blessed! 
First, thank you for the MANY responses to the prayer requests concerning baby Netaley, and thank you for continuing to pray for her and her family.  She was sent back to intensive care because she needed to have a procedure to remove fluid building in her brain, but was very happy following the removal and is improving steadily.  I will let you know concerning the biopsy or other changes. 
In the midst of the terror standoff in Toulouse France, and all of the other critical events that continue to swirl around us, Passover (Pesach) preparations have begun and are gaining momentum.  Yearly I have to take a step back in awe, and thank God afresh for His intricate, beautiful, loving plan, which I see more and more of yearly.  How GRACIOUS He is to show me slowly, slowly, as my ‘pea brain’ and ‘stunted spirit’ is able to absorb! 
 Outwardly, the first thing that catches the eye occurs in the food stores; they begin SERIOUS cleaning!  Mid-day, at the height of the busy hours, shoppers are being rudely pushed aside by ‘cleaning and organizing staff’.  ‘Excuse me… I need that’ (slicha, ani tsreekah zeh…) someone will say.  ‘Zeh lo mishonay’ (‘That doesn’t matter) – ‘Pesach b’karov!’ (‘Passover is soon!’)  We are NOT ‘a politically correct’ people!  Shelves are scoured and bleached and ‘hametz’ (food not kosher for Passover) is removed to a separate part of the store (the part to be cleaned last) while the clean shelves are stacked with matzo, matzo meal, and other foods clearly marked ‘kosher for Passover’.  Within days, posters appear all over the city ‘Call me to do your Passover cleaning.  Strong team, reasonable prices’.  These are usually groups of young yeshiva students who do it (ofcourse) for the income, but also because they really care about the land ‘obeying the law’ of Passover; to have the homes free of leaven. 
In my yearly cycle of reading the Bible, I just finished 2 Chron, and it thrilled me to be reading about Hezekiah’s Passover in chapter 30 and then Josiah’s Passover in chapter 35!  I felt a sense of awe as I read about each one’s deep repentance and cleansing of the land and calling the people up to Jerusalem to keep the prescribed feast of the Passover.  I thought about how (dare I say?) ‘passionately’ The Lord laid out the order of the Passover in Exodus… how clearly He told the people to ‘kill the Pascal Lamb’… to ‘apply the blood to the doorposts’… ‘ to stay within the area where the blood had been applied’ … ‘to eat nothing leavened’… ‘to be ready to leave everything behind and separate themselves…’And I thought about the perfect picture of the pure Passover Lamb Whose Blood is applied to our hearts…how we are to separate ourselves from all that is ‘leavened’ by sin and the world and to leave ‘our Egypt’ behind.  I have also found myself thinking about the 40 year journey through the wilderness and how, in many ways, it is mirrored in the building of the body.  Often people find themselves with similar temptations to those that were confronted in the wilderness… the temptation to grumble and complain…the desire for things left behind… even the insurrection and rebellion against God given leadership.  We have not changed much.  Thank GOD for repentance!  Scrubbing one’s floor while on your knees is a good way to make repentance ‘tangible’.  Why scrub leaven out of cracks when we have it in ‘cracks’ appearing in our heart?  How GOOD God is!  He makes His way known!  Living parables!
Meanwhile, as these preparations begin, life continues it’s intense pace.  The bodies of those killed in France yesterday were brought here and buried today in the traditional shroud (not a coffin).  Thoughts turned to Iran as more threats were made against our existence.  Stones were thrown at the lite rail in Jerusalem and at cars in several places in Judea and Samaria, and another rocket fell in the south.  The woman across from me in the bus was crying into her phone as she told her friend that her electric bill was over 700 shekels and she couldn’t pay it.  Another lady, standing in front of me on the lite rail actually said to her son ‘So…Did you forget your Mother?  You can’t pick up a phone and call??’ (and I thought that was just a Jewish JOKE!)  Our weather, like yours, has been crazy but today was beautiful and all of the trees are budding, the wild canaries are back singing in the tree tops, and the flowers are bursting with color and fragrance.  Jerusalem is a beautiful city in full bloom, exhibiting God’s promises fulfilled…delicate buds laughing in the face of threats.  Friday, Jerusalem hosted a marathon and closed down the entire city from 6am – 2pm…NO cars, buses, trains or taxis.  For yours truly,(and MANY others)  this was a bit of a hard ship as I HAD to go to work.  I walked from 6:30-8, falling hard into a puddle while the rains poured, hail came down and my umbrella blew away in the violent wind that accompanied the storm.  It exposed a totally leavened side that needs dealing with; I was NOT walking through that storm in His gracious Spirit and it grieved me!  Thank You Lord for giving us opportunity to see our sin and accept responsibility for it and bring it to You to cover, forgive and change us into the image of Your Son, our Passover Lamb! 
Those who celebrated the first Passover were given 40 years to learn to walk before The Lord and failed.  I desperately do not want to follow my ancestor’s example.  I am now 66 and still have so much to allow Him to change.  I have been thinking a great deal about my sister in law who passed into His Presence some 2 years ago.  I miss her terribly.  She loved Him so much but when she found out that she did not have much time left on this earth, she told me two things that strongly impressed me;  first she had a dream in which she saw her back and saw that there was an ‘expiration date’ on her.  She realized that her days were all written in His book from the beginning and that there were no surprises here…her ‘expiration date’ was there since she was born..all of her days had been ordained and there was ‘enough time’ for her to ‘run her race well’. Then she realized that she ‘needed adjusting’ to be ready to ‘long to be with Him’.  I had the privilege to ‘watch’ her adjust…to hear her ‘fine tune’.  As Passover approaches I am reminded to be serious about searching out the leaven in my heart.  Just as the shofar will sound and Passover will be ushered in shortly, I have an ‘expiration date’ and a shofar will sound for me…and I want to be ready to be found in Him in peace…The Blood applied to my ‘doorposts’ and with no leaven. 
Thank you for taking the time for my ‘ramblings’.  Thank you for your loving prayers and encouragements.  Thank you for standing with me and my family and this nation whom He chose for His purposes…so much mystery….just as His body is a wonderful mystery!  God BLESS you each as we walk this all out together.  Lovingly, your sis in Jerusalem…for His glory. 
ani b’derek
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  1. Thank you bridging Deb

    We rejoice for the miracle in the little one. Our God is faithful. 🙂

    I am thankful for the word pictures shared today. My knowledge has been greatly increased.

    ”  Scrubbing one’s floor while on your knees is a good way to make repentance ‘tangible’.  Why scrub leaven out of cracks when we have it in ‘cracks’ appearing in our heart?  How GOOD God is!  He makes His way known!  Living parables!”
    How relevant and true … Praying He will truly examine the hidden things and captivate all the thoughts.

    Continuing in prayer.


  2. “…first she had a dream in which she saw her back and saw that there was an ‘expiration date’ on her. She realized that her days were all written in His book from the beginning and that there were no surprises here…her ‘expiration date’ was there since she was born..all of her days had been ordained and there was ‘enough time’ for her to ‘run her race well’…”

    An awesome revelation.

  3. Oh Ann full of grace . . .I loved that part too. I have much to bring to Him every day . . many cracks that He could shine through if they aren’t clogged with debris. God bless you as you pray and encourage others today! Off your comment goes to J!

  4. That was an awesome revelation, Larry. This is why I just had to share J’s letters. 🙂 God bless you as you run your race today. You have time!

  5. Debbie,

    Could you check the expiration date on my back, just to make sure?

  6. Better ask Honey to . . .she has better eyes than I do AND she may have some say about that date thing too. 😀

  7. Eternally grateful to hear good news from inside Israel. Thank You for sharing with those who love you and all of the Nation of Israel. Daily I am searching sites as well as national news on Israel as to what is happening there. I can’t wait, See You Soon!

  8. Thank you dear Norma, for your prayers and support of Israel. God bless you always. I am forwarding your comment to J!

  9. I continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and for all people

  10. Thank you so much, dear faithfilled fisherlady! I can’t seem to find your blog . . are you still out there in blog land? God bless you and be with you always!

  11. Yes it’s time to look for that leaven hiding in our hearts and minds… and repent of it.
    We are only Righteous in Yeshua the Holy One… He who had no sin
    Thanks for sharing again girls.
    Love and blessings in your lives and ministries to Ha Shem from Susan

  12. God bless you as you turn to Him again and again! Thank you for such an encouraging comment Susan! I’ve sent you on to J . . .love and prayers and blessings!

  13. Yes, cleansing ourselves of the leaven and smearing His blood on the doorposts of our heart on preparation for entry into His promised rest. Lord, help us to carefully examine ourselves for anything unpleasing to you.

  14. God bless you, sweet vessel of His, as you prepare today! Sending you on to J! love and prayers!

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