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So glad that you could stop by and take a little look inside Israel. 🙂 J of Jerusalem shares some of her personal experiences and how Messianic Jews can be viewed at times. Thank you so much for your prayers for her, her family and the nation Israel. Now, here’s J . . .

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Yeshua. May HE be blessed and glorified, and may you each be blessed!
Blessing…I always get a picture of ‘joy’, ‘fullness’, ‘all needs met’ when I think of Blessing…and it has been (and still is) a long journey between understanding BLESSING in the Spirit rather than the flesh. “In His PRESENCE is fullness of Joy, and at His right hand are pleasures for evermore.” Psalm 16:11. That is the verse that our younger daughter was given when she was born, and why her middle name is Joy, which I still believe will one day characterize her life. Right now I have an unspoken but serious and critically, urgent prayer request for her, so that includes all of us. I am learning that I am Blessed in His presence even during devastating personal crisis’. Blessings…His gift of His Presence with us ‘in the midst’!

I had intended to write this letter a week ago today, when the story I’m writing about happened, and to alert any of you who may not be aware of the ‘flotilla’ approaching Israel right now of the need to pray for this land, but our personal crisis has kept me from writing at all. I will try to share it and hope that it isn’t lacking in freshness.

I have told you in the past that our older daughter and family have moved to a beautiful ‘moshav’ in the (Judean) hills surrounding Jerusalem. For those of you who may not remember, a ‘moshav’ is a small rural ‘village’. It is agricultural by nature and communal as well. It differs from a kibbutz in that members of a kibbutz own nothing of their own…not their houses, cars, kitchens, money, all is communal and distributed as needed. On a moshav, people own their own ‘things’ but also many (not all) work communally, sometimes in agriculture, sometimes just as neighbors. It is a warm atmosphere. Like a kibbutz, the moshav is run by a council. Our kids rent part of a house there and they had to be approved by the council before being accepted. It is reminiscent of the small Alaskan village that our children grew up in…except … warmer J.

I generally travel there to help out with the children on Wed (my day off from work). My ‘pattern’ has been to begin by taking Little Asher out for an hour walk around the moshav and let our daughter get some time to do things alone. I have enjoyed walking the small rural roads past the amazing homes and small farms, horses and fruits, feeling the wind and enjoying it sing through the trees. It is a good time to pray and sing without the distractions of the city and it is wonderful to be free to sing out loud so freely again.

Last Wed as I was on this walk, I passed a small home. There was a woman, about my age, outside. “Boker tov!” (Good morning) I greeted her. “Boker Or!” (Morning light – this is the answer given to ‘Good morning’) she responded with a smile. “Is that your Grandbaby?” Happily I answered “Yes! My latest. My daughter and her family live down the road.” I went over to introduce him to her. Her name was Rivka and I admired her ‘meshek’ (small farm). ‘Well, I’m out here trying to pick some ‘shesekim’ (a wonderful little hearty fruit that I never saw before moving here – it’s related to a ‘loquat’ – here is something about it from ‘google’ describing it:

The most delicious fruit on the planet. It’s smaller than an apple, but bigger than a grape, and orangy colored. It has between 2 and 5 pits inside. It tastes sweet and slightly tart and is very juicy. The dictionary translations are loquat or medlar, not that it helps. Try some. They come in containers and are sold by the kilo in Israel.

(so now you have an idea of what she was picking but I diverted from what she was saying). ‘I’m too old for this. Can only do a bit at a time now.’ I countered ‘Nonsense! You are amazing!’ We were immediate friends! ‘So, who are your children and whose property do they live on?’ When I told her she said ‘OH! I just LOVE her! She is such a precious young mother, and here you are, her mother!’ She told me that her parents came out of the concentration camps and she and her sister were born here, in the tents that were set up for the refugees. After a few years, her family was given a piece of land (the one I was standing on) on this moshav, along with scant building supplies…shovel, and not much more.

She said that it was just barren ground and they had to start from the dust, but life was so good then and full of hope even though war was a constant given and no one had anything. ‘But everyone shared!’ she told me. ‘There would be one table in the center of the moshav and if any of us had any food we would just put it on the table and who ever needed to eat would eat…and no one wanted to deprive someone who might need the food more, so there was such generosity. ‘She told me with joy ‘We didn’t need any cars or all of this technology. We worked as a family and we laughed and we loved each other. Young families now have it so much harder…they run and work and run and work and they don’t work with their hands in the fields, they seem to think that they need so much ‘stuff’…it’s sad to see.’

Another lady came out of the house to see what all of the noise was about. ‘This is my sister Sarah. She has a brain tumor but she is wonderful and just acts like nothing is wrong at all.’ I smiled at Sarah who smiled back ‘Well nothing IS wrong!’ she said with a smile and assurance. ‘It is ALL in His hands’ (she said pointing up). ‘When my time is up, it’s up, but it’s ok. My life has been good.’ Rivka piped in again ‘She believes in God. I don’t but she does…but that’s ok. We live in the best country that there is. You can be a Jew here and be free, or a Christian and be free, or a Moslem and be free, and you can believe as you like. I was a school teacher but I had an aneurism and don’t have to work anymore. And look! I had no damage!’ She smiles. Sarah joined again ‘You see? It is ALL a miracle! And this wonderful country is a miracle! And we are too!’ I agreed heartily and said ‘How else would WE have been here except that it is written in the prophets Isaiah (Yeshiahu) and Jeremiah (Yeremiahu) that we would come home from the ends of the earth, and look, here we are from the most North West place on earth! Yes, I do believe that it is a miracle, and I do believe in miracles!’ Sarah smiled. They both DID look amazingly healthy and spry for people with such health problems!

We went on for quite awhile talking about Israel, her history and people and we struck up a very nice friendship. I told them how much I loved the beautiful moshav. ‘It HAS always been a wonderful place to live…but now I hear that there are some of these ‘messianic believers’ living here. That’s not good. They must go. That will ruin the moshav. I can’t imagine how they can believe like that…can you?’ Hum…I looked at her with, I can’t imagine WHAT kind of expression on my face, and slowly said something like ‘Uh…well… yes…’ Rivka looked at me and her hand flew over her mouth ‘Oh! I’m sorry! YOU are one of them? I didn’t mean to offend you!’ I told her ‘Yes, I am but I am not offended, I know that it can be hard to understand…’ From that point it was difficult to get a word in edgewise as she told me why it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe that way. Praying for wisdom over the LOUD beating of my heart I was only able to share that MAN had never shared with me the gospel or I wouldn’t have believed, but that I had met Him Face to face.’ I THINK she heard that, and since our hour long conversation came to a close shortly after, I can’t but help wonder what is up ahead.

I returned to our daughter’s home a bit sheepishly and related the story to her. She told me that it was odd as lately there had been a sudden murmuring against believers on the moshav, where there have been families of believers for over 20 years. She asked me to ask YOU to please pray for them and the children that they will continue to be welcome for who they are. Persecution is promised to all of us, but I am asking The Lord to have mercy as they have been through so much and are not yet particularly strong. I emphasize that there IS NO FEAR, we just don’t want to be out of His will through lightly spoken words not led by The Spirit that will bare no fruit for the kingdom.

I must close this but as most of you stand in prayer for our nation and people; there is much tension and discussion concerning the flotilla that is approaching our shores, filled with hate toward Israel, to break the Gaza blockade. You may recall that after the fiasco concerning the last flotilla, our relations with Turkey were broken and there has been added hostility against us throughout the world. THAT IS THE AIM OF THESE ACTIONS…HOSTILITY AGAINST ISRAEL.
There was also an ultra-orthodox, nasty demonstration here in the city against a believing family in a different neighborhood from mine(similar to the ones that have taken place in Arad over the years). The police and media tend to turn a blind eye when it is against believers. May we be true to Him, walking in His Spirit and not moved from being focused on Him alone.

Thank you for your prayers for our nation and people and the body here…the building of the temple. Thank you for your prayers and love for our family. God BLESS you!

(ps: I want to pass along something that I received from a friend who apparently received a convincing email with a close friend’s name posted. It was a SCAM asking her to send this friend money. I JUST WANT TO LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEY! SO…if you EVERY receive an email with my name on it requesting funds, please ignore or report it.)

ani b’derek

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