Ordered Ordeals

“Let him alone, and let him curse; for so the Lord has ordered him.” 2 Samuel 16:11

David knew what he was going through was from God’s hand, as Nathan the prophet had foretold it.

Lord, thank You for reminding me often of the importance of listening to You, so I’m not surprised by what happens next.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

What You Said

I long to hear
Your voice

then after a bit
I forget

so may Your Holy Spirit
please remind me

when I’m in
the midst of it.


  1. It is wonderful when we truly know God’s Spirit bearing witness with our spirits that we are the children of God… as His kids we surely can trust Him!

  2. Hello encouraging Debbie,

    I believe God wants His people to have an ear to hear what He is saying unto the body of Christ! There is a word from the Lord! I was taken aback when I read your post. Just a while before you posted this message, I posted a message pertaining to listening to the still small voice of the Lord. I thank God for the confirmation that came through your message. May the Lord bless you, and keep you in His loving care!

    Love and prayers,


  3. Its really a great thing to listen to Lord and hear him whenever he has something to say for you. I know this story of David already, but you’ve put it in such a beautiful way which is so inspirational and so convincing.

  4. Dearest Deb – For me it’s a bit like the difference between going to the grocery when I’m hungry and when I’m full. I shop better full. I listen better, filled. ;D
    It’s in the midst of it that I want to learn to listen more to His voice than to my racing thoughts,
    Thank you, sweet friend.

  5. that is why we need to hear and hear and hear the word again and again and again.

  6. He certainly speaks through silence….though we often must first “be still and know” to hear. How beautiful a sound when we do! Thank you for this today.

  7. So true Deb! I often revel in the revelation for a brief time. Then I forget what God has said and have to relearn the lesson all over again. Oh for a spiritual memory to hold onto the truths of God!

  8. “Let him alone, and let him curse; for so the Lord has ordered him.” 2 Samuel 16:11

    The man – Shimei – who cursed David as the king was retreating from Jerusalem (2 Samuel 16) changed his tune when King David returned to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 19). Shimei begged for his life and David granted him mercy.

    In 1 Kings 2, David on his death bed asked Solomon to execute Shimei, which Solomon eventually did later in the chapter.

    Although it may take a while, it’s never good to touch the Lord’s anointed.

  9. Debbie, a good reminder. I do hear from God – and then I forget. I even write – and then I forget. To remember Him always – to rememberto see how he sees. I heart it here – I’m always reminded of Him when I read you. Thank you Debbie. God bless you my friend – still mulling over your e-mail.

  10. Oh, the sweet, still voice of God is there, if only we pause to listen. Thanks for reminding us, my darlin’ deb 🙂

  11. Thanks for the gentle reminder – often I ask for God to remind me to seek Him, as I know He never walks away, but rather I walk from Him.

  12. “In the midst of it”–that’s a key line. And good comments here. Bless you all!

  13. Thank you, Dearest Delightful Deb

    “Lord, thank You for reminding me often of the importance of listening to You, so I’m not surprised by what happens next.”
    Internalizing this … I can tell from the comments that I am not the only one either.

    I always hear … I don’t always listen …

    I’m learning to listen to what I don’t want to hear.


  14. It is sad how easy it is to forget. Have a lovely day Debbie!

  15. Yes, sweet faith filled fisherlady . . .surely we can trust Him! Oh to keep that simple childlike trust and faith. God bless you, child of the King! 🙂

  16. Praising Him Paulette . . .I’m behind but can’t wait to read your post. I love it when that happens! 🙂 “There is a word from the Lord.” . . .I love that too! I want us to be ready for what’s coming next, even if it’s sobering. And Paulette, thank you for encouraging me to be an encourager. 🙂
    God bless you, our blog worship leader! We need you!
    love and prayers for His voice and presence to be ever clear and near to you.

  17. God bless you, Elvirah, as you listen to Him today! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  18. Oh I love that analogy, dearest Debbie! 🙂 Wouldn’t you know, I’d relate to groceries. This makes sense to me though, and explains how sometimes an answer or a word comes to me when I’m just going about my day, not seeking it especially.
    God bless you, gracious one, especially in the midst of it.
    love and prayers!

  19. Z, thank you for that comment! What a great way to put it and so true! God bless you as you hear Him again and again and again!

  20. You have such a gentleness to you that I can just tell you hear quite well in His silences. God bless you, planaquarium, as His voice sounds sweet in your life today!

  21. Pastor J . . .thank you so much for your comment. Because that is me, so excited about the revelation, but before I know it, its like it never happened. Now I know what to ask for . . .a spiritual memory! 🙂 God bless you as you hold onto the truths He’s given you today.

  22. Larry, I thought maybe you’d talk about this, and I’m so glad you did! Thank you! I had wondered exactly what to take away from the fact that David twice told someone to leave Shimei alone . . .then told Solomon to execute him. He showed great restraint, . .maybe because he was greatly anointed.
    God bless you and the insights He gives you each day.

  23. Craig . . .I do that all the time. Write stuff and then forget what I write! So thankful that He writes on our hearts. 🙂 God bless you and your heart for Him, that always keeps asking and hearing.
    And mull away. . .then hand it over. 😉

  24. Our beautiful Bee! I get so excited when i see you here. Hoping its that you felt up to it and not that you pushed yourself too much. But I will trust that you come to blog land when He tells you, knowing your ears and heart for Him are wide open. God bless you, Queen Bee, as He whispers He loves you today.
    love and prayers!

  25. Mosk . . .thank you for your comment. It stopped me because I don’t know that I ask Him to remind me to seek Him. But I will now! God bless you, poet friend, as you walk with Him.

  26. Yes, sis Caddo Delight, I agree. Because I will forget . . .I know me. And I love all the comments. What a blessing to have everyone help me learn and grow. In fact, this reminds me of a vision that He gave me years ago . . .maybe 9 years or so. It was of a blue raft under water, sinking. Then it filled with air and came back to the surface and floated. He told me that was me and that I would need to fill myself with His word in order not to sink during this time in my life. 🙂 And that has been so true!
    God bless you in the midst, sweet one. love and prayers for you to feel better soon.

  27. Now you have me internalizing about hearing . . .and listening. Thank you Ann full of grace, joy and song for helping me with this! I want to listen to what I don’t want to hear too . . .I need to.
    God bless you as you keep listening to His voice. I so appreciate you being here.

  28. I’m really bad about forgetting. It’s scary! But thankful I have all these wonderful blog friends and blogs to read and remind me! God bless you and all the things He is going to share with you, dear Eden! I’m excited for you!

  29. Oooo, a vision–do you have them often? That one of the raft is really great. Praying that those who visit here continue to bless you, and one another. It’s been heavenly for me!! Yes–feeling better, thank you Lord! And my wonderful sisters, like sweet Deb! See you tomorrow–bunches of hugs, Caddo Delight

  30. No sweet sis, I don’t have visions often. . .not often enough! Hope to get to your blog yet. I got behind today . . .ooohhhnoooo. haha! So glad you are feeling better! Thank you, Jesus!

  31. Sadly, there is so much truth in your words here.

    It should be inconceivable that we would ever ‘forget’ or fail to turn to our only Source of help, or spend time with Him, or seek His will, or . . .

    However, we all do it. How it must grieve the heart of God when we fail to turn to Him!

  32. Thank you, mentor Angela . . .it is sad and I hate the thought of grieving Him. So glad that He forgives us and understands us and knows our hearts. And then reminds us of what He’s said.
    God bless you and all that He speaks to you today!

  33. “… remind me when I’m in the midst of it.”

    I confess it alot when my faith isn’t strong enough to see God’s love as life unfolds. Like today. Ha, ha.

    But I have seen the blessings of being obedient, and I thank God for that. ; )

  34. Yes you have seen the blessings of being obedient! What a testimony and witness you bear for Him. Days like today . . .well, they’re just temporary. hugs!
    God bless you, lovely one, and all that He trusts you with today.

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