As He Said

“So Moses swore on that day, saying, ‘Surely the land where your foot has trodden shall be your inheritance and your children’s forever, because you have wholly followed the Lord my God’.” Joshua 14:9
“And now behold, the Lord has kept me alive, as He said, those forty-five years, ever since the Lord spoke this word to Moses while Israel wandered in the wilderness, and now, here I am this day, eighty-five years old.” Joshua 14:10

Caleb saw that God kept His word.

Thank You, Lord, for keeping us alive and fulfilling all Your promises. And here’s a simple poem . . .


If He spoke it
it is true
and it will come
to be.

Whether now
or then later
His word’s a certain


  1. A good reminder Debbie 🙂

  2. This is so true. His word is always true and will not return void. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this.


  3. This makes me think of someone who buys a product, and it breaks, and they go to the store where they purchased it, and they can’t get a refund so they jump up and down, yelling “I want a guarantee!!”

    There is only one true guarantee, and my Deb, you are the one who gets it right!!

    Love you…have a great day!

  4. A great reminder… God is faithful and His will shall be accomplished!

  5. Caleb is my kind of guy: gray hair and stubborn.

  6. Simple truth – yet it means everything. In Christ all is yes .. yes to His promises. Our part is to fully trust Him to fullfill them in the perfect way and timing. (not always easy) 🙂


  7. God bless you, dear Eden, and all the promises He is fulfilling in you!

  8. Thank you, wonderful woman of the Word. I appreciate you being here and your comments, helping me stay on track . . .trusting His word.
    God bless you and your day in Jesus!

  9. Love you too, Bee! Now you have given me the image that is sticking in my mind . . .some one jumping up and down, with a product that just doesn’t deliver. Our Jesus delivers! 🙂 We are living proof!
    God bless you and keep you in His tender loving care!

  10. hahaha! I knew yesterday you were liking him. 🙂 He did not forget, did he? I don’t want to forget what He’s promised me either.
    God bless you as you hang on to His word today!

  11. I love that . . . in Christ all is yes. 🙂 I, too, say yes to His promises, His way and His timing.
    God bless you, Rachel, and your trust in Him!

  12. It is comforting, isn’t it? Even if we’ve been in the wilderness for forty-five years, He hasn’t forgotten and will do it.
    God bless you and yours today! And thank you for stopping by!

  13. Debbie, a wonderful reminder that “no one knows the day” of the return of Christ. For all those millionaire preachers who preach that these are the end days, I say, “Consult Scripture and stop squeezing money out of people over fear.” I also say, “Judgment will come in interesting ways – perhaps how we responded to AIDS, or how well we did to help the homeless, the outcast, people of Darfur.” Reminds me to work harder on today. Bless you, Amy

  14. Thank you so much, Amy. You always come with a perspective that I need to see and think about. “Reminds me to work harder on today” reminds me of if today we hear His voice, to respond, to turn to Him, to listen and do as He asks. 🙂
    God bless you and all the ways you respond to Him today!

  15. Thank you, Deb

    I find this rather comforting.


  16. I’m so thankful that it comforted! His word does comfort me too . . .better than comfort foods . . .if I let it! 🙂
    God bless you, Ann full of Jesus grace!

  17. I have been holding on to His promises Deb. During my seemingly worst time I have claimed His promises and true enough they are all unfolding — in His time. Love you! 🙂

  18. I am so thankful Rea . . .for you, for His promises, for how you are able to hold onto them even at the worst of times. That is definitely a testimony of faith and love .. . .of Jesus power.
    love you so much! hugs!

  19. Deb, What a wonderful poem. “If He spoke it, it is true.” How awesome is that? He has spoken such wonderful promises to us. It brings such joy to know He will fulfill them all when the time is just right. Peace, Linda

  20. He has given us wonderful promises . . .now for me to remember them when things look bad! God bless you and all the promises He is bringing forth in your life today!

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