Inside Israel -16 Feb 2012

Hi and thank you so much for coming by for a look inside Israel.  Today J of Jerusalem shares about how lies are displayed as truth so often there. Thank you for praying for Israel and J!  God bless you! Now here’s J . . .

Soon after 9 this morning the radio began to flash reports of a horrific traffic accident in the north of our capital, Jerusalem.  In the middle of the night another ‘monster storm’ entered the area with high winds, buckets of rain and the hopeful promise of snow being predicted for between Friday night and Saturday.  As thankful as we are, we know that our crazy drivers (we are notorious for this) can be in for some more treacherous then usual road conditions.  Sure enough the news started to come in that 4, then 6, then 8 children had been killed and some 40 injured when a bus loaded with young children collided with a truck, head on.  Later we heard that it was a Palestinian bus and that the truck driver was an Israeli Arab, but there was no less grief or concern.  All day we listened to interviews with ambulance, fire, rescue and paramedic services – some in tears – describing the horror of arriving, several within 2 minutes, to find the overturned school bus in flames, the little ones trapped.  The burned and broken children were brought to many hospitals through out Israel (depending upon the extent of the injury…some have major burn units, others have major trauma units) as well as to the Palestinian hospital in Ramalla.  We listened to hospital updates on the conditions of the injured.  I watched the filmed reports on the evening news.  Our Prime Minister issued condolences, and our president offered further aid.  That is why I was so incredibly shocked to hear that internationally, the Palestinian Authority was criticizing Israel for not responding to help them in their time of tragedy!  I really could not believe my ears!  I went back over what I had seen and heard through out the day…perhaps it could have been staged??  No!  The whole country was gripped and shared the grief for these small children.  Our government did not respond indignantly to the international accusation.  It barely acknowledged the lie.  We have, sadly, become jaded when it comes to expecting the world to know the difference between Truth and the lie.  After all…we live in a world that is denying the Holocaust…accused us of massacring the entire population of Jenin, stealing the organs of Arabs in the hospitals, and mixing the blood of gentile children with our matzos.  Our younger daughter showed me a photo on her ‘face book’ (I don’t have an account with them) that has been widely circulated– a staged photo of a supposed Israeli soldier standing with his boot on the head of a poor Palestinian child.  The photo had numerous inaccuracies concerning uniform, weapon, and other things that are strict standard Israeli code.  These were being pointed out by Israeli youth to try to counteract the effect that such a photo has on people.  Truth and lies…Truth and lies…in a world which has not received a love of the Truth…and to whom The Lord has sent a spirit of “strong delusion”…we do not know how to respond.  How dark the world grows around us.  How BLESSED we are to know The Light, you and I who have had the incredible privilege of meeting and going on to KNOW HIM! 
Much has been going on, both in my country and in our family.  I never know how much is reported in media around the world.  It seems as if some of you receive some regular and accurate reports about events here while others in other areas have not heard.  Most of you probably have heard about the 3 attacks on Israeli diplomatic targets abroad this week (India, Georgia, Tailand).  They have made news headlines here all week.  I travel to work, still, via the bus, so in the mornings as the news report is broadcast from the radio, I listen to the passengers commenting and discussing ‘what we should do’ and ‘how we should solve this’…but in the afternoon I have to return home via the lite rail.  No radio.  No discussions.  Still most of the interaction on the trains is simply about the quality of the service and how much longer it takes to get around now.  Iran continues to dominate public discussion generally.  Our government seems to (wisely) try to say very little (except for our defense minister, Ehud Barak, who seems to make some pretty unwise statements), and I expect that all that we hear are really empty opinions.  Some DEAR friends of ours here, believers, recently made the difficult decision to return to America for an unspecified length of time and I received a letter from them saying that they missed us all so much, but had to admit that the lack of the stress which is our constant companion here was a refreshing and restful change.  I never would have believed that someday I would be living in the pressure cooker of the world!  Thank You Lord, that Your ways are NOT my ways!  Please lead me in the paths of Your choosing and let me not desire what You do not have for me!  Choose for me inspite of what I would choose!
Awhile ago I had asked for personal prayer concerning our son-in-law’s citizenship, and our younger daughter’s entrance into a new program, and I would like to update you on both and ask for continued prayer.  Our son in law is scheduled to go to the department of interior on the 21st…this coming Tuesday…to receive his identity card (citizenship) BARRING ANY HITCHES!  I ASK FOR PRAYER THAT THERE WILL BE NO HITCHES and that this 5 year process will come to a fruitful conclusion this week!  Concerning our younger daughter; she is coming to the end of her first month in this ‘day care’program and it seems to be going well.  The program is for people suffering from severe depression, anxiety and or post traumatic stress syndrome where it is felt that they can be restored to functioning.  She goes 5 mornings per week and participates in various classes, along with group, occupational and individual therapy while they also help her get through bureaucratic and medical appointments.  For a program that does not look to The Lord, it seems to be very good…but I am a mother and am so wanting the best for my child that my judgment can be clouded where family is concerned.  Thank you for your prayers for her as well as the entire family.  My health, too, has not been good (again a problem with my white blood cells requiring some strong injections).  Where as I was really HOPING to be able to back off from some working hours (the doctors keep telling me that I need a (ha!) ‘stress free life’ (!) and I am to turn 66 tomorrow…Lord willing!!), the economic conditions and changes (INSPITE of the fact that our country has a good strong economy and we are thankful for that…although it does not seem to trickle down to the man in the street) will not allow this and I continue to search for His keys to finding ALL of my rest and strength in Him.  The promises are there and real and I believe that He is just waiting for me to see what is right in front of my nose and walk in the reality of His continuous, ongoing strength and rest.  I’m just not there yet. 
So…on THAT note…I WILL GO TO BED and get some physical rest!
ani b’derek
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  1. I’m only a few days older than J. So, happy birthday J.

  2. I sent your happy birthday wishes on to her, Larry! Thank you and God bless!

  3. Thank you for bridging, Deb

    The report of the accident tore my heart to pieces. It hurts hard when children suffer. Hard to make sense of it, but God…

    Joining with J in prayer. Praying for favour for that important appointment. Praying also for complete healing from the pain of depression.

    Praying that J will be satisfied with long life and good health as she celebrates her special day!


  4. Ann full of grace . . .you are so precious. Thank you for being here and for your faithfulness to pray like you do. He certainly blesses us with you. Forwarding you on to J, who will be uplifted and encouraged! love you!

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