Inside Israel – of trains and bombs Aug. 20, 2011

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by for a look inside Israel today. I haven’t heard from J of  Jerusalem for a few weeks, so would appreciate your prayers joined with mine, for her health and welfare and for that of her family too.  And thank you always for praying for the peace of Jerusalem and for Israel.  Here is an earlier letter from her that didn’t get posted at the time.  God bless you and yours today! Now, here’s J . . .

The juxtaposition of news events here always gives me a bit of a humorous pause… No matter how dramatically BAD events around us seem to be…no matter HOW hopeless…SOMETHING always seems to pop up for a bit of ‘lightness’, even ‘comic relief- so… with the latest terror attack followed by eight funerals, we still read: 

Light rail finally rolls in Jerusalem

Published: 08.19.11, 14:39 / Israel News
The Jerusalem municipality says a long-awaited light rail system is beginning operation after years of delays, inconvenient archaeological finds and political haggling.
The train took its first passengers early Friday. The project has been a decade and an estimated $1.4 billion in the making. (AP)
And so…as events heat up dramatically in the south and all around us…as we are burying our dead from yesterday’s attacks and responding to today’s…the traffic on our main Tel Aviv Jerusalem Hwy…Highway ONE…was blocked.  My daughter called me while I was at work this morning.  They were driving in to check up on and visit her Dad following his procedure yesterday.  “Mom…the highway is closed.  There is no entrance to Jerusalem…do you have the number for information?”  Uh oh.  I had been hearing helicopters and planes over head all day… also I knew that there were two funerals going on at the Mt. Hertzl military cemetery of young people killed yesterday… I was making a mental note of all that could have cause the closure of the main artery.  ‘Probably checking for terrorists.’  I thought.  “It’s stopped because of the ‘lite rail’.” she informed me, before I could speculate.  “WHY would THAT stop it?”  Couldn’t be right!  After all…our HUGE controversial EXPENSIVE ‘overpass’ was built so that the train would pass ABOVE the traffic entering the city.  I reminded her of that fact, but she told me, none the less…that is what the radio said…road would be closed for an hour…probably a ‘ceremony’!  (You can NOT imagine how crowded this area is on Friday!)  So, our new, improved, transportation system prevented them from coming to visit.
I, however, was on one of the first runs!  Having spent all day Thursday at the hospital (from 7:30 am – 9:30 pm!) I did not make it up for ifi prayer meeting this week, so I missed the ‘maiden voyage’ of the train at 5:30, giving preference to a bit more rest.  I felt like a traitor passing my bus stop and crossing the street to the train stop, newly scrubbed of the graffiti and decked with instructive signs to await the first train.  Happy young people were putting on tee shirts with the symbol of the train as they began their new job of patiently instructing the public how to use the lite rail.  I received a little booklet and a calendar (our new year is again approaching) and I noted that one plus is not having to climb up to board the train as it is even with the platform.  It was nice and clean inside (ofcourse…it is brand new) and everyone was smiling.  It is ‘free’ for the time being as they haven’t been able to get the little machines that check the ‘smart card’ to work properly.  (a DEFINITE plus!)  I noted another ‘plus’; the ride was ‘smooth’.  We weren’t being bounced around like bowling balls!  With two or three plus marks on its side, I got off at the shuk and made my way to my bus (a minus…now instead of ONE bus to my work, I will soon need a train AND a bus as the buses along the train route are to be closed down) On my bus, people were grumbling ‘the TRAIN is running!  Do you think it will improve the traffic?  We’ll have to wait and see…just like we have been waiting…’ Everyone agreed…‘Just like we wait for Messiah…’  Messiah!  Everyone nods and looks wistful.  Perhaps you remember the song, popular a few years back that I used to hear on the bus…’for two thousand years we have been waiting for You…Messiah’  That brings to mind another minus…no radio on the train.  Another bridge to cross…How to TELL themso that they hear ‘MESSIAH HAS COME AND IS HERE AND WILL COME AGAIN!’… 
So, as the lite rail appears, once again so does terror and blood and war and retaliation…The report on the 6:30 news this morning said that 17 bombs, rockets and mortars had landed in Israel overnight with several more injured, but, since then I see on the news that they are falling now at a rate of several an hour.  We retaliate.  Accusations fly.  Egypt re-called their ambassador today; an ominous sign.  The count down to the Palestinians declaration at the u.n. of a Palestinian state within Israel with Jerusalem as its capitol is ticking toward the stated date of 20 Sept… and the ‘economic uprising’ is declaring a silent vigil tonight…NOT for the economic conditions, but for those who lost their loved ones in the attack in Eilat.  This week the American ex Fox news reporter, Glenn Beck, a Mormon but apparently with a rather deep understanding of scripture I have been told, and also apparently a sincere heart to stand with and strengthen Israel, is holding much publicized meetings here this coming week.  Please pray for him to be a blessing to Israel and perhaps have the wisdom to stay clear of getting into political and social debates as a few uninformed words misplaced can do a great deal of harm.  More then half of the Israeli population is conservative, but our economics and daily situation here is very different then in America, so if he sticks to strengthening Israel in her calling, he could do much good.   
And so, in the midst, I rejoice in Him on this day of rest.  Shalom.  Shabat shalom…the peace of the shabat…the appointed day of stopping, resting in Him…listening and hearing.  How very good He is!  I miss you all and send my love, your sis
ani b’derek
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  1. Thanks, Deb

    Joining you in prayer…


  2. Thank you so much, sweet Ann full of Jesus grace! and prayer! 🙂

  3. joining in prayer… my bosom buddy is off to the Holy land in March for a tour… her heart is constantly in prayer with mine for the peace of Jerusalem…

  4. Thank you so much and God bless you for those prayers, and the heart behind them, faith-filled fisher lady!

  5. Love these reports from Jerusalem! Am joining is prayer!

  6. Pastor J . . .thank you! We never run out of things to pray about, do we. Must be why Paul said to pray without ceasing. 🙂 God bless you and your prayers to the Most High God.

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