At A Price

“For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body and your spirit, which are God’s.” 1 Corinthians 6:20

After buying something new, we want to take care of it. The higher price of the purchase, the more care we take.

Lord, I desire to honor and glorify You in all I do, remembering I was bought at a high price and you have taken such good care of me. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Be Glorified

Blood washed and sanctified
justified in Christ’s name

though once counted unrighteous
we’re no longer the same

our bodies are now temples
and we are not our own

bought at a high price
God’s Spirit calls us “home”.



  1. We are the temples of the Holy Spirit. We are His and that fact alone guarantees our salvation! He will not lose one of His own. how awesome is that?!?

  2. “…After buying something new, we want to take care of it…”

    Jesus feels the same way about His purchases – you and me and all saints.

  3. Amen!! “we are not our own”. How easily we forget that sometimes.

  4. I loved the excitement I could feel in your comment! Yes, that is awesome! He is awesome!
    God bless you as He calls you His own today!

  5. Yes, Larry! That is what I was thinking too. We cost Him dearly . . .He is invested in us. God bless you with His care and constant watch over you today!

  6. It puts a whole different perspective to what we do and how we do it, doesn’t it? God bless you , temple Ted!

  7. Debbie! That poem is WONDERFUL! I got real, true goosebumps when I read it and read it again. : )

    I’m really struggling with “Glorify God in your body and in your Spirit.” Sometimes I take inventory of the sins of my former self, and some of them look like they’d be alot of fun on a limited basis.

    At least I know how wrong that is. Human, but wrong. Great post! Hugs… : )

  8. So blessed that the poem blessed you! That was God working, no doubt. 🙂
    And Linda, I think I can relate to what you are saying here. You are under a lot . . .a ton or two. It gets hard to remember a time when you did not have to constantly consider someone else’s needs and then meet them.
    God bless you and give you new and fun ways to glorify Him each day, and by so doing, escape into His love.

  9. I remember the first time I read that Scripture “You are not your own. You have been bought with a price” and how much joy it brought to me. I had lived for 22 years knowing that “no one loves me: no one cares” I was a solo being, on my own with no one who cared what happened to me.

    “But God” . . . those precious words again!

    God, the PERFECT Creator God loved me, paid a price for me (what an enormous price!) and adopted me into His own family. I was no longer my own? How wonderful was that! I was bought with a price therefore I was a treasure? Incredible! But true!

    Our minds cannot comprehend the INCREDIBLE truth, but the REALITY of the experience, the REALITY of our relationship with our Father God through our Saviour Jesus, CANNOT be denied.

    What an incredible truth!
    What an awesome God!

  10. Sweet mentor Angela . . .Your comment has me crying. How many of us look at not being our own and see a sacrifice on our part for it? But you, you longed to be Someone else’s. That is so beautiful. And my life was such a mess, I can relate and say “me too”. I didn’t want to be my own. I didn’t want to “be” period!
    God bless you and the reality of you being His!

  11. Hi Debbie,

    I am so grateful for the price that was paid for me one day! I wondered what Christ saw in me, then I thought that it wasn’t what He saw in me, but it was what He saw I could become, after I became His! Praise God! I enjoyed the poem and the Scripture for today! Thank you!

    May you continue to glorify Him, in all you do!


  12. I love this, dear Paulette . . .that He sees what we can become. 🙂 Thank you! God bless you as you glorify Him today!

  13. >> “I didn’t want to “be” period!”
    Neither did I Deb but God had other plans for us.

    God always knows best. He tells us He has plans for us and that even before the foundation of the world He chose us. In my early years as a child of God, I wished that I had been brought up in a Christian home. I loved hearing of how my Christian friends had lived, with Christian teaching and love in their families. How I wished it had been like that for me!

    How wrong I was! I am so VERY THANKFUL that I was NOT brought up in a Christian home. I know what is out there. I know what is best. I know, without any doubt at all the reality of my experience of being adopted by my loving heavenly Father and of His continual presence in my life.

    Deb, we are the “lucky” ones for being allowed to experience what we did in those early years. We are blessed indeed and I wouldn’t change the tiniest detail of those horror years. God used them and continues to use them by giving us a ministry which someone brought up in a loving Christian home could never have. We’ve ‘been there and done that’ and can empathise with and understand those who still suffer.

    I know God will continue to bless you, to guide you, to be everything you need as you love and serve Him and that He will use you to reach and bless many others for Him.


  14. Dear Angela . . .you are the 4th confirmation today about this, about how this past and even my present struggles are exactly what He wants to use and work through. Thank you so much!!!!

  15. Deb, This post and poem (especially the last line) reminded me of this song by Third Day. It’s from their Offerings CD and is one of my favorites:

  16. Aubrey and I just listened to this! Thank you! What a beautiful song and so perfect with this post too!
    God bless you as He dwells in you today!

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