A Kinsman Nearer Than I

“Now it is true that I am your near kinsman; however, there is a kinsman nearer than I.” Ruth 3:12

The kinsman nearer than Boaz was unable to redeem the land and give an inheritance to Naomi’s deceased husband and sons.

Lord, we praise You – our Kinsman Redeemer – nearer to us than anyone else. And here’s a simple poem . . .

One Nearer

There is One much nearer
to you than I

He is the Savior
the Lord God on High

He will redeem you
from wherever you’re at

come now, go to Him
He waits for you to ask.


  1. This one is too perfect for me to add anything. Great job.

  2. I love the picture of our Kinsman Redeemer. I was just talking about this role of Jesus with a sister-in-the-Lord this morning. The fact that there was nothing I could do to buy myself out of my pit but Jesus did it for me is such an amazing thought!

  3. Thanks, Larry. God bless you and cover you today!

  4. That IS an amazing thought. And one that brings floods of thankfulness from me, as I think about that pit I was in. What would we do with our Redeemer?
    God bless you, Pastor J, as you praise and look to your Redeemer today!

  5. Deb, What a wonderful Redeemer we have! Your poem is a great tribute and reminder that we are never so far gone that He can’t redeem us. Peace, Linda

  6. What a comfort and a hope we have in Jesus! 🙂 I keep thinking of a song . .. maybe by For Him . . .an old one. It went through the Old and New Testaments and used just a few words to describe Who He was to us in each book. For the book of Ruth it was Kinsman Redeemer. That stuck with me.
    God bless you and smile upon you, His redeemed, today!

  7. “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24)

    Whenever I read this verse from the Book of Ruth or the one here in Proverbs, I get chills of joy! Boaz was such a wonderful portrait of the selfless love of a kinsman redeemer, yeth there is One Who is an even closer Kinsman; and He has redeemed us all 🙂

    Thanks, Deb, for bringing your words of grace to this beautiful book of the Bible.


  8. >> “There is One much nearer
    to you than I”

    Fact! People cannot understand when we say we have a personal relationship with the living God. They think we blaspheme or are arrogant and conceited when we say we walk with Him. Or they think we are deluded or deceived.

    Praise God that we DO have a close relationship and can know His constant, abiding presence in our lives.

    What an amazing God!

  9. I love the book of Ruth! For such a short book, there sure is a lot of good packed in it. Such beautiful lessons from start to finish. Thank you for adding that verse from Proverbs! 🙂 It makes me think of that one too.
    God bless you and your joy at being redeemed!

  10. It’s one of those things that everyone needs to experience! 🙂 Then they will get it. Praying for that.
    God bless you and the wonderful relationship you have with Jesus!

  11. Ironic… how Ruth had to personally go and lay at his feet… to offer herself as a request that he would…cover her with his mantle of love and protection. As a husband, protector and provider.

    There was no lack in him… he had everything.And he did the right thing for her.

    So each soul must come to Yeshua in the same way for his acceptance and covering… and then he will respond to our need and be our “Husband”. The LORD doesn’t force himself on anyone but is there for all who “come” to Him.

    Thank you for this Deb. A precious story and symbolic Truth in God’s Everliving Word.
    Love Susan

  12. Oh I love your comment, Susan! You put that so beautifully and well. God bless you as you stay in the Truth of His Word!
    love and prayers!

  13. Thank you for this reminder!


  14. You are so welcome, wonderful woman of the Word! God bless you and keep you close to Him today!

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