“The Lord preserved David wherever he went.”  2 Samuel 8:6

Some things are preserved in museums or jars, but David was not in such a place.

Lord, we humbly bow down as You consider us valuable and cherished,  a people that You will preserve.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

His Heart Preserves

Wherever you go
whatever you do
I am watching
over you.

Supernatural Shepherd
Living Water Lifeguard
you’re never at risk
eternally saved in My heart.

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  1. Oh, you Know I Love this!! Sis, I love the simplicity–and I really like the Living Water Lifeguard, because I’m rather scared of water (silly, I know)! You offer such consistent reminders of the Lord’s constant love for us–what a comfort! Thank you for being His faithful servant–and a lovely friend (and Sis)!

    (What if I were to “steal” your title? I was thinking about preserves, like strawberry–I know, always food!) Bless you this night with a restful sleep–see you tomorrow. Your Caddo Delight

  2. The title is yours, sis, if you want it. 🙂 I am amazed at you and the food blessings you make. What a comfort you bring to others, in person and in blog land. God bless you and preserve your sweetness always. love you and sleep tight!

  3. Very true Debbie 🙂

  4. “The Lord preserved David wherever he went.” 2 Samuel 8:6

    The Hebrew word for preserved – “yasha” – actually means saved, delivered, liberated and caused to be victorious (especially in battles). I like that.

    Great word for today.

  5. What a perfect truth in these days of traveling – so good to know He surrounds us with His protection and love, every minute of every day!

  6. Beautiful Deb 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. I like the idea that the ‘Living Water Lifeguard’ sees us “as valuable and cherished” 🙂 I feel treasured!

    Your post reminds me a song by Sandi Patty and Bebe Winans “He watches over you” Speaks to His constant presence and His love and caring for us. He preserves us … how cool is that?!

    “Wherever you go, whatever you do
    He watches over you
    He is the One who hears your prayers
    Deep in your night He’s always there
    Wherever you walk , you’re never alone
    His eyes are on your journey till you make it home
    And you can know He watches over you”


  7. Livning Water Lifeguard. I love that picture! 🙂

  8. passed this award to you: Versatile Blogger hope you like it! 🙂

  9. You are too cute and generous, Sis!–anybody else might have taken offense, but it could be that a) you’re secure in Whose you are, and b) you know me well enough: if I “steal” or borrow your title, I will most certainly credit you with the great inspiration! Stay tuned to see if the “seed” blossoms into “fruit preserves”!

    It’s completely off your topic today, but Joyce Meyer’s message was really good this morning & I took notes. If you wouldn’t mind me sharing, I’ll come back and share a short version–but I’m being polite & waiting for your green light! Love to you–all day–my sweet (and very saintly) sister!

    Oh, and speaking of “stay tuned”, I’ll have a new episode of my “Flavia” stories posted in a day or two–for you to read! See you after while!

  10. You just come back here and share whenever you want to. . .green light on for Jesus! 🙂 I love your Flavia stories. Thanks for letting me know another installment is coming!

  11. You are a treasure that He watches over, Eden. God bless you as you preserve His beauty in photos too!

  12. I like it when you give us background info, like exactly what preserved meant. That really resonates!
    God bless you and preserve you today!

  13. That’s a wonderful example of His preserving us . . .as we travel. 🙂 Thank you! God bless you and watch over you as you capture His beauty in poems.

  14. I love that song, Ann full of Jesus grace, joy and song! 🙂 Thank you for adding it here! And I’m so blessed that you feel treasured, because you definitely are. God bless you as you give yourself entirely into His care today!

  15. God bless you, Pastor J, and preserve you in every sense of the word today . . .liberating you, saving you, delivering you, causing you to be victorious in battle! 🙂

  16. Thank you, always, Sister dear! Here are a few notes from Joyce Meyer’s program:

    Col 2:10, “You are complete in Him” Joyce said that we don’t ever need to feel “out of place” anywhere, because Christ IS our Place; who we are IN Christ is the thing, our “only necessary status symbol”.

    2–“Light shines brighter through cracked pots”

    3–God recycles trash (He had the original idea, not contemporary man)–the “beauty for ashes” thing

    4–God is always ready for everything–nothing “surprises” Him. He never says, “Oh, no! I don’t have an answer for this one.”

    So, there you are–a minute’s worth of encouragement from Caddo!

    Bless you, bless you, my sweet sister, Debbie! I’ll try to get back to tuck you in, later! xxoo

  17. Thank you so much! I’m really blessed and honored. I don’t do the awards things . . .but I appreciate you nominating me and thinking of me. God bless you and your writing!

  18. I loved the encouragement! And that you will even come back encourages me. God bless you and keep you in all your travels, blog wise and other wise!

  19. Hi, Sis! The story is going up at midnight, my time–there will also be a haiku post for tomorrow, since not everyone is interested in the “long” short stories (unless they’ve gotten “hooked” on them earlier). Hope you enjoy it!!

    Also, requesting prayers for:

    1–“craziness” going on here with some neighbors

    2–Jeff’s planning to go rafting, weather permitting (I want him to have fun, & I’m having trouble “casting my cares”–It’s pouring buckets of rain tonight, so….)

    Thank you, my lovely sis Debbie–Sleep well tonight, your Caddo Delight

  20. Praying with you Sis Caddo Delight, for His peace in both of those situations and protection too. You are so dear. So thankful that you adopted me and are here. 🙂 love you and will see you tomorrow!

  21. Dearest Deb –
    Wish I’d read this yesterday! So you don’t do awards? I’ve been putting it off for almost 4 months but I was beginning to feel ungracious.
    I’ll have to name you in my lists because yours is one of the few blogs I look forward to every day. No worries about not accepting the award. I felt incredibly awkward about it all myself.
    Still friends though, right? 😉

  22. This reminded me a little of a story one of my guys told the other day. He had read a book by someone who had done some time in prison. The writer tells a story of God approaching him with this question: What do you do with your most prized possessions? The person’s answer had to do with priceless jewels, and said they would probably be put under lock and key and might even have guards guarding them. God’s reply was, that is exactly what I’ve done with you.

  23. I hope and pray that I haven’t hurt anyone by not doing the awards! Definitely still friends! 🙂 I don’t want to be ungracious either. I just don’t know how to “accept” them and all that. I’m technically challenged and am totally blessed to be able to get a few words on here. It all takes time and gets complicated for me and this was suppose to be about simple poems and simple faith. haha!
    Thank you so much for understanding! God bless you, dear Debbie, and the rewards you are given!

  24. Thank you so much, Mike, for sharing that story. That is a powerful one and from God Himself, the impact is even stronger. God bless you and preserve you everywhere He takes you!

  25. you are never at risk… eternally safe in my heart…
    Debbie, I love this!

  26. I’m so glad that it blessed you, sweet faith filled fisherlady! Praying for you lots of that safety of His, all wrapped up in His heart. God bless you, Susan, and yours this new year!

  27. I love your haiku about His preserves! 🙂 God bless you, sweet Sis Caddo Delight!

  28. Well preserved, lovely words of truth.
    Thank You

  29. Thank you, Paul, for how you share His truth! God bless you and preserve His truth in you today!

  30. Supernatural Shepherd, Living Water lifeguard. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really needed this today. Peace and thanks to Caddo Veil for leading me to you.

  31. God bless you, preserved and precious one of His! Sis Caddo is a delight!

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