Got Zeal?

“Then he said, ‘Come with me, and see my zeal for the Lord.’ So they had him ride in his chariot.”  2 Kings 10:16

Those who are on fire for God often burn alone.

Lord, please show me whose chariot You desire me to climb into today.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Still Time

Zeal for Me has dwindled
My people are afraid

of how they will be seen
if they come right out and say

that My Word is the truth
and everything’s not “okay”

zeal for Me has dwindled, yet
there’s still time to obey.


  1. Oh Sis, you have great zeal for Him–you pack it into these graceful simple poems, and serve it up so sweet. It’s in your caring words and thoughtful gestures. God bless you, dear heart!

  2. Love it Deb! Just got home from Church where we were discussing how we lose our ‘first love’ our zeal. Often when we lose sight of the truth of His Word and when we’re not riding with anybody else. So just have to say AMEN to your post tonight! May we rekindle our passion and love for Him. Bless you heaps xx

  3. Thank you Deb for accommodating me in your chariot and thank you for being on fire — your warmth means so much! 🙂

  4. “Those who are on fire for God often burn alone.”

    True, Debbie … I love what A W Tozer said about that, ” the man or woman who has passed on into the divine Presence in actual inner experience will not find many who understand him/her…….It is this very loneliness that throws him/her back upon God.” If that’s what it takes (and it does), then that’s what I’ll take. Leviticus 20:26. Beautiful poem and thanks.

  5. This is a “rubber meets the road” simple type of poem today, huh?

  6. Often times we lose our zeal for the things of God and we need to be refresh.

  7. Oh this is excellent!
    I love this:
    “Those who are on fire for God often burn alone.”
    So true! When I became a Christian and shared the Good News with my extended family, they didn’t exactly welcome it! I felt alone…but that was okay because my faith has only gotten stronger…and I am not alone with Jesus beside me.
    Wonderful post today, my Deb…the title is brilliant 😉
    bee blessings coming your way!

  8. Hello Debbie
    I did enjoy the poem,how true it is it seems as if our “zeal” for the Lord has dwindled.And it is a shame,why are we so ashamed to share his truth. Father give us boldness and the courage we need to speak to others about Jesus,and lead us to the ones we should touch for you Amen.
    Debbie I can remember many years ago writing letters to my family and friends about Jesus and his love,and they thought I was crazy. But just look at how God is using us to reach others now,there are many who visit and never leave a word. But God has used us to help them.You are a real blessing to me and so many others!
    Love you much 😀 😀

  9. I, too desire to know what chariot to ride! Another good one Deb. Thank you

  10. These are the days of the Laodicean Church! God is looking for a group of people who will inquire of Him to buy gold refined in the fire, white linen garments and salve for their eyes. Here I am Lord fill me with Your zeal afresh! Thanks Deb!

  11. The thought that hit me when I read this is that we must ‘stand up and be counted’
    Sure, we might ‘burn alone’ but the glorious fact is that we are NEVER alone. He is always with us and is “more” with us (OK – I know that is impossible) when we are following His Word, reflecting His love and grace and speaking His Truth.

  12. “…if they come right out and say that My Word is the truth
    and everything’s not “okay”

    How often do we do this, especially in the church. When the world looks at us, we should be different in words and deeds.

    Beautiful, Deb! Thanks! 🙂

  13. Oh Deb, I am glad you wrote this.


  14. God bless you, my Sis Caddo Delight . . 1st pew zeal! Love and prayers as your joy flows and His truth shows!

  15. Love you, Aimee! You bring me back to Him and that passion for Him that I want to keep fueled. You have a real gift for Him, for us, for stirring up our love. God bless you and keep your fire burning always!

  16. Oh my Rea of Son Shine! My sweet spoon! Before I left today, I saw that you had come visiting!!!! And I began to cry . . .so blessed. So thankful for you. So privileged to get know you and let your fire rub off on me! Love and prayers!

  17. Beautiful comment, Roger. You are certainly one who is in a chariot position, with your God. God bless you as you remain zealous for Him!

  18. I guess so! 😀 God bless you, Larry Who’s Got Zeal!

  19. God bless you and thank you, dear Desiray! Praying for the refreshing times to come and stir us up!

  20. Beautiful Bee . . .I think what you said is so right! Sometimes us being on fire for Him and having to go it without a lot of others on board with us, does make us stronger and filled with even more zeal. He does that for us! God bless you as you stay close to your Jesus today! love you!

  21. Precious Pat, I am so blessed by your prayers and comments. Praying with you right now, for that courage to continue, stronger than ever, with Him! You know, you are crazy . . .crazy-in-love with Him! 🙂 God bless you as you keep proclaiming His truth and love! You are a beacon on a hill! Love and prayers for His constant care and keeping of you!

  22. God bless you as He keeps pouring into you, and you keep burning for Him. 🙂

  23. Your comment gave me goosebumps, Pastor J. Thank you and God bless you as He answers your prayer and gives you fresh zeal today. Me too, please Lord!

  24. I LOVE that we are never alone, never without Him. Especially when we are full of zeal for Him. God bless you, dear Mentor Angela, as you stand up and are counted today! love and prayers!

  25. Thank you, Ted, for the encouragement to be different in words and deeds. To be clearly His. God bless you as you stand out for Him!

  26. God bless you, our wonderful woman of the Word, who proclaims His truth and grace, unashamed. love you and am thinking of you!

  27. Oh Deb – To burn without burning out! There’s a challenge for me. 😀
    Loving you and your tender heart,

  28. Debbie, this one, from God’s point of view, very strong. My zeal is as strong as ever, but it’s true, the younger generation is falling prey to The World, not falling in love with The Word. Keeping it real for them is a big part of my calling… Peace, Amy

  29. That’s a challenge for me too! Makes me think of that burning bush. 🙂 God bless you, gracious sis of mine! So blessed by you and I love you too! Thank you for my Thursday prayers . . .we just cruised right through like a walk in the park . 🙂

  30. I love your calling and your zeal, Amy. God bless you as you keep it real for them! love and prayers!

  31. Wonderful! Praying for you two makes Thursday’s special for me. 😀

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  33. “first love zeal” …. that’s a great quote!

  34. What an awesome quote to share. If only all Christians would long for that kind of relationship with Christ! (This one included!)

  35. Thanks Debbie,for your good encouragement! I love you and thank God for bringing you into my life and thanks so much for your prayers,I had my MRI on my right knee yesterday and will get the results on the 13th,I am feeling better. 😀

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