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Welcome to another look inside Israel today with J of Jerusalem sharing with us. Thank you for your prayers for Israel, J and her family!
Now, here’s J . . .

“SHANA TOVA OMEVORACH!” (good and blessed new year) “AMEN! VAY L’COL BEIT YISRAEL!” (Amen, and to all of the house of Israel) “AMEN VEY AMEN!” (amen and amen) This greeting has rung through the air as gifts and greetings are exchanged with friends and strangers, and as scouts give out apples dipped in honey and gifts and flowers are seen in everyone’s bundles as they scurry to run last minute errands. The stores have literally emptied their shelves of food as this year Rosh h’shana won’t end until sunset between Friday and Saturday…shabat… so nothing will open at least until Saturday night, but more likely Sunday morning…and Lord knows, we might just starve by then if we didn’t have lots and lots of food in the house! The houses are scrubbed clean and the streets are aromatic with cooking smells…but more then that, there is a solemn feeling…hearts ARE being prepared.

The Rosh h’shana shofar calls to and speaks of a ‘personal repentance’ and time of soul searching and cleaning and marks the approach Yom Kippur…the MOST solemn day of the year…of corporate fasting and repentance in a week’s time.

Soon the sun will go down. Already the streets are quiet except for a few people rushing home. Shops are closed and public transportation has ground to a halt. It is such a special kind of ‘hush’ that descends upon this city…Jerusalem…as a ‘high holiday’ approaches. The shofarim are out and polished, ready to sound loudly following the prayers that usher in the new year 5772. More then a million food baskets have been given out to the poorest of the population by the many non profit organizations; less then usual because giving of donations is down reflecting the economy. There are many large public meals to gather in those who might not have a table to go to.

And there is an air of anticipation as well…what WILL this coming year hold. For those of us who believe…who know Yeshua, are known of Him and know His Word, there is peace; but for those who long for and look for peace in this world? For those of us who know Him there is a KNOWING of His ‘provision’, but for others who don’t know how they will pay the rent of set out the next meal? What a blessing to be free of the anxiety and intensity that is too often ‘normal life’ here. He is so good to us, but our prayers are, of course, for our brothers and sisters after the flesh…and so often our own family members.

I, rather passionately (for it was passionate) requested prayer last week for the situation concerning the UN vote concerning a Palestinian state carved out of Israel. Several friends forwarded to me a letter that they received (I would love to be in touch with whoever wrote it if any of you know) which I will include at the end as it is the most encouraging thing I have read in so long and perhaps someone has not seen it and will also be encouraged. (It is a humbly written prayer journal of someone who went to NYC to pray concerning this debate) Several of you have asked me to share a bit more about what is going on right now here and what my I assessment was of the speeches. It is so complicated that I do it with much fear and trembling. May The Lord help me to share what is helpful toward prayer, and an accurate description:

First, let me share that according to our newly released end of the year census our population has grown to 7,797,400. Note that the year of the Hebrew calendar is 5,772. That counting was begun when the commandments were given at Sinai to Moses and yet the battle over that very fact is was what I witnessed as I watched the UN speeches and listened to the subsequent commentaries and debates in the media. The legitimacy of the state of Israel and our increasing ‘intransigence’ (as they put it) in the eyes of the world is what is being questioned. My personal assessment (as some of you asked for) of the speeches made me wonder if the reporters and diplomats heard the same men speaking. What I saw was a passionate, enraged Mahmud Abbas accusing Israel of the most outrageous lies (‘this apartheid state is killing thousands of our people every day with impunity!’) greeted with standing ovations and deafening cheers from a full audience. My prayer, and perhaps most of yours, was for Binyamin Netanyahu to speak Truth as he had said that he would, and that was what I heard with my ears. My opinion of what I saw (and I continued to pray as we watched) was a nearly broken and humble (not the way our Prime Minister is usually characterized) man speaking Truth to such a degree that it HAD to have taken supernatural grace. (again, I can send copies of both or either speech to anyone who would like) He spoke to a half empty, mostly bored looking auditorium with occasional sounds of light applause (the commentator said that it came mostly from the gallery and not from the delegates, some of whom walked out in the middle. This did not happen with Abbas). I was interested and blessed to see one member of the Palestinian delegation remain and listen and the delegation from Lebanon also appeared to be listening. We had prayed for those with a hunger for Truth to receive mercy to hear. I continue to pray for them.

Following the speeches I turned to a French station that reports in English. In the past, they seem to have been more sympathetic and less virile then British BBC or Sky, or European CNN that are available to us in English. Fox news (also available from the US) was not covering it. To my surprise (and I had to guard my heart from breaking and to remind myself that this is the eyes of the world) they had a round table discussion to debate the speeches and had NOTHING positive to say about us, and only praise for the Abbas speech. As I said, it was difficult to keep from weeping. I could only believe that what I was witnessing was what I had prayed about; the difference between Truth and lies and the fact that Truth can be robbed, twisted and mocked…as it was in The Face of Yeshua on this earth. And that is what I thought of…Yeshua…Truth…crucified. It renewed in me the ‘awe of the cross’ that I had when, more then 30 years ago, I first caught a glimpse of it…when Truth was murdered…oh praise Him that He rose again!! ‘Truth’ has been such a sacred Name to me as I was so very long a prisoner of lies and a child of the father of lies.

And though the world may rejoice at murdering Truth we KNOW that Truth will triumph, and even though we do NOT know what path this will all take(although some claim to…I trust His Perfect Hands to bring it all to a just finale in His Perfect time)and what we may have to walk through and witness, we KNOW that He really DOES, and that The King of Glory, The Just and True Judge, The One and Only Merciful God, will keep each and every one of His promises… and NOT according to OUR understanding, but according to His. (and least any of you think that I am ‘fearful’, please believe me, I am NOT)

How is this playing out ‘on the ground’? Well…the Palestinians have been greatly emboldened and inflamed in general. It feels like being near a bunch of simmering pots. The saddest thing that happened (have ANY of you heard about this??) was a father (about 26 years old) and his less then a year old son who were stoned. Their death was first reported as a car accident (even more tragic since the 25 year old wife is pregnant with their second child) but then, as the wreck was examined, rock holes was found and blood stained rocks within. The bodies were exhumed by the army for autopsy and found that they had been killed by stones. Last night rocket fire resumed from Gaza against our south.

INTERESTINGLY? The UN security council debates begin on Rosh h’shana.
And now, the sun is going down and I will pack the food that we are taking to our daughter’s house. What a blessing! The shofar will sound as it has for 5772 years. He is faithful…may we be found faithful as well.

I am writing this to faithful friend. I send you my love. May His blessing to each of you be found in the Sweetness of His Presence. I am encouraged each time I hear from one of you. God bless you. Your sis here.

(I will post the letter J is talking about next Sunday! Blessings and love, in His name.)

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