Growing Up

“. . .that we should no longer be children, tossed to and fro . ..

. . .but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head – Christ

from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”  Ephesians 4:14-16

We hear a lot about growing churches today, but Paul seemed more interested in us growing strong in the Lord.

Lord, we desire to grow in the callings You have given each of us, so that the body of Christ will be strong and healthy.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

A Healthy Body

Knitted together
so we can be

at our best
strong and healthy

as one body
of individual callings

loved and loving
always edifying.


  1. Amen…not goin a doit!!! Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture,..or any other…to be washed ashore by every wind and doctrine!!!
    Just left you a response to your comment, I think you will like…
    Bless You and… \o/ Praise Him \o/

  2. You are right! I did like your response! And I like this comment too! You are on a roll. haha! God bless you too, Paul, as you grow up in all things, an edifying son!

  3. Love this post Debbie – the body of Christ is my passion, I love it 🙂 I pray that we would awaken to understand all our gifts are needed, that we are better together, that we would truly love each other and let grace cover one another’s weaknessess.

    My wonderful Dad and Pastor has always said that he’s not interested in the church growing, if it’s only moving the flab around 🙂 Growth is important in the sense we want none to perish, but for those of us already saved, maturity is the growth goal. Part of that maturity is learning to live well in community.

    I love how blog land is connecting the wider body – so blessed to be getting to know you and so many other brothers and sisters xx

    P.S. Sorry for the long comment, I am having to stop myself because I so love the Church, the body of Christ 🙂

  4. Imagine what God could do with a Healthy Body, Debbie … Holiness is the key, but sad it is that holiness is aquainted pious religiosity and therefore gets rejected.

    As for the “growing” churches, I wonder how much growth there would be if their leaders preached a constant diet of the (resurrected) Jesus in 7 Churches of Revelation. Truth in love; indeed! May God bless your growth.


  5. Beautiful!

  6. “…according to the effective working by which every part does its share…”

    This small section of verse 16 is the most overlooked and underestimated part of Ephesians 4:11-16. Sadly, this is the main reason why our churches have so little power and affect our cities so little. We must change.

  7. We do so need each other… so very much!
    I am so glad Jesus came to us, became flesh, walked among us, made the way for us and asks us to have the same love…
    He is the Light that lighteneth all men…

  8. A beautiful message for today, Deb! Thank you! 🙂

  9. Loved the poem! God Bless You!

  10. Debbie – what Bible translation do you use? I love that wording of 16.

  11. Amen! Just lovely!!
    Love you much Debbie 😀 😀

  12. “at our best
    strong and healthy”

    While growing churches I think we tend to forget that the body is only as strong as it’s weakest member. If we spent as much time and money growing disciples as we do growing churches we wouldn’t have to spend time and money growing those churches.

  13. Wow, Deb–good church today!! Love the idea that as we are knitted together, we get better and better as individuals–more able to love and edify. Building one another up, is one of my fave things–I love to encourage, and be encouraged–it’s that ripple effect of Jesus–So Good!!!! Praying abundant blessings for you and the little angel, and all our brethren here today! love you, sis Caddo

    PS: who’d of thunk there’d be a “Blog-Church” one day? Way cool!!!

  14. Sweet Aimee . . .you are such a beautiful part of the body. 🙂 Just sayin’! And you can just come here anytime and leave as long a comment as you want to.
    Thank you for what you said about that we DO want the church to grow in the aspect of more coming to know Jesus. YES. And I loved what your Dad said too. So good!
    God bless you and your passion for Christ and His body!
    love and prayers!

  15. Thank you sooo much for your prayers, Roger. 🙂 I am hanging onto the key to a healthy Body being Holiness. I love what you add to the body, Roger.
    God bless you in truth and in Spirit!

  16. God bless you, beautiful AngelaMarie, and all that He calls you to do! You and your walk with Him matter!

  17. That part caught me too, Larry. “The effective working . . .every part doing its share.” Praying for this and the change and affect if will have.
    God bless you as you do your part effectively and prayerfully!

  18. God bless you, faith filled fisher lady, and the precious calling you have upon your life and within the body of Christ. I am made better by you and what you do. love and prayers!
    p.s. LOVE your blog . ..all the pictures, all about Him . . .so beautiful!

  19. God bless you, Ted, and thank you for the amazing photos. Everyone loved them! 🙂 More effective working and doing your part! 🙂

  20. God bless you, Lady Dei . .. and that beautiful new grandbaby!

  21. Hi Jessica! I should put that up, shouldn’t I? 🙂 Its the NKJV. God bless you and your calling in Him!

  22. Precious Pat . . .God bless you, lovely one! I’m so blessed by you being here and the part only you can do in the body of Christ! love and prayers! 😀

  23. Oh Patricia . .. that the body is only as strong as it’s weakest member. That is really something to think and pray about! God bless you as you do your part! I’m so thankful for you!

  24. Thank you so much Debbie! I do so appreciate you my dear friend!
    Love you much 😀 😀

  25. Sis Caddo Delight . . .you ARE such an encourager. I definitely see you doing your part all the time. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers and blessings and help. God bless your calling in Christ! love and prayers!

  26. Thank you so very much, Debbie! And please let those at Mended Hearts know that my prayers are with them for the work they do!

  27. Oh wow, Ted! I will! They will be so blessed to know that!

  28. “… the whole body, joined and knit together, by whatever the joint supplies.”

    Thank you for that soothing reminder, Debbie. I reflect on that so much as I jump around reading the blogs of brothers and sisters. What a joy to be part of the body, and a blessing to recieve so much. Beautiful poem today… : )

  29. Oh, I think of that too, Linda, how each one does something just a little different and how each one blesses and helps me in my walk with Jesus. I’m so so thankful for you, lovely one, and all you bring to the body . . .a faith infusion! 🙂
    God bless you and your precious testimony! love and prayers!

  30. Yours is the gift of putting a whole lot of meaning into a few words!

    A picture of a local Church as it should be. Just think what a difference there would be in the world if all the local Churches were like this, as they should be.

  31. I’m with you – I hear a lot about church growth in terms of number of people in the pews. But I believe what is truly important to Christ is that each individual grow in their faith and grow closer in relationship to Him. What good is it to add 100 new church members this week if we don’t help the 100 we added last week grow in faith so they can withstand the trials of this life and share God’s grace with others? Keep up the great work here of helping us grow in faith. Peace, Linda

  32. It makes a beautiful picture, doesn’t it? 🙂 Thank you for doing your part, in such a wonderful way! God bless you and the difference you are making for Him! love and prayers!

  33. Thank you for your comment, Linda! That’s the kind of church growth that I was thinking of . .. the just to say we have x number of people kind, instead of really wanting people to know Him and grow in Him. God bless you as you seek to see Him known and see us grow! love and prayers!

  34. “…always edifying…”
    That is what you do, darling Deb–always edifying others in honor of and in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are simply amazing!
    your buzzing bee….. 😉

  35. You are a beautiful busy buzzing Bee today! 🙂 God bless you for the way you so thoughtfully and carefully care for us all . . .as only a Queen can do! love and prayers for you as you fly around today!

  36. Encouraging Debbie,

    It is a sad commentary, that so many are more focused on growing mega-churches. If only they were even more concerned about growing “mega-saints!” What a strong body of believers we would be! Thank you so much, encouraging Debbie! Definitely, a rhema word!


  37. “Mega-saints” . . .oh, I love that, worship leader Paulette! So thankful for His strength that is within you, that makes the body stronger too! God bless you and keep you in His presence today. love and prayers!

  38. This is such a great post. The Lord has been so gracious to me. Pray for me that I will do “my share” with less procrastinating.


  39. Oh wonderful woman of the Word . are so not procrastinating. You are doing your share and then some! Like enough for 10 people! Time for us to step up and lift you up during this time! love you so! Praying for you tonight!

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