An Understanding Heart

“. . .I am a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in.” 1 Kings 3:7
“And your servant is in the midst of Your people whom You have chosen, a great people, too numerous to be numbered or counted.”  1 Kings 3:8
“Therefore give to your servant an understanding heart . . .”  1 Kings 3:9

What a blessing it is to be among His people.

Lord, please give me an understanding heart to know how to encourage others in You and to You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

We Ask

It’s a little overwhelming
this world in which we live
chock full of people
all with much to give
so as You call us to join in
and be a part
we ask for wisdom from Your word
and understanding hearts.



  1. Thanks, Deb

    “Lord, please give me an understanding heart to know how to encourage others in You and to You. ”

    Praying alongside you.

    Praying He will truly “move me with compassion for the lost” – Here’s Janet Paschal


  2. Hi encouraging Debbie,

    I often pray for wisdom, but not simply for the sake of being wise. I want to be wise in the things of the Lord, so that I may understand how to entreat God’s people, in a way which is pleasing unto Him! Thank you for sharing this word of wisdom today! God bless you!


  3. “…we ask for wisdom from Your word
    and understanding hearts.”

    We all need more wisdom and understanding, especially now in our lives. So, let us all say, “Amen.”

  4. This word to encourage others seems to be a recurring theme for me today Deb! Thanks for confirming it! 🙂

  5. Thank you, Debbie!

    It can be overwhelming to note all that could be done–and I get confused and distracted easily. It has become my prayer that God’s wisdom would direct me to the people and tasks He’s assigned to me today.

    May the Lord continue to bless your writing 🙂

  6. To be moved with compassion is a wonderful thing to pray, Ann full of Jesus grace, joy, song and compassion. 🙂 Asking to not grow cold and indifferent to all the needs around me, even if I do get overwhelmed now and then.
    God bless you and fill you with the wisdom you need for each day and the understanding of how to use it. Thank you for the song!!!

  7. “To be wise in the things of the Lord” and to understand how to entreat His people . . .well, it sounds like God already answered your prayer. 🙂 Learning that His wisdom is not exactly like the wisdom we learn in school. Different school, different Teacher. 🙂
    Thanks for bringing that point out!
    God bless you and your understanding heart!

  8. Okay . .. Amen! 🙂 Yes, Larry, especially now. More and more each day there is a need to walk wisely with understanding of the times and the people around us. What a privilege to be here, for such a time as this. God bless you and the understanding He has given you to do what He asks you to do.

  9. You are so welcome, Pastor J! God bless you as you encourage others, in a wise and understanding way. God loves your heart for people!

  10. Oh Heather, that is me too! I need His wisdom to direct me when I get overwhelmed by what I see. Praying to understand more and more so as not to waste the time He gives me. 🙂
    God bless you as He fills you with His understanding and love today!

  11. It truly is a blessing to be among God’s people. That’s why I love coming to your blog. This post blessed me so much.


  12. Amen..and not to just join in, but, to also be the “Salt” and “Light”…Bless You

  13. So thankful for you, wonderful woman of the Word, one of His blessings, one of His chosen and beloved! Praying for Him to shower you with the wisdom and understanding you need to walk in Him today. love you bunches!

  14. Oh, I like that seasoning addition. 🙂 Thank you! God bless you, Paul, and the Salt and Light you share through your work!
    p.s. love the sonsofthunder name.

  15. ‘Morning, Sis! My take-away from this is that I must pray and ask for His wisdom, even before I seek to encourage! (Not try to do it in my own strength–and then wonder why it doesn’t work out sometimes…) God bless your day with HIM and Aub angel!

  16. My take-away from this is that I must pray and ask for His wisdom, even before I seek to encourage! (Not try to do it in my own strength–and then wonder why it doesn’t work out sometimes…)

    This is such a great observation! Much appreciated on my part as I often find myself offering comfort or encouragement without first asking the Lord for direction on how best to do so.

  17. >> “we ask for wisdom from Your word and understanding hearts”

    Debbie, it is evident that this has been a prayer from your heart, as here on your blog you show so much wisdom and an understanding heart. God has blessed you abundantly and thus enabled you to bless me (and others) time and time again. Thank you for being available to Him.

    Truly an amazing God!

  18. I agree with Heather . . .this IS a great observation, Sis Caddo Delight! 🙂 And is such a blessing for me right now, as I have someone to encourage and I’m not sure how! Thank you, Sis! God bless you and the sweet wisdom and understanding He gives you for others! love and prayers for your day!

  19. Mentor Angela . .. your words really encouraged me. I’m crying a little, but encouraged. 🙂 What an amazing God that He does such things through us . .. that He blesses us to be a blessing, as Aimee puts it. God bless you and how He has you share His wisdom with us. I always, always learn from you and am strengthened!

  20. Thank you, Debbie, for a prayer and poem that I really relate to. Clearly, hiding from the world is not any way to serve God and spread His word. Maybe tomorrow I’ll “go out among the people too great to be numbered.” Shame on me if I hibernate on this couch! : )

  21. Does blogging count for going out among the people? I hope so!! That way you can stay put and still serve Him and spread His word. Love from one who doesn’t get out much either. 🙂

  22. I have to chime in with a hearty AMEN to this–not everybody can get out and about to do HIS work. That’s why He created the Internet–not for all the useless and offensive things that pop up unexpectedly! Love to you all–God bless everyone here abundantly.

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