All The Earth Seeks Him

“And all the earth sought the presence of Solomon to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart.”  1 Kings 10:24

All the earth seeks the presence of God, though they may not realize it.

Lord, how we long to be in Your Presence and hear Your wisdom and truth this day.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Just Because

I want to stay in Your Presence
and never ever leave
just because You are You
and You are what I need.

No problem matters any more
all trouble has to flee
any fractures that have begun
are mended by Your Peace.


  1. Oh goody, I get to be first, SIS!! This is so lovely, and my fave part is “any fractures that have begun are mended by Your Peace”. Praying for His Peace for you and Aub today. And sending you bunches of loving hugs!

  2. Deb this is so what I needed! I am trying to finish a message on living in His presence for Sunday and it’s been hard work this time round! Reading your poem, I realised that I should just stop and worship because He is who I need and with time in His presence, my message will probably write / fix itself :)Now I will sleep in peace knowing how tomorrow must be ordered – bless you x

  3. Me too Debbie!

  4. “…No problem matters any more
    all trouble has to flee…”

    My whole Christian walk has been about seeking His presence because like you wrote, there are no problems in His presence. There is only peace.

  5. >> “You are what I need”
    So very true. We KNOW it is true, and yet so often we run around trying other ways instead of turning to Him and allowing Him to take control. How we must grieve Him, and yet He is always there, the very instant we call to Him.

    >> “No problem matters any more”
    Again so true. We still have problems. We won’t be free of them in this lifetime, but they don’t “matter” – they don’t get us down and under, because trouble “has to flee” from His presence, at His bidding.

    Deb the Lord has given you a great gift. Your ‘simple poems’ say so much in just a few words. Amazing. Thank you Debbie and thank You, Lord.

  6. Thank you, Dearest Delightful Deb

    “any fractures that have begun
    are mended by Your Peace.”

    I had such a rough day today … I felt all fractured and bruised. I NEEDED to hear this today. Sometimes in the midst of my frustration I try to fix things on my own instead of running right to Him.

    When I found your poem, the only thing I could think of was running to Him … the best way was through this song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

    Beautiful comments that speak my heart. I have to underscore what Angela said about the gift of your ‘simple’ poems. Thank you.

    Thanks for praying for my week. God knew I needed the covering long before I saw what I was up against.

    Blessings to you and yours, gifted one. I am blessed all the more because of your ministry.

    With gratitude,

  7. You have me smiling, Sis Caddo Delight! You are #1!
    Thank you for praying for us today. Those prayers are precious and answered. 🙂
    God bless you and wrap you up in His peace and presence!
    love and prayers that your Friday went great!

  8. Oh Aimee, loving how you just gave it all to Him, in trust and love. It IS amazing how being with Him does fix things and I pray that the message has indeed written itself. 🙂
    God bless you as you stay and make His presence your home!

  9. Yay! 🙂 God bless you Tammy, as you stay with Him today!

  10. I love how He does that . . .kind of like a super God teflon coating and those problems slide off us in His presence. ( Okay, maybe I’ve been cleaning too long today. ) 🙂
    God bless you, Larry, as you rest in His presence today!

  11. Thank you, Mentor Angela . . .you are a treasure! Anyone that’s walked with Him and stayed in His presence for 53 years, knows some things about their Lord. 🙂
    I love how you explained the problems, that they don’t disappear, but they don’t destroy us now . . .not when we’re with Him. He matters more.
    God bless you and the gift you are to us! love and prayers for you as you stay in His presence today!

  12. Well, now I’m going to cry. So sorry about the rough day and praying now for Him to mend and tenderly care for you as you go to Him. He’s so good at that.
    The song is so beautiful . . .now I know why it was the one for you to run to Him by. You always know just the right song to minister to us with.
    God bless you, beautiful Ann full of grace and song, as the peace of His presence heals you tonight! love you!

  13. Love the poem post! God’s presence is definitely what we all need!
    God Bless You!

  14. Oh I love this!! Laughing at the visual of “God teflon”!!! Yeah, you probably were cleaning too long–but isn’t it amazing what He brings while we’re busy with ordinary stuff!! Will tell you more on the flip side. Love to all here, Caddo

  15. This song is incredibly beautiful, and the voice–oh my! Thank you for sharing this, sister. I pray that God quickly binds up and mends your fractures and bruises–know that I am holding you in my heart tonight. God bless you–Caddo

  16. Deb Sis–thank you so much for giving us “church” here. I’m finding these moments of praise and worship music really complete my day. love you much, caddo sis

  17. Thank you for all the love you share here, Sis Caddo! love and prayers!

  18. God bless you, Lady Dei, and your new e-book! Sounds great!

  19. Reaching the “fracture point” is such a scary place to be. I could read and pray more and be “mended by His Peace.” He blessed Solomon with wisdom and I know He’ll help me, too.

    Thanks for reminding me to ask. Hugs… : )

  20. Praying that I get better at coming into His presence before I get so fractured. Love you! God bless you with the wisdom and peace you need for each day!

  21. Thank you, sisters

    I felt your prayers and support. Some days can be really challenging but I am blessed to know that He raises others up to pray my strength. The miles don’t matter to Him.


  22. Ann full of grace and song . . .I am so privileged and honored to pray for you and others that He puts on my heart. And oh to be prayed for . . .what a huge blessing and gift that has been for us too! I feel like I’m being carried through my days. 🙂
    God bless you and thank you for another beautiful song for our hearts! Love and prayers for another week coming up!

  23. Hi encouraging Debbie,

    The part of the poem that stood out to me, was the title, “Just Because.” When I read that portion of your post in my inbox, I literally did a double take. There was something very familiar about those words. Just because He is who He is, I long to be in His presence! Oh the peace and comfort in His presence! There is truly no other place like being in His presence! Thank you, for encouraging my heart, yet again! May the Lord continue to bless you richly, “just because.”


  24. Love you praising Paulette! God bless you as you soak in the healing warmth of His presence today, where nothing matters but Him . .. and you know how very much He loves you and loves being with you. 🙂

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