Dealing Faithfully

“Moreover they did not require an account from the men into whose hand they delivered the money to be paid to workmen, for they dealt faithfully.”  2 Kings 12:15

The more we deal with things in faith, the more faith we’ll have to deal with.

Lord, please help me exercise my faith regularly so it can grow.  And here’s a simple poem . . .


My faith lies dormant
until I open my mouth
confessing You in prayer
I find You there
helping me along

and when I begin to act
on what I believe
I watch You
grow my faith


  1. Great post; enjoyed my visit.. Blessings mt sister… Bro Pat.

  2. this verse leads me thinking. in modern society, when they hand over the money, both parties would need to sign a contract, the contract would probably state terms and penalties for not fulfilling the contract. is it because we cannot trust people to deal with matters faithfully?

  3. Deb, I have found in my life that the more I trust in the Lord, the more natural trusting Him becomes. It actually can begin to be a habit… just like you say, “The more we deal with things in faith, the more faith we’ll have to deal with:, Lord bless you for the encouragement you’ve given me today!

  4. I loved the poem/post! Enjoyed!
    God Bless You!

  5. “…and when I begin to act
    on what I believe…”

    The main character in 2 Kings Chapter 12 is King Jehoash (also referred to as Joash). He followed God as long as the priest Jehoiada was alive (2 Kings 12:2) Yet, as soon as Jehoida died, Joash was influenced by wicked men and departed from God.

    Faith is not based on other people’s influence upon us, but rather it is based on what we believe and how we act on our beliefs.

  6. Thank you, Dearest Delighful One.

    “Lord, please help me exercise my faith regularly so it can grow. ”
    I am ‘owning’ this today!!! Thank you for expressing what my heart longs to say.

    God bless you over and over again. May He reward your faithfulness.

    With gratitude,

    P.S. Had a taxing week. Have fallen behind in my reading but I am thankful I came today. He has gifted you with a wonderful ability. Grateful to be a part of those with whom you share. Praying your strength as you wait on Him.

  7. To have faith in another, but it abused is the worst. Ideally, there is the gentleman’s agreement. I have always liked that concept and am glad it remains today. A solid handshake, eye contact, & faith.

  8. Three cheers for you for working “exponentially” into a poem!

    You have so beautifully given words to the same issue I’m dealing with these days… and it is so true! “The more we deal with things in faith…” It’s a challenge to put faith first, but how wonderful it is to see the rewards play out. Bless you and prayers, Debbie… : )

  9. Oh Sis, isn’t this absolutely True?!! Makes me think of poor Moses, who argued with God that he wasn’t the right man for the job. If I did that, I imagine God would laugh and say, “Just open your mouth!” Because He would fully intend to fill it with His words, not mine! No worries! Someone told me “faith” is a muscle–we have to exercise it. Love and prayers for you and Aubie–and everyone here at church tonight!! Sis Caddo

  10. God bless you and your faith in Him, Bro Pat! 🙂

  11. Thank you Z. From your comment, you have me thinking of that distrust factor that is so prevalent today. It does become hard for us to have faith in each other . . .but we can have faith in Him, who is always working for our good! God bless you and the faith that just keeps growing in you!

  12. I love this, Rob . . .how it becomes more natural. We start acting in faith more and more and don’t have to spend all the time covering ourselves. Just step out! God bless you and that amazing gift of faith that He shows us in you!

  13. God bless you, Lady D, as you live your faith and share it too! It’s infectious and growing!

  14. Thank you so much, Larry . . .that faith in Him, in Whom we believe and how it propels us to act . . .that’s what I want! God bless you as He influences your faith, beliefs and actions everyday!

  15. I don’t know why, our Ann full of grace and faith, but I’m just crying as I read your comment. I knew it had to be a harder week for you. Those harder weeks take even more faith to get through. I am thinking you have exercised enough, sweet lady! Time to soak in Him awhile this weekend. 🙂 God bless you and your wonderful faith that does not fade, but keeps leaping forward. love and prayers and thankfulness for you!

  16. God bless you as you continue to act in faith today! Thank you so much for coming by! 🙂

  17. Dearest Deb –
    My 3 year old grand daughter has been in the hospital for the past several days on IV’s – severe strep and… they don’t know. My daughter and I have been getting a lot of exercise. Very sweet truths here, my friend.
    (Rowyn is home now and getting better – adding that because I know you so I know you’ll ask) 😀

  18. Laughing . . .that is the biggest word you will probably ever see me use. haha! That faith thing . . .to stretch it out to places we don’t think it can go. And then see the results! yes! I love you! You energize me and inspire me. God bless you, lovely one, and your ever growing faith!

  19. Sweet Sis Caddo . . .I remember you saying that about faith being a muscle! Thank you . . .I knew this had been brought up recently! It was you, over at Aimee’s! I love your faith in Him, unshakable, unstoppable, unlimited! God bless you and grow you even more today! love and prayers!

  20. Oh gracious sis, this one really got me. The faith we need in the face of sickness . . .little precious ones. Boy . .. you need to soak and float awhile too. You are exercised out! So thankful she is home and getting better. God bless you and your deep faith that helps ours grow too! love and prayers!

  21. Oh Deb I have to laugh at myself because my first thought when I read your request that God help you to exercise your faith more, was that you are brave! Couldn’t agree more that it is only when we exercise our faith that it grows strong and extends – that’s why we often look back on our struggles and see He has indeed given us the ‘treasures of darkness’ because we realise it was in the exercising and stretching that we fell more in love with Him and really leaned all that we are on Him. Bless you and may your faith go from strength to strength xx

  22. Love you, Aimee! I think it was your post on faith recently that influenced mine! Now I’m not sure I’m brave . . .just not smart enough to think this through before I pray! haha! I do this all the time and then say , “oooohhhh, that’s what is happening” when He answers. 🙂 God bless you and lovingly stretch you . .. gently growing your faith in the Light of His love! love and prayers!

  23. U R Very welcome and thank you.. Blessings to you this day… Bro Pat.

  24. Deb I love the last word of your simple poem. Indeed He does grow our faith exponentially . . . always increasing and never decreasing.
    I think of the words of the old hymn “Each victory will help you some other to win”
    He becomes more and more precious to us as He leads us further along our path to the time we will be presented before Him “faultless”. It is all His work and He never even blinks in His desire for each of us His children.

    What an amazing God!

  25. Dear Angela . .. I loved this “He never even blinks in His desire for each of us His children.” Wow. .. what an amazing God, just like you always say! 🙂 God bless you as He just can’t help but bring your faith from victory to victory! love and prayers and many thanks for being here!

  26. Thank you, Encouraging Debbie! You encouraged me today, to exercise my faith, all the more! God bless!


  27. Oh dear Paulette . .I think you have the faith exercising thing down real well!! God bless you, as your faith in Him helps to grow our own. love and prayers!

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