For The Truth

“For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.” 2 Corinthians 13:8

The truth cannot be dented or done away with.

Lord, thank You for the Holy Spirit’s magnetic pull of truth.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Truth Stays

I can ignore the truth
but it’s still there to see

and I can cover it up
but it calls out to me

I can try to deny it
or simply disagree

but the truth never lessens
it stays to set me free.


Next up, 2 Samuel.  . .

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  1. Love it – the truth never lessens, it stays to set me free. Wonderful thing about truth is that it is always that, truth, regardless of how we respond to it. And I love that the heart of God is to see us walk and live in true freedom – not held captive or in bondage. Beautiful and a lovely way to end my day Deb x
    P.S. I too am glad to have met you – wonderful though ocurred to me today that while many of us will never meet in the flesh, one day in eternity we will get that opportunity. Exciting thought x

  2. “To live in true freedom – not held captive or in bondage.” That is a great way to put it, Aimee. Thank you! Who wouldn’t want that, to live in freedom? 🙂 God bless you for all you do for the truth today! It is an exciting thought, as we will get to see each other and worship Him together. Makes me smile!

  3. “The truth cannot be dented or done away with.”

    But how sad to witness truth denting those desperately trying to deny it and cover it up, Debbie … and to witness it eventually do away with them.

    How dumb when so many of them say they believe in the importance of making informed choices.

    Bless you and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.


  4. Thank you, Roger. I need and appreciate your perspective. . .and learn from it too. I didn’t think about the truth denting and doing away with someone who doesn’t want anything to do with it. That is indeed sad and causes me to pray more.
    God bless you and the Truth for which you stand.

  5. the truth shall set u free

  6. Oh yes, and how good it is to know TRUTH will ultimately prevail, especially in an age where it is twisted and trampled so terribly…

  7. Morning, sister! I ran across this verse in my notebook last night, and wanted to share it with you: Deut 12:7–“You shall rejoice in all to which you put your hand–in which the Lord Your God has blessed you.”

    How’s that?

    And I do appreciate your words concerning Truth. Sometimes it stings a little at first (for me, anyway), but with God, everything turns out for the Good.

  8. So thankful that He is the truth. We can trust that . . .Him. God bless you zzisle . . .now off to read your blog! 🙂

  9. I love that too . . .that we can’t destroy it. We need truth in all the craziness. God bless you as you walk and write in truth today!

  10. Thank you sis Caddo Delight. I loved Deut. 12:7. 🙂 I will be careful about the stinging part, because I know He really wants me to encourage. Okay if I let something sting me for awhile, but then need to wait and let Him change it into something more lifting. . .thank you for sharing that with me! 🙂 You are a great help and a joy! God bless you and your many kindnesses!

  11. I love that truth calls out to set us free, yes! Sometimes I initially feel like it is fencing me in, and I resist! I am still learning to walk in this ‘trust in His truth’ lesson. I know it is freeing every time it accomplishes its work in me. Thank you, Deb! Thank you for your faithful writing, patiently sharing with us so faithfully!

  12. I’m still learning too, Angel A. I think it helps each time we see ourselves get set free from something. . .our faith and trust grows. And we come to know this truth is good and good for us. (but what do we always hear? the truth hurts, doesn’t it! ha! )
    God bless you, Angel, as He sets you free to be more and more His! And me too!

  13. Oh, I wasn’t inferring that you share truth in a way that stings–I was thinking of the pastor I watch on Sat/Sunday “computer church”, and sometimes Joyce M, though she usually speaks with a “mama’s” heart. I can’t imagine you being anything but gentle and encouraging–I often wish you were right here so I could hug you!

  14. Powerfully “true” 🙂 What a wonderful thing to be a child of the most High God… to have His Holy Spirit lead us into His truth moment by moment!
    If the Son shall set you free you shall be free indeed! Now that ‘is’ good news!

  15. His truth is so precious and needed. God bless you as you live free in it today!

  16. “The truth cannot be dented or done away with.” Very nice way to put it. The truth cannot be undone. It will stand, regardless. We may not respond to it properly, but that does not stop it from being truth. This is one of your “deep” simple poems. 🙂 Thanks Debbie!

  17. I think you explained what I was thinking even better. 🙂 Thank you, praising Paulette! It is what it is, no matter what we think or say or do. God bless you and the Truth that lives in you!

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