No Blotting

“And the Lord did not say that He would blot out the name of Israel from under heaven, but He saved them by the hand of Jeroboam, the son of Joash.”  2 Kings 14:27

I was saddened to hear that people believe in Replacement Theology.

Lord, thank You for Israel and all that You have done and are yet to do through her.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

But He Saves Them

Israel is My first born
the apple of My eye

I would never blot her out
and here’s the reasons why –

through her has come My promises
through her has come My Word

through her I will come again
remember what you’ve heard.


  1. Dearest Deb –
    I’m so out of touch, I had to Google Replacement Theology to even know what you were talking about. If the articles I read are any indication, I think it’s pretty sad, but I can certainly see the trend in the Prosperity gospel many churches/ Christians preach.
    God didn’t choose Israel (in my opinion) because it was so special. The nation became special because God choose it.
    The apple of His eye – yes, my friend.

  2. Good, as always, Sis Deb. I was unfamiliar with replacement theology, though the prosperity doctrine is either “all the rage” or soundly criticized. I noticed that a couple preachers I listen to are clarifying that God’s prosperity is not necessarily about “money”, but includes His blessings in general–not sure yet if that is a justification, though i don’t think so (and will be horribly disappointed if proved wrong). I love the “apple of His eye” concept, which I’ve heard used to describe each of us individually–not just the Jewish people. I’ll bet you and some of your scholars here could clear that point up for me! Caddo–2nd in church, and ready to learn more! God bless you–love you bunches!

  3. Thank you so much, our gracious one! If I was a little more on the ball, I would have provided that link for people! Sorry . .. and God bless you for your help. 🙂
    I really loved what you said, that Israel is special because God chose it. What a blessing you are!
    love you and am so thankful for you!

  4. I love you, sweet Sis Caddo Delight! I need to pull a chair up and learn about prosperity theology, so get your teaching hat on. 🙂
    I used “the apple of His eye” in that poem . . .but sweet one, much loved by Him, that does not mean that you aren’t as well . .. or any of us. I only used it to show that He does indeed love Israel. 🙂
    I was struggling so hard to get some kind of image up on here . . .as you can see, it was “blotted out.” ! haha!
    God bless you and all you are to Him! and me!
    love and prayers!

  5. Oh my dearest Sis, I understood how you used it, I did–I was “simply” wanting more info, as I know you have some serious Bible teachers who come here. And trust me, Deb, I am not able to teach on prosperity or anything else–to quote my sis, I just “bumble along”, soaking up what I can, and passing on what He’s done for me! Much love to you, night-angel who loves Him and so many others!!

  6. A good word Deb! God will fulfill His promises to Israel! Ezekiel 37 is already in the bag. The rest of the book is on its way!

  7. I am not sure what replacement theology is. I typed the phrase in my Google Search and skimmed an article attempting to explain what it was, and it had a tone that sounded like replacement theology was not a sound teaching. It is times like this when I really miss those days when I wasn’t so pressed for time. Spring break is next week. If I can just hang on a few more days…been so tired lately. I love your posts and I love you!


  8. “…Lord, thank You for Israel and all that You have done and are yet to do through her…”

    If anyone has a problem with God’s faithfulness or His ability to fulfill His promises or whether He is a good Father, just check out Israel and its history. Our God is an awesome God!

  9. Thanking you for keeping our hearts centered on the Lord and His marvelous words! Praising Him because He gave you a wonderful gift. Love from your Bee 🙂

  10. Thank you Deb

    Replacement Theology is new to me too … Thanks to you and Debbie for helping us learn more.

    Thanks for helping us keep our focus on Him and what HE says. He keeps His words. His words never change. That’s all there is to it 🙂


  11. Thanks sweet Deb for standing alongside Israel. xxx

  12. Amen! Loved the poem! You’re a very special and gifted person, Debbie!
    God Bless You!

  13. God bless you, Pastor J, as you pray and believe His word is true! 🙂

  14. Oh sweet woman of the Word . .. no worries! I didn’t know what it was either, until J of Jerusalem shared about it. And thankfully Debbie provided a link above to help us all! haha! I guess I was surprised, but shouldn’t be, how someone could read His Word and come away thinking that the church replaced Israel and all the promises He made to Israel are really meant for the church today, not Israel.
    God bless you and this time coming up! You could sure use a break! 🙂 love and prayers!!!

  15. Larry . . .I love that. The proof is there and what a comfort and confirmation to us to know that He keeps His word, is faithful and is good! God bless you as you worship your awesome God today!

  16. God bless you , beautiful Bee, as you keep your heart on Him and His promises to you. love you so much and am praying too!

  17. I love you, Ann full of grace and matter of fact-ness! “His word never changes and that’s all there is to it!” 🙂 God bless you as you keep centered on Him and what He says!

  18. God bless you, sweet vessel of His, for praying and believing His promises are true, for Israel and for all who come to Him! 🙂

  19. You are so gracious and kind, dear Lady D. 🙂 God bless you as you see Him all around you today, and know that He is good! 🙂

  20. Hi Encouraging Debbie,

    A very relevant word, for such a time as this! God bless you! Love you.


  21. It’s in ROMANS Chapter 11

    The Ekklesia of Yeshua was taken over by Rome hundreds of years later. Changed the Sabbath to SUN-day and changed pagan statues to Mary, Peter etc.
    It’s a long story but God has been restoring the Hebrew roots of our faith, the Sabbath and the Sacred Names… and that we are grafted into Israel not the other way around.

    ALSO see Ephesians 2 especially verses 11-14 and 1 Peter 2:9-10

    Been walking in this over 30 years now… it is sacred Truths that does not include Xmas and Easter. These are paganism.
    Blessings in our Beloved Yeshua’s Name.. Susan.

  22. Thank you, dear Susan, for explaining and helping us along here! God bless you, our watchwoman on the walls! love and prayers!

  23. Love and prayers , praising Jesus in the pain Paulette! God bless you and your time with Him!

  24. “Israel is My first born” –
    – True, true, but praise God, that makes us no less. Israel has a special place in God’s heart, but so do we. We were bought at a tremendous price!

    Nothing – nothing at all – could ever separate us from God. He could never “blot us out” either, because He chose us and adopted us as His own children. He made us joint-heirs with Christ, and NOTHING can change that. I am His and He is mine, for ever and ever.

    What an amazing Father God!

  25. yes, yes, yes dear Mentor Angela! There is no doubt about what He has done for us, because He loved us and chose us and did not want to be apart from us. 🙂 What an amazing God indeed! God bless you, precious child of His, changed and forever in His arms!

  26. Israel is My first born

    Brought to mind the passage from Colossians 1:

    12 Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:
    13 Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:
    14 In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:
    15 Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:

    Replacement theology is something with which I’m only marginally familiar. However, the more I’ve studied Scripture, the more I can see Jesus Christ in both the OT and NT narratives.
    There is no doubt in my mind that the “apple of (the Father’s) eye” is His beloved Son who truly pleases Him. And, that He desires for all (whether Hebrew or Gentile) to treasure the Son as well.
    That said, I trust that God’s Word is sure and that He will do whatever He has promised. 🙂

  27. Heather . . .so good to have you here! And I love the thoughtfulness of your comment, soaked in His word. God bless you and your trust in Him to do what He has said He would do! love and prayers!

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