Message Received

“And Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read it; and Hezekiah went up to the house of the LORD, and spread it before the LORD.”  2 Kings 19:14

My youngest needs help reading.  She cuts out coupons and spreads them before me.  We figure out together what they say.

Lord, we spread all the messages we’ve received today before You.  Please help us to understand them the way You do.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Before You                                                    

I try to read
what I’ve received today
but my eyes are not like Yours
and so I pray
as I lay it all out
before You there
that You show me what I need
to do through prayer.


  1. I am gong to pray that poem. Thank you for sharing it.


  2. Thank you so much, dear Deb.

    Have a super day!


  3. Good word Deb! Iwas struggling with a passage this morning and then this word came reminding me to just relax and listen. Thanks!

  4. We are all in need of the grace of our Lord to help us to understand His Word. By His grace, as we sit to study, He will give us an understanding of His Word. Lord bless you.

  5. “Some people read the Bible in the Greek. Some read it in the Hebrew. But I prefer to read it in the Holy Spirit.” (Smith Wigglesworth)

  6. Great post! I have two grandchildren that love scissors and the oldest is reading words as we go about. 🙂 We all need help with understanding — thank the good Lord He’s always willing.
    God Bless You!

  7. God bless you, wonderful woman of the Word! Praying it with you and that He will give you a new understanding today, that blesses you! love and prayers!

  8. God bless you, Ann full of grace, as you spread all you have to do out before Him! love and prayers!

  9. I sometimes am a little impatient about those kind of things, Pastor J! 🙂 and relax can be a foreign word! haha! God bless you as He deciphers just what you need Him to today!

  10. Love that grace that carries us and covers us and helps us understand! God bless you, Rob ,as you ask Him about everything today!

  11. Oh I really like this, Larry! 😀 Especially since I don’t know Greek or Hebrew! I was also thinking about all the mixed messages we receive, and the threats or lies that come in . ..I really need to spread it all before Him and hear what He thinks about it.
    God bless you and all you hear from Him today!

  12. Oh, I can just picture you with the kids, Lady D! 🙂 Scissors are pretty cool when you first get the hang of them. Aubrey used to just cut paper up into little pieces . . .like confetti! It was everywhere. haha! So thankful that He is so good and loving and wants us to understand all that we receive and have questions about each day! God bless you and your precious ones!

  13. Oh, I so so so so so love this one, Sis!! Think you better tweet it!! Excellent word for us–we’re all trying so hard to listen well to the True Voice! God bless you, and everyone here at church today. love, sis Caddo

  14. I forgot to say that I also Love the picture–very insightful! And yes, “relax”–uh, is that Greek or what??

  15. Thank you for coming, Sis, and making church complete! 🙂 So much info to take in each day . . .I need help! God bless you as you keep everything before Him each day! love and prayers!

  16. My picture finding and uploading skills are very much needing to be brought before Him too. haha! Laughing about that Greek word, relax too! 🙂

  17. This poem gives the recipe for victory Deb.
    We should write it on our hearts and follow it 24/7.
    What the Lord could achive through us if we did!!!

  18. Amen, Mentor Angela! He is so faithful as we just go to Him with it all! God bless you and the victory He gives you each day, in Christ! love and prayers!

  19. Great poem, and a great way to start the day “Lord, show me how to face today, teach me the steps I should take.” We are little children who need the guidance of our Dear Papa.

  20. I need Him so much, sweet vessel of His! God bless you as you start, go through and finish your days with Him!

  21. There is always so much to do… show us Lord those things you really wish us to do so as to honour you…
    great thought today Deb! And as always, your poem is ‘right on”!

  22. Thank you faith filled fisher lady, for showing us how to honor Him through your walk with Him. I can’t seem to get to your blog . . .has anything changed? 🙂 I don’t want to miss your posts!
    God bless you and keep you before Him always!

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