“Now the Lord said to Ahijah, ‘Here is the wife of Jeroboam, coming to ask you something about her son, for he is sick.  Thus and thus you shall say to her, for it will be, when she comes in, that she will pretend to be another woman.‘”  1 Kings 14:5

“And so it was, when Ahijah heard the sound of her footsteps as she came through the door, he said, ‘Come in, wife of Jeroboam.  Why do you pretend to be another person?  For I have been sent to you with bad news.'”  1 Kings 14:6

No matter who we may pretend to be, Jesus knows the real us.

Thank You, Lord, for meeting us right where we are with the Good news of grace and salvation.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Good News

There’s no use pretending –
You see me as I am

filthy, sin ridden
still You did not stay Your hand

but reached out to me
in my deep and desperate need

knowing I was going to die
instead You died for me.


  1. I love your poem today Deb – reminds me of Galatians 2:20 …(Jesus) who loved me and gave Himself for me.

    I will be forever grateful for love that sees beyond where I am today and sacrifices, holding nothing back, that I might be all, and have all our Father intended for His children. The thought that He sees the ‘real’ me and still loves, challenges me in my fostering journey – haven’t been so good at seeing past ‘those’ behaviours to the real him this week. Might need to take a lesson from our Father and do a bit more reaching out!

    Bless you Deb and may you know Him reaching out to you today xx

  2. “There’s no use pretending –
    You see me as I am”

    Indeed, Debbie … Seeing as though the Lord sees us as we are in Him (redeemed, washed in the blood, cleansed, free), I pray for the day when the church will do the same. One of the reasons unbelievers are not impressed with us is because too many Christians wear masks, just as they do. How foolish. God bless you heaps.


  3. “…There’s no use pretending –
    You see me as I am…”

    One morning, when I was a part of a prayer group, I was really ticked off at God. He was continually messing with my life. I was so upset that I couldn’t focus on praying.

    So, I stood in the midst of the group and told God off. I thought the other prayer warriors were going to have heart attacks. Each moved away from me, expecting the Lord to smite me with lightning at any moment.

    When I finished with my rant, I began worshipping God. I was set free. His presence fell upon us like a heavy blanket.

    “There is no use pretending. You see me as I am.”

    Great words.

  4. So blessed are we that the God who knows our every secret still chose to die for us!

  5. I know I’ve wasted a lot of my life pretending.

    Knowing that Jesus knows every hidden thing is both comforting when I’ve stumbled and a little uncomfortable when my pride tries to insist I’m not so needful of His grace.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful, gentle reminder that God knows me as I am, and loves me anyway. I keep hearing Him say, “I love you, why don’t you?”.

  7. Dear Aimee . . .wow! I didn’t think about how that might look the other way around, us seeing others and knowing things about them, but loving them anyway. Thank you sooo much!
    God bless you as you respond to Him today, in thankfulness and love! Love and prayers for you and yours!

  8. Roger, I really like where you took this, how He sees us redeemed, washed in the blood, cleansed and free! 😀 Sometimes we get stuck in the past tense of who we were . . .and don’t walk in the realization of who we are now, in Him. Thank you!!!
    God bless you heaps too!

  9. Larry, I just love that! I remember a friend telling me that she gets mad at God instead of people, because He’s big enough to handle it. God bless you as you stay real before Him and us!

  10. Big, big blessings in that! God bless you, as He loves you today!

  11. Sweet Heather . . .I recognize both of those times of being comforted and then uncomfortable as I want to insist that I’m just fine. So thankful for the safety we have with Him and in Him. And that when I’m just pretending to be okay, He knows what to do.
    God bless you and yours today. He loves you hugely!

  12. Oh Ted, your comment really got me. It’s always so easy for me to tell others how much He loves them . . .but I forget to tell it to myself. What a friend we have in Jesus, what a Love that knows us and doesn’t turn away. God bless you and remind you often that you are really, truly, completely loved!

  13. That is beautiful poem. I am so glad to be reminded of the good news!


  14. Love you, wonderful woman of the Word! You are like a beautiful poem. 🙂 God bless you and the Good News you live out in your life each day!

  15. This is all So Good!! Courage to take off the masks–now that is freedom. No need to pretend with our Big God–He loves the real me, thank you, Father!

  16. Ah Sis Caddo Delight . . .what’s not to love about you? 😀 Rejoicing in His unconditional love with you and so thankful for you too! God bless you and keep you close to Him. love and prayers!

  17. Deb – I spent so many, many years pretending that I lost myself altogether. Thank God, I was never lost to Him. What joy that He didn’t die for me because He had to, but because He loves me that much. I don’t get it, but I’ve got it and I’m ever grateful.
    I love this poem. It speaks the beat of my heart. Thank you.

    I’m here and there with the internet right now, but I always know when it’s Thursday. (I pray for you other days, too, of course) 😀
    I don’t know why I’m praying for you on Thursdays, but I do and will.
    Love and grace to you, dearest Deb,

  18. Oh Gracious One . .. I loved that story of how you were never lost to Him. 🙂 It gives me goosebumps.
    And how blessed I am to have a traveling, hard working sister who prays for me, in the midst of it all. Okay, now we are going to have to add to your name, St. Gracious One. 🙂
    Sent you an email about the whole Thursday prayer thing. It’s because I’m a wimp, that’s why. haha!
    God bless you where ever He takes you, in His love!
    love and prayers!

  19. Wow! This is certainly heartfelt, my Deb…a sentiment I can definitely relate to. I love how you use what God has done for you, and flip it into something everything can relate to. Perfectly brilliant! Love you 🙂

  20. Your words were so true of me when my Saviour found me and called me to Himself.

    And know what? They are still true!

    I am still that “filthy, sin ridden” person! But praise God, my sins are covered by the blood of Christ, and when my Father looks at me, He sees only the righteousness of Christ with which He has clothed me.

    What an awesome Saviour!
    What an awesome Father God!

  21. My years without Him were so hard and I didn’t know why. But now it gives me an extra thankful heart for all He has done and continues to do!
    God bless you, our creative and beautiful Bee, who loves her Jesus dearly!
    love and hugs!

  22. God bless you, Mentor Angela! Your praise and worship of Him jumps out at me and makes me want to dance and sing. Loving that He has clothed us in Christ’s righteousness. I was waiting for a “what an awesome God!” You didn’t disappoint! love and prayers! 🙂

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