Submitting To One Another

“. . .but be filled with the Spirit . . .submitting to one another in the fear of God.”  Ephesians 5:18,21

Submitting can be a touchy subject.

Lord, please help me understand more and more about submitting to others in fear of You, not them.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Heart Sure

Submitting sounds like
giving in
like being a door mat
for others to wipe their feet on
before barging in
but God sees it as a heart
so sure of its surrender
to Him
that it can make way
without being lessened
or dimmed.


  1. I love the last half of your poem – ‘so sure of its surrender to Him that it can make way without being lessened or dimmed.’

    I also love what you said about submission being out of fear of God, not man because my natural inclination is to have it the other way round and so view it negatively:)

    Hope you have a great day- bless you x

  2. Sweet Aimee . . .this one is definitely for me! Submission is not easy when you feel vulnerable. He is still teaching me about it and helping me! (I need so much help, all the time. haha!)
    God bless you and all you do out of fear and love for Him!
    love and prayers! 🙂

  3. Oh WOW, SIS! I’ve never heard submission put in such lovely words before this–amazing how much more attractive (and “do-able”) it sounds in your sweet and gentle, gracious voice! Thank you very much for this. (And I was even fairly early to church today! 2nd pew!)

    Love and blessings to you and Aub–I’ve been playing with music for you! love, sis Caddo

  4. As you say in your ‘simple poem’ the secret of willingly submitting to others lies in the joy of submitting to HIM. He undertakes and He rewards.

    What an amazing God!

  5. I can remember the first time I heard submitting I thought it was a dirty word I thought it meant to obey but when I study the word I saw that it’s not what it really is, is our head covering. And as I say I want to be under the spout where the blessings are coming down.

    Great post and thanks for always leaving me such lovely comments. Debbie

  6. Submission is a tough topic and one that I’m not entirely comfortable yet – more to learn.

  7. I appreciate your statement… “Lord, please help me understand more and more about submitting to others in fear of You, not them”. I believe that is one of the keys to a Scriptural type of submission!

    May the Lord bless you.

  8. Dearest Deb – How beautifully you’ve described the truth of submission: “a heart so sure of its surrender to Him” – from there the rest falls into place. In my experience, the problem has often been trying to be submissive to others BEFORE being submissive to HIM. So many conflicting voices saying ‘Chose Me!”, DO What I Say!’ instead of chose Him and do what He says.
    Thank you for this spot on reminder.

  9. “…Submitting sounds like
    giving in
    like being a door mat…”

    A long time ago, I was complaining to the Lord about my being used by people and how I didn’t like it much. He let me know in quick fashion He was the One who washed His disciples’ feet, died on the cross, and is forever being used by people.

    It’s hard to complain about being a servant to the Lamb.

  10. Submission is always a difficult topic because it is so easily misunderstood. Submission is not laying down and letting the world trample over us but the recognition and acceptance of God’s order and authority, even through others. If we submit to Him, all else follows in proper order. If we aren’t in submission to Him, nothing is in order. (sorry for the long reply, its an area that I have taught on with husbands and wives. If the husband is in submission to God and living like he should, the wifes submission to the husband is a non-issue) 🙂

  11. “…so sure of its surrender…”
    Awww, this is simply beautiful.
    Bless you!
    love from your Bee

  12. Sis Delight . .. I love seeing you in the 2nd pew or any of them! 😀 Your joy infects me! God bless you as you listen to Him and submit to what He says for you! love and prayers and thank you for being you!

  13. Thank you, Mentor Angela! Taking in your comment . . .the JOY of submitting. Yes. And He undertakes and rewards. Oh Yes once again. God bless you for what He reveals through your submitting heart! love and prayers!

  14. Desiray! Oh I will keep a hold of this one, because He talks to me about covering me all the time. That submission is our head covering . . .being under the spout where the blessings come from, that is wonderful! 🙂 God bless you and pour His love over you today!

  15. Tammy, I know . . .I know. I thought of this or that to say here to you, but I’ve got nothing. haha! I am learning with you, believe me! God bless you as you keep your heart open to Him! Thank you so much for being here!

  16. Thank you for your comment Rob and for helping us understand more about submitting! 🙂 God bless you and yours in Christ today!

  17. Gracious one . . .you said it so well. That is what I often do . . .submit to others first. Thank you for helping us to see this better! 🙂 (Little light bulb going on in my head!)
    God bless you and your heart that is sure of Him and His love for you! love and prayers!

  18. Thank you, Larry! Yes! Some of what we do in submitting is what He did . . .it’s simply serving, but I can let pride and lies get in the way. I think I even did a poem once about a door mat welcoming others and cleaning their feet. 🙂
    God bless you as you submit and serve Him today!

  19. Ted . . .Thank you so much! I love long replies! haha! And what you shared is great. I am so glad now that I posted on submission, so I could learn from everyone! God knew what I needed! 🙂
    God bless you as you give it all to God!

  20. God bless you, beautiful Bee, and your surrendered heart for Him! love and prayers for your night in the hive!

  21. Wow!! This is so lovely and it gives such peace about giving in to others without feeling like a door mat,we do right because we love God and not because of fear. Debbie this is so very good and encouraging~!
    Love you much 😀 😀

  22. I love seeing your beautiful face here! 🙂 Thank you for showing how we do right because we love God and not because of fear . .. that is encouraging to me!!! God bless you and your heart that gladly gives its all to Him! love and prayers for your weekend to be sweet with your Jesus!

  23. Thank you for sharing Deb.

    “Lord, please help me understand more and more about submitting to others in fear of You, not them.”

    For me, submission meant giving up ‘my’ rights. Naturally, I pushed back and pushed back some more, till eventually I backed myself into a corner. Thankfully, Papa wasn’t through with me yet.

    Over the years, I learned that the response to authority is submission, not necessarily obedience, and that giving up ‘my’ right, is sometimes the best way to go.

    As I chose to let Him lead, He began to order my steps. I think I am finally learning this dance.


  24. God bless you, Ann full of grace, and your sweet submission dance with Him. 🙂 It can be a time of joy in Him, if I get my heart attitude right. love and prayers!

  25. Thank you encouraging Debbie! It’s a beautiful lesson, which teaches us that submission to others demonstrates a heart which is surrendered unto Him. “God sees it as a heart so sure of its surrender to Him.” Amen! God bless you!

  26. God bless you as you worship with a surrendered heart today, Paulette! You are a testimony and a witness of His!

  27. to be so sure of our surrender to Him…boy, what a post!I am so thankful for you.


  28. Oh Theresa . . .I had no idea everyone would respond so wonderfully to this. It is something that I need to keep close to Him about, not thinking my own thoughts, for sure! haha! God bless you, wonderful woman of the Word, as you live surrendered to Him!

  29. So often, the concept of “doormat” accompanies our understanding of submission. I like how you’ve focused on the willingness to serve others because one’s well-being has been entrusted to Jesus.

  30. Thank you so much, sweet Heather, for your heart and understanding of submission . . .that it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. He didn’t intend for it to be! God bless you as you stay with Him in trust!

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