My Bone and My Flesh

“You are my brethren, you are my bone and my flesh.  Why then are you the last to bring back the king?”  2 Samuel 19:12

David found himself a king without a home.

Thank You, Lord, for wearing flesh and bone, for being a king that walks among us.  And here is a simple poem . . .

A King For Us

Of our flesh
and of our bone
this King came down
from His throne
appealing to
the common man
to desire His Lordship
over them.

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  1. Of our flesh
    and of our bone
    this King came down
    from His throne
    offering His blood to
    the common man
    to reconcile with Heaven

  2. Thank you Z for the poem fix / update / alternate ending! 🙂 God bless you and His Lordship over you!

  3. “to desire His Lordship” – that is one weighty phrase, the difference between submission and resignation in our commitment to walk with Him. What a joy life is when we can tell them apart!

  4. Thank you, Deb

    “Thank You, Lord, for wearing flesh and bone, for being a king that walks among us.”

    He made us … He could have ‘compelled’ us… yet He gave us the gift of choice. I choose His Lordship today and always. Praying we will never take this Sacrifice lightly.


  5. Nice, Debbie 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  6. I agree with planaquarium. Christ’s Lordship is a weighty consideration, indeed.

    Your post today caused me to think of: Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

    It is so amazing that our Lord Jesus and His Bride were painted into the shadow-picture for us right from the beginning!

  7. “…appealing to
    the common man
    to desire His Lordship
    over them.”

    Zzzisle’ alternate ending is a worthy one, but one of the most amazing characteristics of our King is that He does not force His lordship on us individuals. He appeals (makes a request) to each of us individually that we would desire Him and His ways so much that we would say, “Yes, Lord.”

  8. Thank you so much planaquarium, for seeing that. Sometimes I write and then you dear people reveal. 🙂 Oh the joy of desiring Him! God bless you and your life with Him, pure and true.

  9. Ann full of Jesus grace, joy and song . . .His Lordship shows in you and He appeals to others through you. It’s a beautiful thing! 🙂 God bless you and your praise and worship of Him today and all the ways you honor Him. love and prayers!

  10. Thanks, sweet Eden! God bless you and your day with Him!

  11. I can rest in your words today because I’ve already made that choice. Amen.

  12. I am smiling at this moment. My heart is very full and pleased to be in the midst. I wish I could explain better.

  13. Heather .. .thank you for showing us that! 🙂 I’m so blessed and excited by the way it all fits and flows together. God bless you and all the ways you see Him today . . .and show Him to others!

  14. Thank you so much Larry . . .for being here and for understanding in ways that I can’t always explain. When I used that word “appeal” . . .I wondered about it. You’ve shared why it was okay to use. You bless and minister to me. God bless you, friend, as you say “Yes” to Him today.

  15. I’m so glad that you did, lovely Linda! 🙂 And glad that I did too. Praying for each of our loved ones to desire Him too. God bless you and strengthen you today!

  16. Love you, wonderful woman of the Word. I think your comment says a lot. . .a lot. God bless you and your full heart!

  17. Debbie, thank you for this. for some reason, the takeaway for me in this was when you wrote that David was king and he had no home…and how I feel like I have no real home on this earth but my home…spiritually and emotionally…is found in His love for me and somehow, when I am aware of that, I am as ‘home’ as I ever will be on this earth, wherever I am. There may not be an overstuffed armchair there, but He is there. Thank you, Deb, for this tangent of an encouragement!

  18. Hi encouraging Debbie,

    How unworthy I am, that God would robe Himself in flesh and bone, in order to suffer for me in the flesh! My God, how great thou Art! Thank you Debbie!


  19. A King For Us — Aching For Us 🙂

  20. Hi!
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Your blog is a blessing and deserves the award. please click on my link in order to accept the nomination. 🙂

  21. Excellent word of insight, friend! I spent years in “resignation”, during what little bowing I did to His Lordship–now that I understand about LOVE, and the connection to submission, things are different. (Not perfect, but a definite improvement over the past!)

  22. This is a wonderful comment–I, too, know the dissatisfaction of “homelessness” in the world, but am “cozy” whenever I practice the presence of HIS LOVE. God bless all of you here–thank you, Sis Deb for serving us so hospitably! Love, CV

  23. Love that, sis Caddo Delight! Love makes all the difference! God bless you and thank you for helping here!

  24. Angel A! I’ve been thinking of you! And that makes perfect sense to me that that would stand out to you. It reminds me of Jesus saying He too, didn’t have a home here. It blesses me that you live in His presence, that that is your home, as difficult as this earth living is, He’s your overstuffed armchair. love you, Angel A, and God bless you and your love for Him and His for you.

  25. “How great Thou Art” . . .thank you, praising Paulette, for leaving such a worshipful comment. God bless you and be with you in amazing ways today. love and prayers!

  26. Sweet spoon! I’m crying just because. love you and your Jesus loves you BIG! And aches for you too.

  27. Thank you so much, beautiful festivalking, for thinking of me! God bless versatile wonderful you!

  28. Thank you, Caddo Delight, for making it more homey here, with your big heart and love. 🙂 God bless you, sweet one!

  29. “…appealing to the common man…”
    I am blown away by this poem, my darling deb! To think of the Almighty Lord God appealing to us to “desire His Lordship”, rather than using His Might to knock us over the head (as did “kings” of medieval times)…makes me want to get on my knees and thank the Lord Jesus for your incredible insight.
    You have a wonderful gift, my sister…just wonderful 🙂
    love your bee!

  30. It is still fresh and amazing to me, as I read His Word, that He would come to us, in ways we would recognize and relate to, in ways we would say YES LORD, to. God bless you, our beautiful Bee, and your heart of thanks and praise to Him! love you!

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