Those Negative Voices

“Then David said, ‘I will show kindness to Hanun the son of Nahash, as his father showed kindness to me’.”  2 Samuel 10:2
“Then the princes of the people of Ammon said to Hanun their lord, ‘Do you think that David really honors your father because he has sent comforters to you?  Has David not rather sent his servants to you to search the city, to spy it out, and to overthrow it?'”  2 Samuel 10:3

How often is something good seen as something bad?

Lord, help us reject the negative voices today that want to discourage and destroy Your good in our lives.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

The Good Nudge

So much negativity
in the world today

trying to destroy what’s good
so listen when you pray

to My Holy Spirit
and what I have to say

if something isn’t right
I will nudge you away.


  1. Sweet sis Deb, what a great message!! Sometimes it seems like there is a cacophony of voices, and it can be difficult to hear the One–the One Who directs and guides us by His Spirit, His “nudge”. But even when we don’t hear clearly/correctly, and maybe make a mistake–our Loving God knows our hearts. He is quick to comfort us and turn us, nudge us, in the right direction–to insure we’ll learn to hear His voice better next time. He loves us, is always there for us–He always gives us another chance, because He so wants us to experience the Victory we already have in Him.

    We need not get stuck in discouragement–in Him, everything always works out for Good (Romans 8:28). And we can trust His “nudges”!

    Thank you, sis Deb, for your simple poems–for standing In Him, and showing His unfailing Love. xxoo

  2. “…so listen when you pray…”

    Listening and praying have been the two of the most emphasized points spoken by the Lord over the last few years, but I wonder how many of us have been paying attention? Hopefully, all of us have. You see, the Lord doesn’t emphasize something unless we’re going to soon need it.

  3. I really like that we can trust Him to work out things for our good, even when we get confused at what is from who. 🙂 Thank you for that encouragement, sis Caddo Delight.
    I once took a copywriting course (a study at home deal). I only realized near the very end that it wasn’t going to work for me. But, He nudged me and I began doing devotions paired with business / copywriting tips. Weird huh? Did a whole years worth. Good for me though, all the time in His word, listening to Him. Then the nudge about these little poems that kept coming to me and piling up in a notebook. After it had gone on for a year, I figured He would most likely keep them coming should I start to blog. And He has and has nudged me right where I am today.
    God bless you, sweet Sis, and all the nudges toward His good pleasure He gives you today!

  4. Thank you, Larry, for sharing what He is doing and is about to do . .. and what we need to do too. You help things make sense to me. God bless you as you listen and pray!

  5. Very true Debbie! It’s just one of the many tactics of the enemy. May your life be filled with many blessed voices 🙂 Have a very happy New Year!

  6. I love this story, Sis–especially the part about your faith that God would keep ’em coming if you started the blog!! That so amazingly parallels my experience here–in my natural thought & lack of self-confidence, I figured my blog might last a month, tops. But it seems I “stumbled” into a part of His destiny for me–and I couldn’t be happier! Ah, the sweet Joy of the Lord!! See you later–must cook or something!

  7. So true, Debbie. And I have found when something is right I get a nudge in that direction. Of course, being the stubborn woman I am I sometimes need a rough push–He does that too if we fail to heed Him.

  8. Thank you for the prayer, Eden! 🙂 Sometimes when I’m excited about something, wanting to try something or reach out . . .here come those voices. God bless you as He speaks His truth into your life today!

  9. I need pushes too! 🙂 So thankful that we have a God who knows what it takes to move us in the right direction and away from what is wrong for us.
    God bless you, Patricia, and your new catkid!

  10. Great post! I had this black lab a several years ago. If we were sitting in a chair he come sit beside us and nudge our hand with his nose…over and over and over till we pet him. That is he kind of nudging I am currently needing. Pray for me.


  11. I have been thinking of you, wonderful woman of the Word, praying your time off from school is going good, and that your mom is recovering well. And I will pray for the nudges too, that move you closer and closer still.
    I loved the story of your lab. We babysat a bunny last winter. I had no idea how friendly and personal it would be. Her name was Lily, and she would zoom right up to me and nudge me too, to get petted. . .to spend time with her. Like God wants me to do with Him.
    God bless you and all the gentle ways He uses to get your attention today. He loves you, keeps and covers you.

  12. Yet again it feels like you are writing this little poem just for my ears..I know that isn’t true, but am thanking God for His message that I so needed to hear this is really easy to get weary when so many negative voices bombard you all at once..that’s when I need to get on my knees and focus on Jesus..He is the only voice I need to heed!

  13. Dear Dawn . . .I didn’t write more after that last comment came in at your blog, but I wanted to! I knew it wasn’t my place. I had to re-read your post, thinking surely it must have been one that I hadn’t read, but no. . .and I just couldn’t understand what she was making such a fuss about. Being so negative about. So thankful that You know Him and His voice, and the good work He is doing in you. Praying that He heal and repel any damage from those comments. You did so well responding. I just hated that it happened though.
    God bless you and the way you shine His Light in the darkness!
    love and prayers!

  14. if something isn’t right
    I will nudge you away….
    Trusting Jesus is so much better than listening to negative voices!
    Thank you for these encouraging words:)

  15. I agree, our faith-filled fisherlady! I love to hear His voice, to know its Him, so must listen closely. 🙂 God bless you as you are an encouraging voice to us today!

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