Godly Sorrow

“Now I rejoice, not that you were made sorry, but that your sorrow led to repentance.  for you were made sorry in a godly manner that you might suffer loss from us in nothing.” 2 Corinthians 7:9

“For godly sorrow produces repentance to salvation, not to be regretted but the sorrow of the world produces death.”  2 Corinthians 7:10

I tend to not want anyone to feel sad or sorrowful, but God sees it differently.

Thank You, Lord, for using even our sorrow to draw us closer to You.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Even This

If I never know sorrow
or see my own sin
then I won’t repent
and turn away from it to Him.

While I love moments of happiness
and deep abiding joy too
truly sadness has its place
when it brings me back to You.

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  1. And thank God for showing us what it is, Debbie. Peter looked at it, turned to the Lord and got life … Judas looked at it, turned to himself and got death. I’m praying for the Judas’s in the church. A blessed poem and bless you.

  2. Thank you for giving that illustration, Roger, the difference between turning to Him with it or away from Him. Praying with you! God bless you and your heart for those in need of Jesus! ( that would be everyone!)

  3. Debbie you have no idea how much this piece means to me!… been through quite a lot lately and your words only confirm how my momentary sorrow was meant to draw me closer to The Almighty.
    Thank you Deb! 🙂

    Lots of love!!!! 🙂

  4. I’m positive we have only the smallest tidbit of a revelation about how much God truly loves us, but also, I’m sure we know less even about how much God hates sin.

    So thank God for our godly sorrows which cause us to repent.

  5. This is very true Deb. I know a minister who says, “Don’t always try to fix people’s hurts right away. Pain can be valuable. Sometimes you have to let people bleed in the pew for a while before binding up the wound.” Sounds harsh I know but how many times have I rushed in to solve someone’s problem only to get in the way of what God was really trying to accomplish?

  6. Good Morning, my sister! Thank you for your good word today. I was thinking of you as I watched Joyce Meyer’s program this morning. Do you know her? She’s accessible via TV, radio or on her website–and I think she’s a wonderful Bible teacher & speaker.

    God really does use any means to reach us, & I was amazed that a non-believing friend pointed me to Joyce this past March, just prior to Easter. I’d been a Christian since being saved at 12 or 13–but struggled to “keep my faith together”, because I’ve had severe chronic depression all my life.

    In the last 5 or more years, I’d been quite vocal with close friends that it was okay with me if God never healed my depression, as I believed that without it–I might not have realized my deep need for Him. I was content to struggle along, knowing God did love me, that He was near all the time–and that one day I would be free of the pain & struggle, & live with Him in heaven.

    But it was mostly an intellectual faith. My depression completely filled my vision and my heart–I had NO joy.

    And then I started watching Joyce Meyer, and WOW–I learned so much from this woman with whom I had a LOT in common. Too much to go into here, but I’ll zip to the good part:

    God did a supernatural, miraculous deliverance–like “spiritual brain surgery”–in the days just prior to this past Easter. I released all the bitter resentments and unforgiveness I’d been carrying for over 50 years, and felt so free & light that even my unsaved neighbor commented that I looked like I was “walking several feet above the ground”.

    It was the first Easter I’d ever been able to “celebrate”–because before this year, I never believed I was worthy of Christ’s great sacrifice. I now have so much joy–even though I still struggle some days with human stuff that comes of living in the world–because I truly know how much my Jesus loves me, and I’m totally in love with Him.

    I had not hung on to unforgiveness willingly–millions of times I’d prayed to forgive others, so I don’t know why it “didn’t work”. I guess there were just such heavy chains of darkness around my heart–which required this incredible work of the Holy Spirit, while God & I were all alone “on the exactly perfect day which He’d ordained” for a miracle.

    And you know, I do not grieve for all those lost years–I’m too happy and Grateful to know, and have, all that is mine through Him today. And I’m just going to keep looking forward–never back–to press into Him.

    I didn’t plan to give a sermon here, Debbie–but I guess I was just moved to share that everyday (or any day) can be Easter, even as we head into Christmas–where it all began with the babe in the manger.

    I’ve no doubt your experience is equally as rich as mine, so maybe my story is for one of your readers.

    Lord bless you today, my sister, Debbie–may you always walk in His Glorious Grace! I love you!!

  7. Thank you Deb

    “If I never know sorrow
    or see my own sin
    then I won’t repent
    and turn away from it to Him.”

    This one is mighty deep!

    ( From the comments I can tell I’m not the only one thinking that way… Thank you for sharing.)


  8. Praising Him with you, beloved festivalking, that He has you and you have Him. May He use this time of sorrow to create something beautiful in you and your life.
    Love and prayers!

  9. You really have me with this one, Larry. I’m sure too and I know that I think about Him loving us more than I do Him hating our sin. Thank you! I appreciate the perspective you always bring. (but no pressure, okay? 🙂 )
    God bless you as He leads you today!

  10. Pastor J . . .I’m pretty sure He has tied me up before so that I can’t rush in just like you said. We hate to see people hurting. But it was only when I was hurting and completely bottomed out that I turned to Him.
    God bless you as you trust Him on when and how to minister to someone who is going through godly sorrow.

  11. wow! I really like being your sister . .. just so you know! I have none, biologically, but lookee here! 🙂
    I know of Joyce Meyer and have read some of her work. Yes, she is good and I’m blessed that what she is doing has really been a help to you! Yay Jesus!
    I love, love, love your testimony and feel so blessed that you shared it here. You know what, that joy really comes through, in all you do on-line. This might be for someone else too, but I can never hear enough about what God has done. Your story is going to help others, Caddo. I just know it. And now you have a way to share it to a wider audience, with blogging and the internet!
    Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to share with us! God bless you, sweet and joyful sis of mine!

  12. I was thinking of you today and praying for you too! So good to see you here, but no pressure for you either. 🙂
    God bless you, Ann full of Jesus grace, joy and song, as you turn to Him for everything.

  13. Debbie, great thoughts. I must say, however, that Judas HAD to do what he did to fulfill prophecy. If he had not betrayed Jesus, we might not have know Jesus in the same way, as the Christ. The timing was so important – from the Last Supper to the fact that the man stuck a spear in his side to ensure that, with the blood pouring out, he was indeed physically dead so they could take him off the cross (and still no bones broken). I believe God forgave Judas. Just my thoughts! Peace and thanks to you, Amy

  14. You’re right . . .he did have to. Just like Jesus had to be crucified. More of that thing Pastor J was talking about . .. me wanting to run in and fix it! Thank you for your thoughts and insights, and God bless you, amazing Amy . . .singer, songwriter, and poetess for Him!

  15. Hi again, Sis–I’m glad for what you said, as I of course started worrying 2 minutes later, that I’d gone on & on & on. After Easter, I wrote a 15 page testimony about my healing/deliverance/miracle, called “It’s Not Too Late”. If I can edit it down to a manageable length, I’ll post it at my place. I love being your sister, too–it’s a blessing I hadn’t counted on, when I started this “blog thing”!! Bless you, bless you–

  16. You are such a wonderful encourager and teacher, so I can understand why you don’t want anyone to be sad. You have bailed me out more than once!

    But the exhilaration of getting closer to God when the sadness passes is so glorious… don’t you think? To repent is a wonderful thing… : )

  17. this is so true Deb… appreciate this post

  18. Oh lovely Linda, you have such a special heart for Him. Yes indeed, it is glorious and to repent is a wonderful thing. It makes me love Him even more, when He doesn’t leave me there but picks me up again and brushes off the dirt.
    God bless you and every little and big thing that you do in Christ!

  19. God bless you faith-filled fisherlady and how you stay turned to Him! 🙂

  20. This post speaks to me and where I find myself today. I think I will come back in a little while and look at it again.


  21. God bless you, Theresa. Thinking of you with love and prayers.

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