Inside Israel – The Gift of Giving Thanks

HI! and welcome to this Sunday’s Inside Israel. 🙂  Today J of Jerusalem, a Jewish believer, gives us a peek at daily life there, through her eyes.  God bless you and thank you for stopping by and praying for Israel and our sister in Christ, J!

Now here’s J . . .

I have been singing the old hymn ‘Come ye thankful people come’ all day and thinking of each of you, even those of you in countries other then America, to whom the Thanksgiving holiday which I remember may have no meaning, and for whom today is a ‘normal work day’, as it is here.  None the less, my thoughts turn to The Lord and to giving Him thanks, and I remember fondly the holiday that I grew up with.  Whereas Passover was my Father’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving was my Mother’s.  I was a terribly unthankful young person, but my Mother’s sincere thankfulness just for family warmth, touched even my hard, cold heart and planted a memory of warmth and love.  Then, THANK YOU LORD! I got saved, and Thanksgiving (as all holidays) took on a totally different dimension.  I was OVERWHELMED by the Goodness of God and was so thankful that there was a whole day set aside to express just that!  I also tried to plant seeds of a thankful heart into our children and to establish a ‘habit’ of being thankful.  Yes, I did love Thanksgiving, and I sorely missed it when we arrived here and I realized that this was yet something else that I had loved that would need to be set on the alter.  Thankfully, even though the celebration only exists here among pockets of those who come from America, a thankful heart knows no boundaries nor dates! 
So, from here to each of you, American or not, I want to let you know, sincerely, that I am so thankful for you.  May you have a blessed Thanksgiving day (if you are American) and a blessed day of giving thanks (whether you are or not).
Ofcourse, not being a holiday here, it is work as usual and, for me, that entails much time on the bus (or train, if I am only going a short distance).  I planned on trying to get some turkey to make for the family tomorrow.  Perhaps some of you remember the humorous fiasco’s of years past when turkeys were not very common.  There has been increased aliyah from North America for the past five years and the market definitely reflects that.  It makes shopping easier, however…a bit less colorful!  My husband had requested, not a whole turkey, but just a turkey breast and a couple of legs if possible.  I set out to see what I could find.  I have purchased a number of turkey breasts since we lived here, but never was successful at finding one with skin on.  Today, for the very first time…there it was!  A turkey breast with the skin on!  I asked the butcher for it and, with a big smile on his face, he began to take the skin off.  ‘Oh no!’ I told him.  ‘I would like it with the skin’.  Curiosity got to him; ‘With the skin?  What for?  Everybody wants the skin off.’  I explained that this time I was going to roast it. ‘Ah!  Interesting…I will split it and chop it up for you’.  Oops…’No thank you.  I want to roast it whole.’ Now he was really curious!  ‘But don’t you even want it cut in half?’ With a sigh I satisfied his curiosity by explaining just how I was planning to spice it and cook it.  I stopped short of inviting him to dinner…I was tired.  He would likely want to bring his whole family.  I felt guilty, but excited that after 17 years I had succeeded in finding a turkey breast for roasting.   
Since we were invited to a friend’s home tonight for a bit of a Thanksgiving dinner together, I moved on to other stalls to get fruit for a fruit salad.  Shopping cart filled successfully to the brim I made my way to the bus stop.  With far too many others, I waited and waited for the bus.  One woman in particular was extremely impatient, and when the bus finally arrived she pushed in front of every one else.  There were some grumbles, which she answered back in an equally nasty tone.  We had no sooner been seated (if we found a seat) then the bus took off and the sound of balls bouncing caught everyone’s attention.  There they were: fragrant, colorful clementinas (small oranges – like a mandarin) rolling all over the bus floor; dozens of them!  ‘Impatient lady’s clementina bag had sprung a leak.  They were gleefully rolling down the aisles, sliding down the steps…suddenly the cry went up ‘Clementinas!!’  Everyone sprang to immediate action!  This is someone’s food and we all needed to rescue it!  Little old ladies ran down the aisle.  Elderly men with difficulty walking were bending down the bus steps, everyone gathering clementinas and passing them up to ‘impatient lady’ who was re-arranging bags and thanking everyone profusely; this was a community effort!  Task accomplished no one was grumbling anymore, but we were all visiting with one another and commenting about the wonderful smell of citrus in the bus.  ‘Impatient lady’ was happily visiting with the people around her.  By the time I got off the bus, everyone was friends.  I haven’t seen anything like this on our new lite rail yet…and I’m still not sure why.  We’ll see on the first of December when they are scheduled to begin charging fees to ride it…perhaps the personality will change. 
Well…inspite of the joy of the holiday, I must be up at 4:30 and go to work, so I will (thankfully) close my bleary eyes.  May each one of us find that we have been able to lay aside our situations simply to give thanks. 
Thank you for all of your prayers for our younger daughter.  Things remain critical, however I see tangible results of your prayers.  May The Faithful Lord be glorified.  Lovingly, your sis
ani b’derek
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  1. Thank you for sharing the words of a friend obviously deeply rooted in the love of Christ! I feel guilty now for taking for granted the simple task of obtaining groceries – how thankful we should be for the ease of our conveniences.

  2. Debbie, I share the thoughts expressed above. We take so much for granted, while the strife overseas continues… Praying for a peaceful resolution and thankful for all my blessings, Amy

  3. I know what you mean, dear planaquarium . ..but I love what you said, and we can use it as another thing to be thankful for. How often have I complained about having to go to the store? eekk! God bless you and all that He leads you to give thanks for today!

  4. I do take a lot for granted and I’m so thankful for the reminder to be thankful for everything. Being able to buy food is a big blessing!
    God bless you and glad to have you back, Amy!

  5. Hello J…

    Skin on, skin off… the universal question.

    I’m not sure about your daughter’s ailment, but God knows and I will pray. Thanks for all you do in His name. Hugs… : )

  6. Forwarding you on to J, lovely Linda! You and your prayers are a blessing! Thank you! love you!

  7. Thank you, Deb.

    Things in perspective make so much more sense….

    Blessed (more than I realize),

  8. They do indeed, Ann full of Jesus grace, song and joy! Thankful for you today! God bless you and keep you, and light the way for you!

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