Inside Israel – November in Jerusalem

Hello and welcome to a look inside Israel today. J of Jerusalem, a Jewish believer, writes to us about what is happening around her this month. God bless you as you read and pray! Now, here’s J . . .

The Lord is truly a Rock, unchanging and secure, solid, and in Him Alone we can put our trust! Living here among the shifting sands, this reality becomes more and more precious to me. I’m sure that it does to each of you as well as time seems to be speeding up while the road narrows and the days become darker. He is our Trustworthy Light, and the Path itself!

On Sunday I had a sudden urge to replenish our food staples. I lifted it before The Lord and felt that I should go ahead with it, so, asking Him for wisdom and guidance I began restocking our grains, beans and the like. I don’t want to project into this, but I DO want to be obedient…and to be hearing Him.

Vicki Binyamini came into the office yesterday to see the doctor. I have liked her since I met her some 13 years ago. I had asked my boss why she had a different last name then her ‘husband’, Mati Avrahami, and he surprised me by telling me that that they never married. She is about 65 and he 75. I was even more surprised to find out that she is Arab and he is Jewish. This is very rare to find a relationship here between Jew and Arab that endures. She has lived as a Jew, even taking a Jewish last name, however she is a believing Christian Arab. We have enjoyed some good fellowship together.

As we talked in the office with other people present, the conversation turned to the hottest topic of the day. No…not Gilad Shalit…not the rockets in the south nor the Palestinian bids at the un and not the mock trial in South Africa of ‘Israeli apartheid’(!)… but…the snarled traffic in this city!

For anyone using public transportation, it is hard to ignore. Vicki mentioned that she hadn’t tried the lite rail yet so I told her that I have ridden it a lot since it runs past my apartment. She asked what I thought of it…’This is a TEST!’ I thought immediately. ‘Grace!’ But when my description got to the unusual atmosphere that the train seems to have created, Vicki listened very closely. I hesitated before adding ‘I have also seen something I never saw before here. Gangs of Arab kids and other gangs of Jewish kids. I haven’t seen anything like this before. It is very intimidating.’ Vicki caught my eye and looked intensely at me and said ‘Listen. As the train passes by Pisgat Ze’ev and Givat Tsafatit the Arabs are throwing stones at it.’ (*you might remember that the train serves both Jewish and Arab neighborhoods, actually tying the two together. It was designed during the ‘peace’ season and was supposed to be like a ‘peace train’)

I had known about the stoning and had seen some of the damage, but then her look became particularly serious and she said, using my name for emphasis, ‘___, DON’T ride the train!’ Then she repeated again even more strongly ‘Really, hear me, don’t ride the train!’ A shiver ran down my spine. The train has brought A LOT more moslem Arabs into west Jerusalem. Since this is NOT a time of ‘peace’ there has been a noticeably aggressive ‘feeling’. Most conversations touch on the fact that the train, jammed full of people, is a sitting duck for problems… I took Vicki’s warning to heart as from a friend who cares about me and was born among these things. May it be a vain warning.

But things ARE heating up. As the Palestinians received another un acceptance today, there is renewed feeling of uprising in the air. The world has bought lies wholesale and they are running gleefully with them. ‘Soon there will be no Israel.’ is the joyful line. I suspect that the Jews in Germany in the 20s and 30s had a similar feeling…’Surely the world will not stand by…the world will not believe this and take it … and could never take their part’. But the world did stand by and believe lies. Flesh seems to love lies. Perhaps that is why people don’t think of death…although we ‘know’ that there is only one exit from life. Our flesh likes to believe that it can live forever. Flesh lies and loves lies.

I have often looked at the warning in Romans about those who “did not receive a love of the truth” so their foolish hearts were darkened. How AWFUL and what a powerful warning to examine constantly our own hearts in The Light of The Word and also to honestly open our hearts to Him Who is able to search them and sift out the seeds of lies and even error that we might be accepting. Dangerous times…Faithful God!

Well, the weather here has cooled way down and our few hours of daily heat won’t start up again for another few weeks, so I think I will go and snuggle down into some warm blankets…and take a hot water bottle with me J Thank you for your prayers for our family and our nation…thank you for praying for our young soldiers…for wisdom for our government as the rockets continue to fall in our south. Thank you for being His body to me. I send you Love, your sis

ani b’derek

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  1. “… I have often looked at the warning in Romans about those who “did not receive a love of the truth” so their foolish hearts were darkened…”

    I use these words (2 Thess. 2:10) to pray for people. I pray: “Lord, open their hearts so that they do have a love of the truth so they will be saved.”

  2. Deb,

    thanks for being faithful in sharing with us.

    I haven’t been able to read these as much in recent times but I thank you for leaving them up so I can pop in and read and pray at will.

    Blessings much,

  3. Thank you, Larry, for encouraging and praying! J is blessed that you read and pray . . .me too! God bless you and your love for the Truth.

  4. Thank you, Ann full of Jesus grace, joy and song, for just being you, for caring and reading and praying and supporting. You are so special. So blessed that I met you here. 🙂
    God bless you and tenderly watch over you this week.

  5. One day our peace train will really come for us… I pray for the peace of Jerusalem…

  6. Thank you so much faith-filled fisherlady. Your prayers are precious and needed. J wrote that she was somewhat discouraged today. You and Larry and Ann have helped lift her! God bless you!

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