Purposed To Defeat

“So Absalom and all the men of Israel said, ‘The counsel of Hushai the Archite is better than the counsel of Ahithophel’.  For the Lord had purposed to defeat the good counsel of Ahithophel, to the intent that the Lord might bring disaster on Absalom.”  2 Samuel 17:14

Have you ever known someone was making plans that would affect you in a bad way?

Lord, we thank You for having the final say about what happens to us.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

When I Consider

Plans are made every day
and all of them aren’t good

like when we tried to kill You
as if we ever could

and I can worry about
what is being done

or consider the resurrection
glory of the Son.


  1. Wow Debs I experienced this recently wherein someone was planning to harm my entire family and we did not even know it. We found out a month later and just ended being in awe of God’s protection in the midst of unknown dangers. His Word is so true and your poem so simple and beautiful. Have I told you this before – I love your style! God bless

  2. It is cool that even what others mean for evil God works for GOOD!

  3. Thanks, Deb!!

    “Lord, we thank You for having the final say about what happens to us.”

    I cannot begin to tell you how much He has been speaking directly to me through your blog these last few days. Hallowed be His name!

    Thank you so much, Dearest Delightful Deb. Let’s keep praying for each other.


  4. We certainly could use some men like Hushai in America today.

  5. and I can worry about
    what is being done

    or consider the resurrection
    glory of the Son.

    Amen to that!

    This little poem perfectly encapsulates the lesson in Trust which the Lord has been teaching me over the past few years.

  6. A soothing meditation. Thanks!

  7. I missed your ‘simple poems’!!!

    Deb, while it is true that we will encounter all sorts of trouble and opposition (Jesus Himself said that in this world we WILL have tribulation) it is also true that God is in control and that HE will use the opposition for our good. He undertakes for us in all circumstances when we maintain our focus on Him.

    You have put this truth very simply. Thank you!

  8. Hi Sis, another wonderful reminder that our God is sovereign–the gates of hell will NOT prevail against us, as the Victory is already won in our Lord Jesus. And yes, we have a choice about where we direct our focus–on the flawed, failed, imperfect world we live in, Or the the Everlasting Perfection with Him awaiting us in Glory. It is not so long now–we will not give up.

    Much love to you and all the sisters and brothers who come here for the rich fellowship–God bless you all today! Love, Caddo

  9. Deb, for those glimpses the Lord continually gives you that you faithfully mine from those deep caverns of His glory…that you so generously and meekly share…I am so grateful.

    Thank you for posting this.


  10. Ritas . . .I love your testimonies. He just keeps on being faithful in your life and you just keep on proclaiming His praise. It makes me so joyful! I went through a time when lots of plans were being made. They weren’t good. I was so overwhelmed. Looking back now, I just cry at how He handled it all. Now, when those plans start up, I can remember the other times, how He protected me, and know that He is protecting me still.
    God bless you and your family and hug you for me today!
    p.s. I have style??? teehee! 😀

  11. Oh yes He does, doesn’t He. I just love Him. God bless you, Pastor J, as He works good in your life today!

  12. What a privilege to pray for each other . . .thank you so much for that, Ann full of Jesus grace, joy and song!
    And my how you encourage me. I’m trying to do these little posts, but don’t pour over them, you know? They sound too simple to me, too repetitive, too obvious. Everyone is just so kind . . .I know you don’t mind. And then you tell me that God is speaking to you through them, and I’m crying. I just forget that He can use whatever He wants to, whenever He wants to, however He wants to.
    God bless you as He keeps His hand upon you today!

  13. He got the job done, didn’t he. 🙂 God bless you, Larry. We need men like you too!

  14. That trust thing, Heather . . .it’s one I need to keep learning too! So thankful that we have a God who is soooo trustworthy!
    God bless you as you lean on Him today!

  15. God bless you and cover you today, poet friend Mosk!

  16. God bless you, mentor Angela! You blessed me with that statement of maintaining our focus on Him. YES! That is when I stumble and become fearful . . .when I lose my focus on Him. Thank you so much, for being here, for encouraging us and leading us on closer to Jesus, our amazing God!

  17. Sweet sis Caddo Delight . . .what strength and lifting up I received from your comment! No we will not give up, no matter what is planned against us. He is able to make us stand and even carry us. God bless you, sis, and thank you for being such a great part of the fellowship here. You make my heart happy!

  18. Theresa, our wonderful woman of the Word . . .your comment was just the kindest and most generous thing ever! I’m so grateful for YOU! And thankful that our Jesus is watching over you, knowing what you need and what is up ahead. You ARE a wonderful woman of God!
    love and prayers!

  19. Pray for your enemies. God is so good that He gives me peace even during unjustified attacks. Sounds like we’ve all been there…

  20. Oh wow . . .lovely Linda. Pray for your enemies is a great way to handle it when plans are being made. I look back and am shaky, but at the time of the attack, there is a peace, isn’t there? another wow from me. You just delivered a 2 wow comment. 🙂
    God bless you and wow you with all He is doing right now!

  21. I read an article today in our local paper about the end of the world – as I read it struck me how awful it must be to ponder such things without knowing the truth, the resurrection glory of the Son! Such a perfect post to end my day on Deb – we cannot know or understand everything that unfolds around us but we can look to Him. Bless you xx

  22. Thank you so much, sweet Aimee, for what you shared! There are all sorts of plans in the works that the enemy is scheming. To ponder those without knowing the Truth would cause so much fear and worry. Praying that it also causes many to come to Jesus and know that He has a plan that will over rule all other plans.
    God bless you and all your days as you look to Him and His good for you!

  23. I have plans to prosper you and not to hurt you…
    Praise God He knows our frame… that we are but man… and that He is indeed God!

    love your poem…I will also consider the resurrection
    ‘glory’ of the Son.

  24. I love His plans for us, that He made that plain. What a comfort and a peace it brings us! I love your poems too, sweet faith-filled fisherlady! God bless you and all that He is doing in your life!

  25. Hi Debbie,

    I’m so glad that God has other plans for us, when others would plan to harm us. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 Thanks Debbie!


  26. I’m so glad for that too, praising Paulette . . .and want to remember that even when other plans are being made for me. 🙂 His plans trump the others! God bless you, sweet woman of worship and praise! love and prayers for all His good plans for you!

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