Where Lots Fall

“The lot fell to the children of Joseph, from the Jordan, by Jericho, to the waters of Jericho on the east, to the wilderness that goes up from Jericho through the mountains to Bethel, (Joshua 16:1)
then went out from Bethel to Luz, passed along to the border of the Archites at Ataroth, (Joshua 16:2)
and went down westward to the boundary of the Japhletites, as far as the boundary of Lower Beth Horon to Gezer, and it ended at the sea. (Joshua 16:3)
So the children of Joseph, Manasseh and Ephraim, took their inheritance.” (Joshua 16:4)

There is something about the way the borders are described that speaks to me of much love, thought and care.

Oh Lord, help us to understand our own boundaries and borders today. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Boundaries and Borders

The expectations are high
to do this, to go there

in fear of disappointing
we might cross out of where

God has set a safe place
around our hearts’ design

with room to thrive and grow
into all He has in mind.


  1. The poem is speaking to me. Much is expected from me right now and I fear I am wearing myself out. This might just be a transition which will eventually settle down but I got to check in regularly that nothing might steal my joy in Him. Miss you Deb! 🙂

  2. Praying with you, sweet Rea, for that is a place I have been too . . .and still find myself. So much expected . . .but what does He expect? I love your joy! God bless you and keep you in His constant love and care!

  3. OMG! “But what does He expect?” That question positively hit something within me. I will consciously take Him along in everything I do. Love you Deb 🙂

  4. Deb this is both beautiful, and overflowing with profound wisdom!

    ” 5The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.

    6The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” Psalm 16:5-6 😉

    Thank you, Deb.


  5. I heard Bob Jones say something sixteen years ago which has stuck with me. “The pay’s the same whether you are raising the dead or taking a nap if you are in the will of God.”

    The secret is for us to remain in the confines of the will of God and not wander outside of it.

  6. Dear wonderful woman of the word! That psalm is so good with this. I love how full of His word your boundaries are!
    God bless you and yours!
    love you!

  7. What a great quote and a very good thing for me to remember. It might look more glamorous than what I’m doing, but if it’s not what He wants for me, it would be a disaster.
    God bless you as you stay centered on Him!

  8. Ohhhh, this is a lovely poem, rich in meaning.
    I think I’ve told you before, but I must reiterate: Every time I read your poems I have mental images that immediately pop up…
    I just love that about you, My Darling Deb!
    So this time, I had the image of a therapist I used to see, who worked with the spouse ( or “significant other”) of the abusive alcoholic/addict.
    One thing he always said was to “know your boundaries” and “create your boundaries” in order to avoid being taken advantage of or abused.
    I never forgot his advice…and look how far I’ve come!!
    Thanks for the good memory…you are indeed a blessing to me 🙂

  9. I think those mental images that pop up have more to do with your wonderful mind than my poems. ha! I remember reading a book about boundaries once myself and I think we all have places that we just can’t go! It’s not good or healthy for us . . .and even more, He doesn’t ask us to. 🙂
    God bless you, our beautiful Bee! You are like a Monarch butterfly. Nothing can stop you now!
    love and prayers for your upcoming trip and special friend time!

  10. Deb, This made me think of love being our border and boundary. Why would we ever want to go outside the boundary of love that He has set for us? Inside that boundary is where we will thrive and grow and be a blessing to others. 🙂 Peace, Linda

  11. That is an excellent way to look at it Linda! Thank you so much for taking the time after your trip to catch up and comment. You are a blessing to me!

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