In Mourning

“And Samuel went no more to see Saul until the day of his death. Nevertheless, Samuel mourned for Saul, and the Lord regretted He had made Saul King over Israel.” 1 Samuel 15:25

How often do I mourn for those who are disobedient?

Lord, we desire to not just write someone off who has turned away from You, but to grieve for them in prayer. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Grieving for the Strayed

Sure of what they’re doing
there are those who have strayed

feeling they are right
but they have turned away

this is not a time for anger
or self-righteous pride

but a time for mourning
staying at God’s side.

* Note *
The next chapter starts out . . .”Then the Lord said to Samuel, ‘How long will you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel’?” 1 Samuel 16:1
hmmm . . .egg on face. ” 🙂

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  1. Hahaha .. I loved your “egg on face” comment!!
    I also loved your poem! Very simple, yet very powerful!

    Just like many, I personally know some who have strayed away. I prayed for them, fasted for them, and tried talking to them. I can’t deny that sometimes I lose hope, but then I thought that if I give up, I am not actually giving up on the person’s will to change, but on God’s power to change the hearts.
    For the egg on the face part, death is a totally different story! After death there is no chance for repentance and I believe that that’s what God wanted to tell to Samuel.

  2. Mike, thank you so much for such a wonderful comment! Even if the post had egg on it, you still were nice. haha! And I loved how you saw vs 16:1 . . .that would make sense. 🙂
    God bless you as you keep believing Him and what He will do!

  3. Oh goodness, Deb

    This one gives me chilly-goosebumps. We sang a song in church last Sunday and it has been stuck in my head since. There’s a part that says
    “Open up my eyes to the things unseen.
    Show me how to love like you have loved me….
    Break my heart for what breaks Yours
    Everything I am for Your kingdoms cause…”

    As that song ministered to me, it made me think of those who no longer walk with Him and how I much (or not) , it bothers me. And now I find this beautiful poem and prayer with the answer I need to hear.

    Thank you so much for sharing,


    Hillsong- Hosanna

  4. […] know the perfect answer!! Like what Deb mentioned in her poem, it would be “a time for mourning, staying at God’s side” … but not only […]

  5. Thank you, Ann full of Jesus grace, joy and song! I love when He ties things together for us, to confirm and help us learn. I think I have read 3 other posts that in some way talk about what we carry with us or tie to ourselves, since I read yours! And to mourn or not, I guess I would rather err on the mourning side and let God reveal to me if I should move on, than just be judgmental about it.
    Thank you so much for the song blessing. God bless you as your heart stays soft for what He wants to do with it and you!

  6. I remember reading an article how Tammy Bakker was going through the pits after her divorce from Jim Bakker and how everyone was slamming her for their mistakes. She was so depressed that she wouldn’t see anyone for fear they would attack her.

    In the midst of her depression, a garbage man stopped by once a week when he picked up her garbage and patted her on the back and told her not to give up. A garbage man! Can you believe that?

    Yet, it was this man who helped walk her out of her fog back to a productive relationship with Christ.

    My prayer is that I will be like that garbage man for those who have fallen down on their journeys and that there will be one waiting to help me, just in case I fall down.

  7. I love your prayer and want to be like that garbage man too . . .and want someone there for me when / if I stray away. God bless you , Larry, as you understand His heart and desires for this time.

  8. Oh Deb this hit close to home. I have mourned over those in my household who have strayed from the side of Jesus. God has told me just to hold tight to His hand and He would take care of the rest. I love the word picture in your last lines! Thanks

  9. Pastor J, I will pray with you right now, for them to be drawn back. And for you as you mourn. I have those who have never come to Him, but not those who were there and then strayed away. I think that is more heartbreaking. God bless you as you hold tight to His hand today. He won’t let go.

  10. Thank you, Mike, for the mention in your post! God bless you and yours!

  11. That’s because it was really worth mentioning!! It really touched me 🙂 Thank YOU!

  12. Deb, I don’t think there is egg on your face at all! I believe we do need to mourn and pray for those who have strayed, until God makes it clear that He has rejected them because they will never return. I have a good friend who, at times, I think is hopeless in how she has rejected the Lord. But I continue to mourn and pray for her. I don’t believe God has rejected her yet. He’ll let me know when He has. Peace, Linda

  13. You are the sweetest! Thank you! Now I don’t have to go around like that any more. 🙂 It was just so funny that this time, I didn’t read ahead and there it was. Praying with you for your friend tonight, that she will yet heed His voice and turn to Him. Praying for you too, as you mourn and your heart sorrows for her. love you.

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