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Hi and welcome to a look inside Israel. Today J of Jerusalem tries to keep things light and just share about everyday life. God bless you and yours! Now, here’s J . . .

Grandchildren can be very humbling. I washed my floor just before the family came for Friday night shabat dinner AND 8 year old birthday party (Grandson #1) but when my Grandson (#2) was finished crawling around, his little playsuit was no longer white…looked like he’d been playing in a dust bin :-/ When we first made aliyah (immigrated) I remember telling you about how amazed I was at how floors are washed here…and … about floors in general. Perhaps it bears repeating: We have stone floors. I had read about them in various books (for example ‘Appointment in Jerusalem’ by Lydia Prince. She had spoken of kneeling down to pray on the broken stone floors and I had pictured them quite differently) but was surprised to see that they look a great deal like vinyl tiles I grew up with…just they are made of composite stone (fancier ones of marble). The method of washing them was even more of a learning experience. Where oh where were the mops and buckets that I was used to!? I was confronted with a squeegee on a long handle, a cup and a pile of rags (called ‘smar’toot’) After swallowing my pride and inquiring, I found that I was to take a cup of hot water (yes…one cup!) and throw it on the floor. I was to squeegee it around and then, with a rag on each foot, dry up the floor. To my surprise this works remarkably well…AND… is a real water saver in a desert country. However, on Friday night my Grandson showed me up. To be honest, after 8 people walked around all evening, it likely wasn’t really a commentary on my housecleaning, but more a commentary on just how futile house cleaning can feel at times!

I decided to make this a ‘light letter’ after listening to the news this morning and hearing that our population in the south of the country was in shelters with schools closed for the day following more then 40 rockets falling over the past 24 hour shabat. One man in Ashkelon had been killed and 4 were still in hospital. I turned on the tv news to see what was being reported and NONE of the international news channels mentioned this. Each one, however, had a trailer that said that Israel had killed 10 (turned out to be 9) Palestinians in Gaza. Period. No reason. Sigh. This is the sad result of releasing prisoners who were involved in terror; they inspire, and sometimes, instigate. As of this evening there is a ‘cease fire’ in effect. (As I re-read this I hear that the cease fire did not hold) I will continue with ‘light letter’ writing.

I have come to the conclusion that the transportation mess in Jerusalem, created by the establishment of the ‘lite rail’ system, (now finishing up it’s 11th year of disruption) was designed solely as a test for me; to try my heart and to show me just how much F-L-E-S-H is left…nasty, smelly flesh! I know that He wants to display me as a triumph of His Spirit over flesh. I had an hour and a half to practice as I ‘traveled’ to the shuk this morning. I had set off a bit later then usual so felt a bit of stress to ‘move along as quickly as possible’. Ha! As I got to the corner I noticed right away that traffic on the road was backed way up and at a standstill. That was a good indication that it would be quicker to take the train. Did I say ‘would’? I meant to say ‘should’. I crossed the street and since the stop was crowded I figured that the train would come shortly, but when I looked up at our neat, new, state of the art electronic signs, I saw that the next train was due in TWENTY minutes! (they are SUPPOSED to come every 6-10 minutes right now) Scrap that idea. A bus would take the same time now, so I ran back and got on the bus. Now…understand that to WALK the distance between my house and the shuk takes about 45 minutes. I boarded a bus. It was a real blessing that I had a seat because I got to sit in it for nearly one and a half hours! I prayed, I worshipped, I grumbled and cried out for help to stop grumbling. Everybody on the bus grumbled. The bus driver grumbled. I prayed harder; but there was that nasty grumbling again…AND ANGER! ‘LORD! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME THIS FLESH! FORGIVE ME! HELP ME TO DIE TO IT!’ That’s when it came to me…the strong impression that HE WANTS to make this to become a witness to His Spirit’s victory over the flesh. Isn’t God GOOD! How encouraging! Believing that He wants to do this, means to me that He INTENDS to do it. Experience has shown me that what He INTENDS to do…He is ABLE to do! Halleluyah! May I be able to report victory to you!

There is a free newspaper (Hebrew) distributed near many bus stops in our city, so when we get on the bus, many people are reading ‘Yisrael h’yom’ (Israel today). The newspaper has been posting ‘comparative prices’ daily. They USED to compare the prices of items between store chains, but now they are posting the prices of staple food items in the US, England, and here…and the comparison is shocking. They seem to average 3 times higher here then in the US and England. I am speaking of items such as milk. Meat is approximately 8 times higher. Whew! Just think of all of the potential ‘grumbling areas’ in my life that The Lord is working on overcoming and replacing with thanksgiving!

And speaking of thanksgiving, I am thrilled to tell you that I have a new computer! I still need to get a screen, mouse and keyboard and then our ‘computer guy’ will come over and set it all up for me and it won’t be so difficult to answer my email! What a blessing!

I must end this and I do hope that the lightness of this letter didn’t bore you. Thank you for bearing with me. You are most precious. Thank you for praying for our nation and people as nations topple and shuffle around us and earthquakes of the spiritual sort are unceasing, thank you for praying for our family and the body here…that we may be found in Him in peace…doing His will for His glory alone. God bless you. Your sis in Jerusalem

ani b’derek

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  1. my daughter has stone floors in South Africa… I know how hard they are to keep clean…
    I have also noticed that News does not always report the things we deem important … but God holds all these things n His heart… he has not for gotten us… He will never for get his people.
    Thank you for sharing…

  2. Thank you, faith-filled fisherlady, for such a sweet encouraging comment. I forwarded it on to J and she will be blessed! 🙂
    God bless you and your faith in Him!

  3. Challenged by your response to trials, Ani! We really don’t have much to complain about here..Thank-you for painting such a vivid picture of life in Jerusalem..much to pray over..

  4. Thanks for reading and caring, Dawn. I forwarded your comment on! Glad you appreciate these insights into Israel and daily life there. They always touched me and with the blog, I now have a way of sharing them. 🙂 God bless you and your heart for Him and His.

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