Inside Israel – 15 Jan. 2012 from Jerusalem

Hi and welcome to our Sunday look inside Israel. Today J of Jerusalem shares about her “birthday”,  transportation, and more! God bless you and thank you for your prayers for Israel  and for our sister J!  Now here’s J . . .

The 15th of January is the date that I look forward to more then any other day of the year.  Perhaps it is selfish…but it is my true Birthday…the day of my second birth…birth into Yeshua…birth from the flesh to The Spirit…birth from death into life.  For me today is an alter to the event that began me on this path 37 years ago tonight when The Lord, Whom I didn’t believe in, (although I had NEVER heard His claims…nor the ‘story’, the offer of His Life) stepped into my life which I was about to end by my own hand, and laid claim to me…may I never cease to praise His Holy Name!  THANK YOU LORD!!
So…I’m celebrating this day, most special to me, by writing to you…which is an answer to prayer.  The prayer that I have been praying for the past 3-4 weeks as I was laying these letters out before Him and seeking to know if I were to continue writing them…if they were glorifying HIM Alone…if they were really His will for me to write.  I put them on the alter as He seemed to me to be restraining my hand from writing and examining my motives for writing them.  I believe that He is releasing me to continue writing and I am happy to begin again with this ‘birthday’ letter.
Although the specter of Iran and events in our region hang like a heavy cloud above us, this is NOT the main subject of conversation in Jerusalem right now.  It is the weather…and the public transportation belegan!  The weather is COLD and wet.  The wet is wonderful (although we need it to continue manifold!) but the COLD… is a problem.  Those of you who know where I come from might wonder why it would be any problem for me, or for my family.  Well…where we come from we had warm houses, wonderful wood fires, suitable clothing of fur and skin and down.  Here, the stone houses are quick to retain the cold.  We are not alone in living in an older building with inadequate heat.  We receive central heating from about 3pm until 9 or 10pm, but my morning it is FREEZING in the apartment.  Brrrr!  My boss told me that when he was in the army he asked a friend from Siberia, why in the world the cold bothered him of all people.  He answered ‘Siberia is cold…but nothing like this!’  We agree!  So…the ‘cold’ is the first topic of conversation! ‘Cold!’  comes the comment.  ‘Cold!’ comes the answer.  So we greet one another.
But it isn’t long before we launch into topic number 2…yep…transportation!
It is almost poetic justice that the ‘new system’ was officially cast upon us in total on Friday the 13th.  I will reprint an article below from an English speaking local web site.  English tries to make things user friendly.  If you think that THIS is ‘strange’, you should see the directions in HEBREW!  Have a taste of this with me…pay attention and do try to follow along:
There are significant changes to bus service in Jerusalem effective Friday, January 13, 2012. Click here  to see maps showing the new service pattern.
Jerusalem Bus Map Version 5.0 has been RERELEASED in light of changes to Routes 28 and 39 at Shaare Tzedek Hospital that were not included on the first release
Changed routes: 5, 9A, 12, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21/21A, 23, 24A, 27/27A, 28/28A, 33, 39/39A, 50, 104, 150

Discontinued routes: 24 (see route 14 for replacement service), 26/26A (see routes 9A, 20, 21, new route 24, 24A, new route 26, 27, 27A, 33, new route 69, and the light rail for replacement service)

New routes: 13A, 24, 26, 69 (NOTE: The new 24 and 26 are entirely new routes and have no relation to the routes previously using those numbers)

In addition, the following routes have new numbers, but the routes themselves are not changing:
29 >>>> 54
40 >>>> 36

49A >>> 59 
Ok…did you get that??  OFCOURSE…it turned out that these were only PARTIAL changes.  (please note: I highlighted in yellow the most humorous changes:  there were 5 lines –not just the 3 posted- that did NOT change route…but…just so that no one felt ‘left out’ of the belegan…their NUMBERS were changed, just to confuse you a bit more!  This is really quite a sight!  We all have little, cryptic booklets that were handed out for us to study the changes.  Also…there are maps and signs at every bus stop.  UNFORTUNATELY… none of us can really understand how in the world to apply it all to ‘real life’, so there are confused mobs of people gathered everywhere.  When it gets really bad, we just find a kiosk, sit down and have a cup of coffee until we gather the strength to confront it all again.  There are many creative activities springing up.  On Friday morning I noted that a mentally retarded young woman whom I know from my bus stop, was collecting all of the booklets that people had thrown down.  Today as I stood with her trying to answer the questions of another woman who was completely lost trying to find her way to work, this girl reached in her bag and said ‘Would you like a map booklet?’  She was so pleased to be helpful.  It was really quite resourceful.
But has the lite rail ‘helped’ the situation, you might ask.  Well…let’s see.  One man at work told me that he used to take bus 27 to the hospital.  He now needs to take a bus to the train and then the train to bus 27.  That means instead of waiting for 1 bus he waits for 2 buses and 1 train.  Hum…PLEASE PLEASE do NOT share any of this information with our enemies.  All I can say is thank GOD we are not existing by our own wits, but by the strength and mercy of The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  Perhaps this whole mess is to help drive us to Him!
Doubtless this is a small thing in the total picture, but in the daily life of Jerusalemites it has proven an exhausting turn of events…including mine.  I have good stories to share, but for tonight I felt to share with you the overview.
Next week the yearly ifi (Intercessors for Israel) prayer conference begins.  This is the one conference that I participate in yearly (as I also attend the Friday morning meetings).  I am usually only able to attend a couple of the conference meetings but this is always so encouraging to me as it is truly a “prayer” conference where we spend much time in prayer and I am greatly encouraged praying with sisters and brothers from around the world.
It is very late now and I must go to bed, but I would like to ask for prayer for our son in law who has been waiting for 5 years for his citizenship.  Tomorrow he has a meeting with the ministry of interior to begin the final stage of his application.  I am asking for prayer that there be no hang-ups or delays and that he is given real and evident FAVOR and a speedy judgment with full citizenship.  Thank you!
I know that this letter is a very awkward one, but it is written with exuberance and love…mostly love toward Him Who calls us, confirms us, equips us, walks with us, conforms us to His Image for His glory, may HE ALONE BE GLORIFED!  And may we be His faithful witnesses.  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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  1. Oy vey! The bus routes are funny, but still a great glimpse into Jerusalem. Thanks.

  2. I’ll let J know, Larry, I giggled over her “please don’t tell our enemies” line. 🙂 God bless you and your heart for Him!

  3. Thanks for bridging, Deb

    I got confused just reading about them! lol.

    Praying for Ministry favour tomorrow.


  4. I got confused reading about them too, Ann! I don’t know what I’d do . . .get a bike? haha!
    God bless you and thank you for praying!

  5. happy birthday to you! also 37 years for me since recommitting my life in service to the King of kings.
    prayers go up for you all and the citizenship papers for your son-in-law.

  6. Thank you sweet faith-filled fisherlady! Sent your comment on to J! She will be so blessed! God bless you and your wonderful life dedicated to Him!

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