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Hi everyone and thank you for coming by on New Year’s Day for a look inside Israel. Today’s post is from a letter “J” sent back in November. I pray that it blesses you and gives you insight into praying for Israel and J. Now, here’s “J” . . .

Rain!  What a BLESSING when the badly needed life giving rain comes down from the heavens.  Cold, wet and uncomfortable, EVERYBODY gives thanks!  On buses, in the street, in stores, everyone is cold and wet and smiling.  Everyone gives thanks to God; ‘Burr!  I’m wet to the bone…and cold…but THANK GOD THERE IS RAIN!  WE NEEDED IT!’  It’s one of the few things that no one seems to complain about it.  It’s fun!
I used to regularly pray the scripture from Isaiah where The Lord promises that He will pour His Spirit out as water upon a dry and thirsty ground.  Years ago I was blessed by the ministry of a wonderful man of God, Tim Ruthvan.  He preached from this scripture.  He was from New Zealand and he explained what  truly parched, cracked ground looks like and how the rain needs to soften it and penetrate it…so it must be the ‘right’ rain…a tender rain first before a driving rain…like prayer before testimony.  Although his description moved me to much prayer for the outpouring of The Spirit, living with this ‘natural example’ that I have before me makes it even more vivid. I’ve told you before that we have a season of rain, and a season where it does not rain.  We haven’t seen rain since late April or early May last year and that is how the seasons are here.  When I was in ulpan, studying Hebrew, some 17 years ago, our teacher shared how she had once spent 6 months in NYC as a Hebrew teacher for the work of the Jewish Agency there (they prepare people for aliyah and language training is part of the preparation, although we didn’t receive any training or information before we came because we lived so ‘remotely’ and far away from any Jewish community).  She said that it taught her how olim (new immigrants) feel since she neither understood the culture nor the language around her.  But what struck her most was YOU COULDN’T PLAN ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNEW WHEN IT WOULD RAIN!  It could rain just ANYTIME; EVEN IN THE SUMMER!  ‘How strange is that!’ she exclaimed.
RAIN!  Life giving water.  Our land has been parched during the past 7 years of drought.  Oh, we’ve had some good rains during the rainy season, but not enough to fill the lakes and cisterns, so this good beginning is still no ‘guarantee’, but we are hopeful. Thank you to everyone who has prayed (I know some of you really have been!).  Please keep praying as we need much water.  Please also pray that lives will be spared.  As strange as it seems, flooding here can be horrific and people (adults and children) have been know to drown in their cars or in apartment rooms due to flash floods.  Rain is forecast through Friday at this point.
ANOTHER ANSWER TO PRAYER:  This is a personal answer (not complete yet, but wonderful progress!)  Some of you prayed diligently for our older daughter who went through (and took us along) an awful time when she suffered from severe post partum depression after the birth of our Granddaughter, just over 6 years ago.  She is a ‘doula’ (a birthing counselor and assistant, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term) and has a blog on which she has just posted an ‘article’ about what has happened.  It is astounding…even if she is my daughter.  I would like to share it with you and encourage you to read it.  Please share it with anyone who could use it to help others.  Her blog site is   and it is the first article under her introduction of herself.  (if you have trouble opening it, please let me know and I send you the article itself) Thank you so much for continued prayer for our family.  ALL COMMENTS WELCOME!  I trust that The Lord will, eventually show her how He used it ALL for the good in Him.
As life swirls on around us, pinning us tighter and tighter under the angry finger of the world, this tiny country continues to find the will AND the way to go on and get through each day…in spite of the hatred that, at times, is tangible.  We keep a sense of humor!  Last night I needed to travel downtown on the bus.  It didn’t come for a long time and when it did, it was diverted away from the shuk.  Since I was going elsewhere, I found it worked out quite well for me, for, as I told you before, I have been stuck in traffic in the area of approximately 5 blocks, for as long as 45 minutes due to the traffic dilemma caused by the lite rail.  (Perhaps you forgot, particularly if you aren’t familiar with Jerusalem, but the buses used to go down our main street, Jaffa Road.  Jaffa Rd is now closed down to all vehicles and now only serves the ‘lite rail’, which, by the way, is still free because it has yet to overcome a multitude of difficulties.  All bus traffic was diverted to the extremely narrow and busy Agrippa Road, which goes through the shuk and is, at any given time, overflowing with trucks and people, some in wheel chairs and others who should be, tons of shopping carts and baby carriages.  It is truly something to see…buses trying to get through!)  But WHY the bus was diverted remained a much discussed mystery to everyone on the bus.  Again today I waited for the bus, this time to the shuk.  I waited…and waited…and waited some more.  People began taking taxis.  The train station across the street was overflowing also as the train also didn’t arrive.  What was happening now? ‘I didn’t hear a bomb…did you?’ one would ask another. ‘No…no ambulances…’  An empty bus went flying by.  We speculated and waited some more.  After about half an hour a bus arrived and it was mine.  I asked the bus driver if he would be going to the shuk.  ‘I always go to the shuk.  This is a 21.’  Ok…maybe it was my Hebrew.  ‘I know.’ I said ‘but last night the bus was diverted away from the shuk and now there have been no buses or trains, so I just wondered.’  He shrugged a resigned shrug ‘Who knows.  We’ll see.  I’m SUPPOSED to go to the shuk…but…you know… it’s all a belegan since the lite rail came in.’ We laughed.
We can only smile and laugh when the rains begin well, because, after all… it IS such a BLESSING!
May each one of you be blessed with the refreshing of His Presence pressing you…and me…closer into His purposes for this time and season.  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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  1. Thank you for sharing, Deb

    How important it is for us to be thankful for the little things…

    Rain? It comes when it’s expected. Never thought of being thankful for it… Rained all day yesterday … cold and wet with a bit of a wind behind it. I was not thankful for this ‘inconvenience’ as I ran to get a ride home after our church service…. thanks for sharing J’s story. I will go meet with Papa now.


  2. God bless you, Ann, as you seek Him and are thankful for the little things . . .and even the hard things. You are a special blessing of grace, joy and song to us all. love and prayers!

  3. Deb, I always enjoy your messages, but do not always have the time
    to post.

    We take things for granted. Oh’ yes rain can be a blessing. Every morning I have my coffee on my patio and watch the differnt kind of birds, and witness the squirrels jumping from tree to tree while playing. To me that is a blessing as well. People must stop rushing around and take time to look at Gods’ beauty that He has given us, and then “Thank Him.”

    I pray several times daily for Israel and Gods’ chosen ones. Stay safe and remember Gods’ promises to Israel. I believe I have posted several on Gods’ promises on my blog’s to His beloved Israel, His dwelling.

    May God Bless all in what you do for Him.

  4. Norma, thank you so much for your prayers and your comment. What a blessing you are. I tried to get to your blog, but couldn’t. 😦 And I did send your comment onto J . . .who loves to hear from readers. So you provided a double blessing, to me and to her!
    God bless you and the calling He has given you!

  5. Greetings to you, I do not understand why you could not get to my site. It is as follows: norma1944’

    Your Sister in the Lord.
    I leave you with Blessings from God.

  6. Thank you so much Norma, for helping me. I think in the e-mailed comment that comes to me, the http:// address had instead of wordpress on it and I didn’t catch it. 🙂 I am not so quick about these things! 🙂 God bless you and thank you again!

  7. so it must be the ‘right’ rain…a tender rain first before a driving rain…like prayer before testimony.

    I love this!
    We continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

  8. Thank you faithful fisherlady, for your love and testimony, for your prayers! God bless you and yours today!

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