Inside Israel – November 10, 2011

Hello! and welcome to a Sunday look inside Israel. Today J shares with us from her unique perspective of being a Jewish believer having made aliyah to Israel 17 years ago from the US. Feeling that the Lord has put her there for a reason, she writes to an e-mail list of over one hundred and fifty people, all over the world.  And graciously lets me post her letters here as well.   God bless you as you read and pray!  Now, here’s J . .

What JOY to greet you all…in Yeshua’s Name!  May HE be blessed and glorified, and may you be blessed!
There it was…the sign was just staring at me from the bus window across from my face:  “Meshiach NOW! “ (Messiah NOW!)  I had to laugh.  I had just heard a news report about some graffiti being spray painted on the local building of ‘peace now’, the extremely left wing peace organization.  I couldn’t help but think that, really, all of our country is obsessed with finding ‘Peace’.  The secular believe that they can find it politically (hence; ‘peace now’) while the religious know that it will come through Messiah…they just don’t know that such Peace is already here!  The little sign exhorted everyone to obey the law and to cry out for God to help Israel, and He would send Messiah NOW!  We are a people longing for Peace…but still groping in the dark.  Oh how thankful I am for His Character as revealed in Psalm 18 (and SO many other places ofcourse!) Where David rejoices that “…He bowed the heavens also, and came down with darkness UNDER HIS FEET…He made darkness His secret place; His canopy around Him was dark waters…For You will light my lamp, The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness…” (9,11,28) I think of The Word that says ‘even the darkness is light to Him’…and I KNOW beyond a doubt, that He will pierce the darkness of my people’s hearts, even as He pierced the darkness of my heart, and reveal Himself  “The Light of The glory of God in The Face of Yeshua h’Meshiach (Jesus Christ)”.
Since I wrote last I am typing on a new(er) computer J.  I was (and still am) tremendously grateful for the last one and am also full of thanksgiving for this his one!  Hopefully I can begin catching up on my email.  I miss you guys!
There has been almost incessant ‘media hype’, day in and day out here discussing ‘Are we going to strike Iran?’, ‘WHEN are we going to strike Iran?’, ‘Is the West going to strike Iran?’, ‘It was reported in a British newspaper that we will be striking Iran by Christmas’.  It’s ridiculous and is only serving to heat up friction.  Media is strange to me, but Yeshua said that we would be called into account on ‘every idle word’…so I do fear for them.  One day there was no discussion of Iran, with her threats to destroy Israel, on the bus.  That was the day of the threatened ‘general strike’ (was that THIS week or last? Time does run swiftly!) ‘General strike’ is a term that strikes terror into us ‘average citizens’.  The Labor Union (there is only one)…source of our Labor Party in govt….is a throw back to the earlier days of the nation when the form of socialism guiding the country, incorporated elements of communism.  Thus, the labor union has a great deal of power.  This strike lasted 4 hours (thankfully) as the strikes shut down all government services, the sea and air port, banks, utilities, a myriad of other services, and…most difficult for the general public…schools, garbage collection and   public transportation.  The only good thing (as far as I could see) that came out of our 4 hour general strike (I remember at least one lasting for well over a week) was that the conversation of the bus that morning was VERY colorful and there were lots of seats available, since people were either on strike or didn’t want to be caught walking after work. THANKFULLY, the labor court ruled that it was an unlawful strike…but it did liven up conversation and divert people from gloomy discussions concerning Iran.
But I took a bunny trail away from what I was saying.  ‘The situation’ here HAS heated way up again.  I met a single, older sister in Him that I hadn’t seen in about a year.  As our talk became serious, she asked for prayer.  The economic situation had caused her to rent an apartment in an Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem.  At first it seemed friendly enough and the price was definitely right and the apartment was beautiful!  The new ‘lite rail’ connects the neighborhood with W. Jerusalem and she was paying 800shekels a month as opposed to 4,000!  There are MANY reasons for the discrepancy of cost.  I won’t explain that right now though because the important information is that, after just 6 weeks, she began to fear for her life as word got around that she was living there.  She told me that it is the very first time since being a believer that she experienced fear.  I am thankful that The Lord will even use fear when we are ‘out of the way.’  She asked me to pray without sharing with anyone, and I did.  She is now thankfully safe and in a different area. The next day I heard that there was more ‘stoning’ of the lite rail as it passed through this neighborhood and that people have been putting large rocks on the tracks (to cause a wreck) during the night. Right after this encounter I received a link to a WONDERFUL local blog that I have recommended before and I would like to reprint it here.  These people write so very beautifully and their report, like their name, is always good.  I am so encouraged by them, and yet they will give you a further glimpse of how to pray. Their aliyah experience is so very different then ours and I hope that you enjoy reading their offering as much as I do.  Their ‘address’ is          I close with much love, and thank you so much for your prayers!!
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Don’t Stop Praying!
What a wonderful life we have here!  We are semi-retired and can mostly work from home. We have a great apartment that meets our needs and does not drain our finances~ along with a wonderful landlord (a BIG plus in Israel) We live in a village with most of our grandchildren living in walking distance. The weather is perfect most of the year around. There is an abundance of tasty fresh fruits and veggies and marvelous ethnic places to eat out at reasonable prices. Best of all~we are 20 minutes drive from the holiest place on earth~ Jerusalem.

Our lives here are not really much different than they were in the states. We work, spend time with friends and family, have hobbies we enjoy, watch silly movies and visit the local sites. We go for walks, picnic, hike, swim, bike and play sports. Life goes on in a most enjoyable way.

But~there is an element~ a cloud that hangs over Israel. It is an impending threat of evil that could take everything away in a heart-beat. To live, surrounded by enemies, is a daily reality. The nations around Israel~ elsewhere~ would like to see us vanish. Walking our streets are those who are being raised to think only in terms of removing us~ no matter what method. We are forced to ‘make deals’ like the one recently to free Gilad Shalit (which btw was NOT a prisoner exchange! It was a trade of a hostage for murderers!)

We won’t go on and describe any more what you can read in your daily Israeli paper. We do want to share one reason why our life here is SO GREAT in the face of all that is evil.

This Spy has taken to going on daily ‘power walks’ to improve my health. I turn on my Mp3 and sing my way around our village. This week I started walking on the main road outside the gate that has been paved for joggers. It’s a lovely tree lined area and has the added plus of being flat. (important since I’d like to start running) These morning times have been marvelous~ so beautiful.

Today~ the same place I walk, 4 Arabs dressed like Orthodox Jews tried to get a female soldier into their car. There is a great fee offered for kidnapped soldiers. She, of course, got away. (They’re not too smart~ orthodox men would not talk to a female). Why am I sharing this?

It is your prayers that make a difference. Do not think that your prayers are for nothing. There are daily results, moment by moment where they are answered~ like this soldier who was alert. Like the children who were attacked last Shabbat in the next city over from us who got away. Like me, walking and finding only life on my path. I do not take my safety for granted.

Your obedience to pray for the peace of Jerusalem~ and thus all of Israel. You continually reminding G-d to make Jerusalem a praise on the earth. Your tireless intercession and partnering with G-d and all that He is doing here in these last days. Because of your prayers, there is a cloud that covers us that is greater than the evil. It is this covering of Grace that holds back the affect of the darkness. Under this mantle of Grace we not only function~ we prosper! We are able to be filled with joy!

Continue to pray~ without ceasing. With our eternal gratitude!

ani b’derek
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  1. Dear J… I can’t believe you have an MP3! A more modern touch than I expected. I’ll continue to pray for your safety during impossible times. God bless you and your family for your service to the Lord. Hugs…

  2. Hi sweet Linda! I don’t think J does have an MP3, but that was a little confusing. She shared a blog that she reads and the person who writes that blog has one.
    Thank you so much for your prayers for J! She loves and covets them and I’m sending your comment on to her now! love you!

  3. praying for the peace of Jerusalem…

  4. Thank you, faith-filled fisherlady, for your faithfulness and prayers. You are such a blessing, leaving grace and love all around blog land. So thankful for you! Forwarding your comment on to J!

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