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Hi and thank you for coming by today for a peek inside Israel. “J” of Jerusalem is a Jewish believer who made aliyah to Israel 17 years ago. She beautiful shares about what she sees there in e-mails and lets me post them here. Nice, huh?  🙂  Today’s letter is short and is dated from August 25th, 2011. Thank you for praying for Israel and J. Your prayers are so coveted. Now here’s J . . .

You know, it’s so nice to smile!  That’s what I’m doing this morning INSPITE of the fact that more then 20 rockets fell overnight in our south and we are responding again and things are escalating quickly. 
INSPITE of that…it was just FUN to read both the Jerusalem Post and Ynet on line just now and find WONDERFUL, GLOWING words in print concerning Glenn Beck’s visit to Israel!  I asked you to pray (and know that millions of US Christians were praying) because the VERY few reports here concerning the (then) upcoming tour were so negative and dismissive.  Only Christians here seemed to know about it or be interested.  His one major ‘foot-in-mouth’ error of judgment was WIDELY broadcast, and I had my doubts as to how this would encourage the nation. 
This morning, even though the main headlines continue to be the acute and painful situation in the South, there are GLOWING reports in our traditionally left media!  There apparently WAS a true anointing and the nation was encouraged and touched.  Sadly, although it is reported that people in 80 countries could watch him on tv from here, it wasn’t available on our tv.  Reports today say that it was shown on large screen closed circuit tv set up at city hall (God bless our mayor!) but I had my Grandchildren, and with the terror alert high, I couldn’t bring them, so I am left with quotes and reports, but just the joy of knowing that INSPITE of such opposition God was faithful to bring such an encouraging message to such a discouraged nation people of His.  INTERESTINGLY … I understand that the earthquake in Wash DC damaged many monuments…symbols of the nation… and that a massive hurricane is also on track to hit.  I am so thankful that He calls us to stand in the gap for our nations and that He has found those willing to pay the price.  May we also stand in prayer for one another to strengthen each other’s hands to stay faithfully in the gap, to glorify God and to finish the work.  God bless you, your sis in Jerusalem
ani b’derek



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  1. May we also stand in prayer for one another to strengthen each other’s hands to stay faithfully in the gap, to glorify God and to finish the work. …

    Amen… praying with you

  2. Thank you for praying, faith-filled fisherlady! God bless you and strengthen you today!

  3. Thank you, J., for your commitment to our faith. I am always stunned by the conditions and violence there. Prayers to you and your grandchildren…

  4. I forwarded your comment on to J, so you could bless her like you do me. 🙂 Thank you, lovely Linda, and God bless you and your faith tonight.

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